Dual diagnosis in gambling addiction and mental health disorders. Special Guest Post By, Nicola Smith.

As a dually diagnosed person myself, my recovery friends know it has been difficult for me to put into words how it feels to live and maintain my 10+years in recovery from gambling addiction while having mental health challenges.

So I enjoy having special guests here when I can that can write and explain it a “wee bit better” than I can. I welcome Author, Nicola Smith, and special thanks to Maegan Jones of Healthline.com for putting us together!
Catherine Lyon “-)

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis is a relatively new concept in the addiction recovery field. Up until the 1990s, people experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder such as anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, delusional behavior or mood swings were often treated separately to people who sought treatment for addiction. In some cases, when conditions overlapped people were required to get clean or sober or overcome their gambling addiction, for example, before they could be treated for mental illnesses.

Mental health illnesses associated with gambling addiction

With recent findings that 
substance abuse and addiction are often driven by underlying mental health illnesses, people with a Dual Diagnosis have been unable to get the help they needed in decades’ past. The Office of Applied Sciences at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service’s Administration (SAMSHA) within the United States Department of Health and Human Services reported in 2002 that only 12 percent of the 4 million American adults suffering from a Dual Diagnosis received treatment for both conditions.

Patients with a Dual Diagnosis are referred to as having a co-occurring disorder. The most common mental health illnesses associated with gambling addiction are depression and anxiety, as outlined by Dr. Jon Grant — Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago and supervisor of an outpatient clinic for those with an addictive-impulsive disorder. Symptoms of being impulsive and risky are also seen in those with gambling addictions, according to Dr. Grant.

Mental illnesses that often co-occur with gambling addiction include depression, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety. In cases of people addicted to gambling who also experience depression or anxiety, the hope of fun that rolling the dice or spin of a slot machine can make depression and anxiety worse over time.

A recent survey of more than 43,000 Americans found, that 76 percent of people with a gambling addiction suffered from depression while 16 to 40 percent experienced lifetime anxiety. Also within the group, 24 percent had a 
lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorder and 20 percent had symptoms of lifetime prevalence of ADHD.

Which occurs first?

The finding that many people with gambling addictions also have other mental health conditions has raised questions among healthcare professionals — which occurs first? Is it that pathological gambling occurs as a result of a person experiencing another condition and turning to gambling for an escape? Or, could a person suffer financial and relationship problems due to excessive gambling consequently developing depression?



A recent study of 10,000 Americans found that gambling addiction occurred before the onset of another disorder 25 percent of the time while a gambling disorder occurred after another disorder was already present 75 percent of the time. Although further studies are needed to clearly determine the order between gambling addiction and co-occurring mental health illness, the connection between the two indicates that Dual Diagnosis treatment is one of the most effective approaches to recovery by treating addiction and mental health illnesses concurrently.

How does treatment work?

Dual Diagnosis treatment involves a combination of the most effective treatments for mental health illnesses and addiction. Where there once would have been a line drawn between mental health and addiction, these conditions are now treated as part of a continuum. With the recent rise in Dual Diagnosis treatment, healthcare professionals who work in addiction treatment can now undertake training and certification in the treatment of co-occurring mental health illnesses. Dedicated facilities are now also offering recovery services specializing in treatment for Dual Diagnosis people.

Treatments such as medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, and support for Dual Diagnosis patients with an addiction to gambling and mental health illnesses recognize and treat the person’s addictions and illnesses with a continuum focus, putting them in a better position to make a full and long lasting recovery.



Helpful and Informative Resources:

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Nicola Smith's Profile Photo

About The Author:

With a keen interest in holistic health and wellness, Nicola Smith works with heart-centred female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry, providing copy that engages to help grow their businesses. Her goal is to help women increase their impact on the world, build the business of their dreams, and inspire others to simplify their lives, pack a suitcase and book a ticket to somewhere they’ve always wanted to visit or live. You can also follow her adventures and join her FB Group on Instagram @luggagelifestyle 


Flash Backs of My Past With Mental Health, Undiagnosed . . . .


“Sometimes we have to look back and remember what life was like before being finally diagnosed with a mental and emotional illness.  It is at times still difficult for me to talk about. I was first diagnosed in 2002 while in a behavioral and addictions crisis center via the hospital after my first failed suicide attempt, which included my severe gambling addiction.”

I happen to be reading a recent article I am about to share with you from the fine folks of “Psych Central” that hit home for me. It took me back years growing up before I was diagnosed with several mental health challenges, but looking back I remembered so many times I could pick out during my life that should have been possible warning signs for my parents, and “red flags” for me as I moved into adulthood.

I remember times when I was little, and would throw these awful tantrums from what my mother told me years ago, but I remember the aftermath when my mom would lock me in my bedroom and  I would be lying on my tummy watching the footsteps pass back and forth my bedroom door. Or, when I rode in the car I would rock forward and back, and it would drive my dad nuts, so  he would yell at me to stop! I always seemed to have to be moving and going all the time. Bipolar Anxiety I believe is what I was suffering. All of it had gotten worse after I had been sexually abused as a little girl. Hell, a lot came from PTSD I also was suffering but didn’t know or understand until I was diagnosed and when it came back to haunt me in my 30’s. It is some of why I turned to gambling.

In my teens, I would have times where I would be way up, happy, and chatty constantly and then? I would be very low, quite, and then isolate in my bedroom which now I know was depression, and kept right into adulthood. So, again, most of the article made me think back to those many memories and made them clear as to what was then, going on.
Many of us who were born in the early 60’s, and grew up in this period our parents had no clue about a mental illness. They just thought we were being fussy or just a bad kid. And yes, you can have anxiety and depression together. It is just a matter of which will be prevalent from day to day.

We know more today than ever with research, studies, and even with medications to treat the vast amount disorders. It is why we are seeing the explosion of many people coming out and talking about mental illness.  I hope this article will help others have “self-awareness” and not be afraid to get help if you suffer from any mental and emotional health problems.  .  .  .  .   As I watch the Democratic Convention today, right now, the first issues speakers are talking about? More Funding for Addiction and Treatment, and now Mental Illness. This is what we need. The people in our elected offices and government act and fund these issues.      *Author,Catherine Townsend-Lyon*


Explaining utter darkness to someone who has only lived in the sunlight would be a difficult task. They would have to believe you and trust in something they have never experienced. If you haven’t experienced the darkness, perhaps after reading this you can help someone out of it.


When my eyes open in the morning, my mind goes from slumber to 100 mph. “I don’t know why I haven’t thought that! I need a (brain singing the Three’s Company theme song) new car! If I sold my current car and (dang I need a burger) sold my Xbox and TV I could afford the down payment and if I sell those baseball cards in the attic I can still pay rent! Wow! I am so handsome today! I know that I flunked out of college, but I am smarter than 90 percent of people so does it really matter? I want donuts. What DVDs do I have that I can sell to afford them?”

Hours later:

“Why did I sell that stuff? My wife is going to be so upset and those donuts were not worth it. Maybe I can buy them back. I’ll just need to grab my wife’s card when she is napping. No, I can’t because that will cause (you will do it) problems (you will do it) and (you will do it) I don’t want….

Back at the store:
“Didn’t you sell us these today?” (They noticed! You are so stupid!)

“Yes… I didn’t really mean to (you know they think you are crazy, right?)

Drive home:
“How do I explain this? (Say you got her birthday gift and it was a surprise! Her birthday isn’t for months and you can make that money back to really buy something!)

At home:
“I am so sorry I took your card, sweetie. I know I said I wouldn’t. Well, no, I feel fine. It wasn’t mania. Whatever.”

At night:
“I can’t sleep.” (You need a new guitar.)
“I want to sleep.” (Your kids will never love you when they experience what you are)
“I have to try to sleep.” (Work in seven hours) (Work in six hours) (Work in five hours)

At work:
Exceed in everything and then some due to my insane level of energy.

At home again:
“Can’t sit still … need to go.” (You are a terrible father) I just need to run to the store (stay with your kids, they love you. Are you a bad person?)
Rinse and repeat for a few weeks, then…

The middle

I am me. The Caleb I was when most of my old friends met me. The Caleb that loves to write music and play basketball. The Caleb that knows this can’t last long and soaks up every moment he can. I love the middle.


As I wake up, I wish I hadn’t. Take a look at my work to-do list and experience a high level of anxiety. That mental voice is not so active, but neither is mine. I feel a cloud of doubt and dread follow me all day, turning into a thunderstorm when faced with human interaction or hard times. The cloud sucks the life and desire for anything out of me.

I feel the weight of all my bad choices compounded with the reality that I am a finite being who will likely be forgotten soon after I am gone. Nothing I have done makes a difference to anyone. Trying to match my manic or normal self while depressed is next to impossible. I do not want to be around anyone due to the anxiety that they realize how messed up I really am. I try not to leave the house for as long as I can and wear the same clothes for as many days as I can.



I sometimes plan to take my life, but when I see my children and imagine what their future looks like without a dad I change my mind. This time.I am not suggesting that mistakes someone makes while manic or depressed don’t count. But I am hoping you can see how choices made in the extremes haunt the individual.

If a friend ever comments they are contemplating suicide, get them immediate help however you can. 1-800-273-8255 is the suicide prevention hotline and dialing 911 is an acceptable option as well. If your friend was having a heart attack there would be no hesitation. If they mention killing themselves, then I promise they have thought about it seriously.


Even the best friend in the world is no substitute for therapy. There are medical professionals who dedicate their lives to helping the mentally ill and it will do much more than any amount of “being there” can.

Take off the logical glasses you see life through and put on your empathy lenses. We might try to take advantage of your kindness. We might seem like we don’t care that you care. We might make you think we don’t appreciate you. But we appreciate it more than you can imagine. .  .  .


A Special Re-Share From My Friend Rhonda Johnson’s Important Blog

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends,

I happen to see this on my good friend Rhonda Johnson’s blog, and I find appropriate to share here. To me, it’s important to continue to talk about
Mental Health issues, as many of us have a daily challenge living with it.
I know I do! Put when we can Raise Awareness, help educate and inform the
the public as to what we go through living with mental health disabilities, maybe, just maybe it will start to break the walls of Stigma just a little bit

If you or someone you know has mental/emotional health disabilities, please visit and explore Rhonda’s blog: http://www.memoirsof2165.com/
Her new book just came out as well, and she does great work for many in recovery, those with mental health challenges, and as she says, “Words Are Powerful!”. . . .

Society and Mental Health Disorders



Let’s Talk Depression…

images (5).

Grab a copy of her new book here and don’t forget to do a review!

Product Details

Memoirs Of An Addict: Fact or Fiction ~ Now on Amazon. . .


An Important Blog Share From My Good Friends At NAMI, Helping Others With Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. . .

Hello Recovery Friends, Blog Friends, and Welcome New Visitors,

SuicidePrevention Pictures
I happen to receive the monthly newsletter from my helpful friends at The National Alliance on Mental Illness. And as many of my friends here know, I battle several mental and emotional disorders myself. And for me the topic of Suicide is a hard subject for me because of my own 2 failed suicides. Yes, I’m blessed and have a heart filled of Gratitude to still be here, but the flip side to this is being able to feel others pain when I read about others and suicide.

To me it is such a senseless loss of precious life. We are all born with such great abilities to soar in life, but sadly the society we live in today can make that an everyday challenge. Even the high stress levels of many jobs can bare to much for some of us. That’s why it’s important to me to start sharing my own mental illness, to be share that part of my life, and to share with others so they don’t feel so alone. And NAMI does a wonderful job at sharing information about how to prevent suicide, as it can be a difficult subject to also talk to your teens about. So I wanted to share this blog article they have on their website. It just may help save lives. . . .

