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THAT’S  ALL FOLKS! Please share these important Facts about problem and addicted gambling …. A REAL DISEASE & ADDICTION “-)

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Yes, Our Power Can Be Taken Back and Restored In Recovery!

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome Everyone,


'~Once I admitted I was powerless I gained some power back....the power of choice.~ April G.'
No matter how or where you choose to recover, we learn that we have the power and ability within ourselves to change, turn our backs from addiction, and regain our lives to take power back from our addictions, so we then can learn in treatment, rehab, therapy, group, a 12 step program, or what ever you choose, we then can take back our power when we thought we were Powerless . . . .

Just because we have admitted to ourselves and maybe to others that we were powerless over our addiction, and that our lives became unmanageable, this doesn’t mean we gave all our power away. We just gave away the power that was destroying our lives. The negative power that had a choke hold around our necks & minds of our diseased thoughts and feelings from addiction. It took away all the good inside ourselves when addiction took over, and we became hopelessly lost, afraid, full of fear, and we gave into the darkness that comes with addictions.

We become “broken in spirit,  of mind, body, and soul.” We convince ourselves we are not worth a life of goodness, love, or blessings. Because the negative behavioral habits, thoughts and feelings that become our distorted thinking within our addiction, seems to keep us repressed and strangled. At least that was some of my experiences with my gambling addiction. I felt like a hostage when I let go and entered the world of powerlessness, and crossed into that ugly uncontrolled part of addicted gambling. Yes, gambling became no more fun, nor just an entertaining past time. It became a daily battle of cravings, urges and triggers when I entered, and tried at times in vain to STAY in RECOVERY.
And I can tell you, . . . that elusive first year in recovery had been filled with relapses, binges, and 2 failed suicide attempts, and more! So much more.


And even with all that swirling around like “The Perfect Storm” in my life, I still at the time could NOT admit to myself I was powerless over my insane hunger for addicted gambling!!!! It consumed every part of my life. Family, friendships, my career, almost my marriage and my Life! How much is enough? When so we really get sick tired of being sick and tired? When it’s to late? When addiction has claimed another precious life from another suicide?
I refuse to addiction steal my POWER any longer.

“I refuse to give Gambling Addiction another piece of my SOUL or POWER” . . .

I will continue to advocate, help, and Share my Message of Hope from Addicted Compulsive Gambling to others.
I refuse to let this addiction take another life if I had that POWER! And I do by continue to speak up and speak out of the dangers of this cunning disease. To let others know they are not alone with this addiction. That there is No SHAME in admitting you are powerless over any addiction, but especially addicted gambling.

I refuse to be another victim of this devastating illness. I refuse to allow the FEAR that this addiction I’m in recovery
dictate my life, even when I know I will always live “One Bet Away”. . . as this disease, this addiction always lies in wait, to catch me off guard, a major life event, just that one major life event if not prepared, could put me back in the insane “cycle” of  compulsive gambling addiction very easily.

Deep within each and everyone of us who live life in recovery? We have the power and strength to reclaim our lives back from any addiction, and take your power back to live a healthy and well-balanced beautiful life in recovery.
YES, we really do have that inside us!

No, no more fears, no more tears, and no more giving my power away! No More. . .
Today I say, “Not Today ~Today I choose not to Gamble”

ODAAT Recovery Friends, and Thank You for Visiting!

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon