Sharing Some Informative News. Problem or Addicted Gambling Can Touch Anyone as it Did The Shooter of ‘The Worst Mass Shooting in Las Vegas in 2017. Now, a New Film of The Cover-Up… Money Machine.

Sharing Some Informative News. Problem or Addicted Gambling Can Touch Anyone as it Did The Shooter of ‘The Worst Mass Shooting in Las Vegas in 2017. Now, a New Film of The Cover-Up… Money Machine.

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It has been a long while since I have shared my own recovery ramblings and news, my thoughts about what is going on with those maintaining recovery, or for those looking for some help and hope from this insidious insane addiction.  Even in these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic still alive and spreading, many people are finding it difficult to stay at home and still social distance.

I for one do not like isolation as I did a lot of that within my addiction and with my mental health challenges. I also feel people don’t do well being told they can’t go anywhere… Lol. That’s me! One of my character defects I’m still working on. Lol.

I happen to get an email with some interesting news from my friends and Les Bernal of the organization and foundation of Stop Predatory Gambling regarding a new film coming out about The Las Vegas Mass Shooting and how the MGM and others were covering the shooters gambling problems. Now, I know it has been almost 3-years since this tragic event and if you recall, I did a few blog posts after this event happened and can read this one– Was Problem Gambling a Factor?  Because my gut feelings about the same things I’m sharing from Les Bernal are of the same topics.

FROM: Stop Predatory Gambling

Hi Catherine,

I’m writing to strongly urge you to watch an important new film being released on July 3 and for you to encourage your family, friends, community members, and legislators to do the same.

The film is called Money Machine and it exposes the cover-up led by MGM Casinos and Las Vegas elected officials to hide the true motive behind mass shooter Stephen Paddock (his gambling addiction to video poker machines) which led him to kill 58 people and wound hundreds of others during the Route 91 country music festival near the Mandalay Bay Casino in 2017.

I watched Money Machine when it was screened at the Cleveland Film Festival this past spring. It’s a powerful film that will lead people of goodwill, from all political stripes, to ask themselves and their local and state officials who promote the casino business in their region: Why do we allow such an evil, predatory, greed-driven scheme to operate in our communities with our government’s active endorsement and support?

Stop Predatory Gambling is not associated with the film in any way but we believe it merits serious public attention and action.

Money Machine was supposed to be released in theaters nationwide but because COVID has closed the cinemas, tickets can be purchased in advance of July 3 to watch the film online at
You can watch the movie trailer to Money Machine at this link:

The link to the Facebook page for Money Machine can be found here:

Thanks for helping us get the word out.

Les Bernal
Stop Predatory Gambling

It has received many awards and reviews are incredible…

Money Machine

Money Machine

Ramsey Denison
Doug Blush, Ramsey Denison
Evan Crane
Ramsey Denison
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Sin City Studios


“On October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 concertgoers from his hotel room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. In a matter of minutes, Paddock killed 58 people and wounded more than 400.

It was the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. Yet, just a couple of years later, Vegas seems to have forgotten it completely. Needless to say, mass shootings are not good for business, and it didn’t take long for the Vegas money machine to get to work making this one disappear.

In the aftermath of remarketing Las Vegas as a safe destination for tourists, many questionable practices were put into placeone of the most shocking being filing a lawsuit against the victims of this devastating tragedy.”

On top of that, despite the popular #VegasStrong movement and nationwide fundraising, there’s still a huge question of where all that money went. An enthralling documentary about the dark side of the Las Vegas economy, MONEY MACHINE exposes Sin City’s darkest secrets… Including the deadliest mass shooting in the history of the United States of America. Director Ram Denison explores the aftermath of the attack, while also exhaustively documenting the LVPD’s odd response and investigation of the incident in the hard to watch, but excellent,
Money Machine.

He interviews survivors, private investigators, retired police officers, along with witnesses to piece together the events of that night. More importantly, Denison deep dives into how the politicians and cops allowed the city to return to normal as quickly as possible. For example, the memorial for the domestic terrorist attack is seven miles away from where it occurred. It is nestled in a small suburb, well hidden from downtown Las Vegas that dominates the public consciousness of the city…

Why would the site be so far away? Well, as the title Money Machine not so subtlety, money is the answer. Las Vegas casinos brought in over $25 billion in revenue annually. As investigative reporter Doug Poppa lays out in his 100+ articles about the attack and its aftermath, Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who refused to be interviewed for the documentary, bungled the investigation via improper timelines and refusal to publicly release all the evidence (including hiding that the first officer on the scene was too scared to engage the shooter) to keep the economy of the city alive. If people are too frightened to show up, how would the corporations that own the casinos make money?

Yes, that sounds like a conspiracy theory, and I don’t really prescribe to them, but the evidence here is overwhelming. Poppa is probably the most informative interviewee as to why the Mandalay Bay shooting has left the consciousness so quickly. The most heartbreaking interviewee is that of survivor Katherine Thornton.

She is convinced she heard another round of shots coming from a second location, but the official word is that there was only one shooter. But that does not explain how cab driver Cori Langdon recorded a second volley of shots being fired with her cellphone. That other burst was much closer to her and on a lower floor than the one Stephen Paddock was firing from.

I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to watch this film and learn the real story behind the worst mass shooting in our history and how it was being covered-up because raking in all those profits for casinos is what it’s all about for Las Vegas. Bad press and media are BAD 4 Business…

We Remember The Victims.


Victims of the Las Vegas concert shooting -


The Theatrical Trailer For MONEY MACHINE