Suicide Prevention: Can We Talk?
By Jacqueline Feldman, M.D., NAMI Associate Medical Director


Of all the topics in mental health, one of the most difficult to consider is suicide. People contemplating it often do not speak directly of it. Families are surprised, stunned, mortified, angry, and devastated in the face of it. Non-mental health professionals may feel uncomfortable asking about anything related to it.  And mental health professionals feel helpless, as we are terrible at discretely predicting and preventing it. There are tragedies, and there is fear; suicide is at the crossroads when these two meet. . .

As I review scientific articles, and program after program, the despair continues. In spite of more folks talking about it, more people training to identify it, and more programs put in place to prevent it, suicide continues.So what do we know? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and the third leading cause of death for those aged 15-24. More than 800,000 around the globe die each year; many more attempt it. The figures boggle the mind, and challenge us all: how can we possibly intervene?

Many of us know to watch for warning signs—a history of loss (social support, job, resources, health), prior attempts, family history, recent violence; changing appearance or behavior like plummeting grades or productivity, tearfulness, negativism, social isolation, drugs and alcohol); we’re not so good at communicating our concern or finding help.

Programs like Typical or Troubled from the American Psychiatric Foundation and QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) to name just two of the many that have been developed, frequently focus on training sentinels—folks in a position to observe people at risk—to heighten awareness of those with potential for suicide, and help find relief and support for the person in need. And yet, still we struggle.

On January 9, an article was published in Lancet looking at the results of 3 different kinds of suicide prevention training on over 11,000 students in Europe: QPR, where teachers act as sentinels; ProfScreen, where mental health professionals provide screening, and the Youth Aware of Mental Health Program, which trains the students themselves. This program used “lectures, role-playing, and education about mental health and suicide risk” with students. At 12 months, there was a significant reduction of suicide attempts, and of severe suicidal ideation, compared to the other control groups. It has been suggested that perhaps this program was more effective because it offers interventions “before there are outward signs of risk, and doesn’t stigmatize individual students.” It’s an interesting idea: going to the at-risk population itself, giving them the education, and empowering them to make different choices.

The CDC suggests the key to reducing suicides is to reduce risk and increase resilience. We cannot begin to reduce risk or abolish stigma or enhance resilience if we cannot even talk about the topic. We need a structured national conversation, an engaged public, an engaged media, engaged policy makers, and engaged legislators.

How about a president who starts by mentioning the “dignity and worth of every citizen… (including) Americans with mental illness” in his State of the Union speech? (He did, last week!) How about asking every pediatrician and every primary care doc and every pastor and preacher (heck, place signs in every bus stop, subway, and grocery store for that matter) to educate each family to store firearms locked and unloaded, with ammunition locked separately, if a household member is at high risk for suicide? How about widespread movements to have the public certified in suicide prevention like so many of us are certified in CPR? How about offering NAMI Ending the Silence to every 9th grader to let them know about the warning signs of a mental health condition and what they can do? The list is endless.

“I know we all care. I’m ready to start talking, and doing; how about you?”

If you know someone who may need help? Please share this phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255  24/7 . . .
No Shame. . .  No Labels. . . Not Alone Anymore. . .  God Bless All!

Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author

Yes, I’m Finally Back On The Internet! So How Was Your Recovery Summer? Mine Was Awesome!

Hello Recovery Friends & Welcome All,


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Recovery Is A Choice ~ And You Have To Want Your Life Back!

I’ve been off the grid for a week or so, as it was time for me to get out of the house and try some of the life skills I’ve learned to manage my disorder of agoraphobia, and getting a little taste of what the State of Arizona has to offer. I spent some wonderful days with my hubby as we went up North to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I thought “Gods” country was only in the State of Oregon, but I was so wrong! It was so beautiful at both places. We stopped in Prescott to see my husbands sister’s old house they had built, and had raised their kids in. She had passed away a year ago due to intentional drug suicide of her psych-meds. We are still in a bit of shock over this a year later, but it brought back special memories for my husband of her, and we miss her so very much.

So I thought I would share how my summer and early fall has been, and what all I have been up to. On the personal side, I have started the phase of my Bipolar and Depression meds being changed. I had another full physical, and my liver count and cholesterol was to high. My psychiatrist thinks I have been on a couple my bipolar meds for to long, as psych meds can contribute to this problem. It’s why they do blood tests on me every 6 months. See, it can be pretty challenging to have to deal with all this when living in recovery, and having mental/emotional health problems. If I was still gambling and drinking, I wouldn’t be in the frame of mind to care about my health over all. That’s another area addictions will take away from you.
I’m also back in therapy for a while for some PTSD problems again. For some reason I’m having bad dreams again of my childhood abuse and trauma. I have been doing a lot of finishing touch’s on my next follow-up book from ~ “Addicted To Dimes” ( Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat ),  http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485/
So I’m wondering if it isn’t from that, as I have revisited some of my past hurt with writing my new book.
It’s why it is so important to have a well-balanced recovery to help you be strong over coming the rough spots of life, because for me, relapse is not an option, even though I will always be one bet away from devastation, recovery for me will be a life long journey. But I never thought I would not only get a second chance at life, but an even better life then before I became an addict!

Now, about my work and recovery side of this past summer, it was  filled with some exciting new ‘Guest Recovery Author’ radio shows. The first was on CL Gammon’s ‘Blog Talk Radio’ show, http://clgammon.webs.com/  and my favorite radio show I’ve done a few months ago was on ‘Peoples Internet Radio’ ~ Cancel The Cabal, by host: Stephen Roberts.  It was a 2 hour live stream interview on several broadcasts. We had many listeners as far away as the UK, Scotland, and Ireland! We also ahd callers and people on Facebook & Twitter asking me questions about my book, my recovery, and more.
Here is the ‘Podcast Link’ if you’d like to here the whole interview: Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) Author Catherine Townsend Lyon  … Stephen and I talked about many aspects of gambling addiction, problem gambling, expansion of gambling Casinos and State Lotteries. From government making profits, to fill budget short falls, to how addicted gambling impacts our communities negatively. I shared a little of my book and story of how gambling addiction and alcohol abuse cost me way more than the money, it almost cost me my life! And I happily shot down all the myths of the detox and recovery treatment process one goes through when staring recovery. How to stay away from relapse, and much more! Those 2 hours just flew on by!

.Thank you for GRACE!

Also this summer, I hosted my  recovery #Addictionchat I attend on Twitter 2 times this summer. Many of us in recovery, or work in the addiction and recovery fields come and talk about addiction and recovery from all types of addictions through our twitter accounts. It’s how we inform, educate, and raise awareness about all addictions.
We decided not to take the summer off , and it was a lot of fun hosting. And yes, of course my topics were about problem and addicted gambling, and what helps me stay in recovery. So all my recovery friends & readers who visit are welcome to join us if your on Twitter. We meet every Wed night on for an hour-long Q & A session.
The times are 7 pm MST,  6pm PT, and  9pm ET …. It’s through Twitters TweetChat service link: http://tweetchat.com/ This is an easy live stream feed.
Another important activity I continue is my recovery journey as a  ‘Guest Blogger’ at Addictionland. It was started by Founder & Author, Cate Stevens. And  her new book also has released, and is available on Amazon Books, Barnes & Nobel Books, and on her helpful recovery/addiction website. There are many well-known guest recovery bloggers who share their experiences, strength and hope.
You can visit both and subscribe to any blog that you find helpful. Here is my blog link there: http://www.addictionland.com/kitcatlyon/ Becoming a member is free too!.

ABOUT CATE STEVEN’S BOOK:In this memoir, an upper middle class girl voted best looking and most likely to succeed develops and overcomes multiple, life threatening addictions. Addicts struggling to get help because of the stigma of addiction will connect to these powerful vignettes. Available Now!  Get the Book.  …
Now my next project was very exciting, and an honor to be interviewed, and be included in as well. It’s a well written, well-rounded, and well researched article about problem and addicted gambling’s cost to our public heaths in our states, which became a major media release article from Columbia University, NYC. It was researched and written by: Elaine Meyer, of the Epidemiology Dept. of Public Health there at the University. There were many wonderful, important contributors that were interviewed by Elaine.

She not only shared part of my story in her article, but she also shared my direct book link to Amazon too! Among those interviewed and shared beside myself were,  Arnie & Sheila Wexler & Associates, Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling, and many more. Arnie himself has been on many major news broadcasts like, 60 Minutes, ABC’s Nightline to names a few. It was picked up by many national newspapers as well. It’s a fascinating, in-depth look into the gambling industry.

The title and link: Gambling with America’s Health?  It looks at all angles of how problem & addicted gambling has on our public health systems, costs, negative impacts on our population and local communities, and how now it’s even ‘touching’ our High School & College young adults.


Elaine Meyer

Elaine Meyer has worked as a journalist covering education and legal news. She graduated in 2009 with an M.S. from Columbia School of Journalism and is currently the associate director of communications for Columbia’s Department of Epidemiology, where she carries out the department’s mission of translating public health science to the larger public. Follow her on Twitter  @emeyer5 …

Now my next fun project was just resent.  I was given an exciting opportunity to write for the fine folks at Florida Beach Rehab and Treatment Center. They have an In Depth section of many helpful articles to read, and how others come share their addiction and recovery stories to others who visit their site. Welcome to Florida Beach Rehab, an addiction treatment center: http://www.floridabeachrehab.com   It is a great place to get clean and sober. They have excellent service for those who have dual diagnosis like myself when I first sought treatment for gambling addiction and alcohol.

They have asked if I’d like to write and share my story of addiction, dual diagnosis in both addictions and battle behavioral and mental/emotional illness. It can make recovery a wee bit harder to overcome addiction, but it’s one of the area’s the helpful folks here at Florida Beach Rehab can help you with.
My first article just so happens to be about this very topic; “How Behavioral Health Has Helped My Recovery” (the article link):
So I appreciated the invite to write and share my experiences with them on their website. Give them a call if you or a loved one needs help with addictions at: 1-877-593-5545, and they are located at: 4005 North Highway A1A  Hutchinson Island, Fort Pierce, FL  34949 … And you just never know? There just might be more articles to come.

Also this past summer, I began to really open up more, and have embraced more about my mental/emotional health issues. I got the chance to meet more new friends in recovery, and other new friends who also suffer with mental and emotional health and disorders. I’ve also done more work with others who have been through childhood trauma and abuse like myself. There are many wonderful websites and support groups out there to help. But the stigma around all these important issues is still huge. But for me, it’s important to let others know they do have a voice, and they are not alone, just like those in recovery from addictions.

So that’s pretty much what I have been up to this past summer and early fall. With my next book offerings, I have book 2 completed, and almost ready for publishing. Here is a Sneak Peek as the title will be, … (drum roll), LOL.

“I’m nobody, but I have something to say Damn It”!
(How to recover from gambling addiction, live with mental illness, and how to process childhood trauma).

Your thoughts on my book title?
My current book also has recieved more 5 Star Amazon Reviews to this summer.
Lastly, I have started a new venture in Book & Social Media Promotions on my new WordPress blog: http://anAuthorandWriterinProgress.wordpress.com
I offer affordable book and social media promoting services, and represent several fine authors. Come by and meet some pretty wonderful authors and their reads. I’m adding more interesting pages to this blog often. I even share my book reviews there too! So if you or someone you know has a book out, or one coming out soon? Please share my Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions blog, and have them check out my services page. I’ll make you and your book shine across the worldwide web.
So now I have shared all my recovery news, author and writer goings on this past summer, early fall.
So, …  how about telling me about yours? What did you do this past summer?


Much Happiness & Blessings Friends,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon



Important Recovery After Thoughts From Actor, Robin Williams In His Own Past Haunting Words…

“Robin Williams, Actor & Comedian describes his lifelong struggle with addiction that today is a ‘Haunting Awareness’ he had about recovery from addictions.
It’s a recovery legacy, an addiction awareness that he left for those of us who live life in recovery. Even though he lost HIS battles yesterday of addiction, recovery, and battle with mental health issues, he left this message, these past quotes for all of us to know, understand, and take to heart.
When will this trend of suicides due to ‘Dual Diagnosis’ of addiction relapse & mental illness? It’s time to STOP the government CUTS to proper Mental/Emotional Health & Recovery Services from Addictions! There are thousands of us out here who are not famous, or have the money for these almost always very expensive recovery and mental health services and treatment centers. But even when you have the $$$$, like Mr. Williams, guess it really didn’t help him now did it?

Snippets Of Mental Illness, Addiction & Recovery After Thoughts In His Own Words…

It’s not easy, and it’s a very POWERFUL example of the daily battles we can have, and even long-term recovery people can have a life threatening RELAPSE at anytime.
“It waits,” he told “Good Morning America” in 2006. “It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK. Then you realize, ‘Where am I? I didn’t realize I was in Cleveland.”

Williams, the comic whirlwind known for his hilarious stream-of-consciousness ramblings, was found dead Monday after the 63-year-old hung himself in his San Francisco Bay Area home in perhaps his final attempt to silence the demons that relentlessly targeted him.
”Cocaine for me was a place to hide. Most people get hyper on coke. It slowed me down,” he told People in 1988.
“The Belushi tragedy was frightening,” Williams told People. “His death scared a whole group of show-business people. It caused a big exodus from drugs. And for me, there was the baby coming. I knew I couldn’t be a father and live that sort of life.”
“I was in a small town where it’s not the edge of the world, but you can see it from there, and then I thought: drinking. I just thought, ‘Hey, maybe drinking will help.’ Because I felt alone and afraid,” he told the newspaper. “And you think, oh, this will ease the fear. And it doesn’t.”
“One day I walked into a store and saw a little bottle of Jack Daniel’s. And then that voice —I call it the ‘lower power’ — goes, ‘Hey. Just a taste. Just one.’ I drank it, and there was that brief moment of ‘Oh, I’m OK!’ But it escalated so quickly. Within a week I was buying so many bottles I sounded like a wind chime walking down the street.”
“You know, I was shameful, and you do stuff that causes disgust, and that’s hard to recover from. You can say, ‘I forgive you’ and all that stuff, but it’s not the same as recovering FROM it.”
“Just as the gay rights movement only gained momentum when individual men and women summoned the courage to “come out,” I believe it is time for those of us who have struggled with depression to stand up and be counted.To understand depression and to reduce its stigma, we need to pull back the veil to show its familiar face”. 
“So I am officially coming out of the closet”.



*My own after thoughts? Robins Williams death makes me feel some FEAR if I’m open and honest here. Is this what I have to look forward to because I live my life in recovery and battle mental illness? I can’t help but wonder, and makes me a bit edgy.
We can still learn a lot from a man who truly put into words his past battles with addiction, recovery, and severe depression. The answer to my question from my earlier post of the non-famous that passed away yesterday? The other nameless people who were NOT in the headlines, or made national news? HOW many nameless people die from mental/emotional illness’s & addictions by SUICIDE EVERYDAY? … Here is our ANSWER.
Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, “to kill oneself”) is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to a mental disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder,[1] alcoholism, or drug abuse.[2] Stress factors such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships often play a role. Efforts to prevent suicide include limiting access to firearms, treating mental illness and drug misuse, and improving economic development. Although crisis hotlines are common, there is little evidence for their effectiveness.
  • Older age is associated with increased risk of suicide; people above the age of 65 are at the greatest risk for death by suicide.
    Approximately one million people commit suicide each year worldwide, that is about one death every 40 seconds or 3,000 per day. For each individual who takes his/her own life, at least 20 attempt to do so. Suicide has a global mortality rate of 16 per 100,000 people.



“Just Recovery with a side of Mental and Emotional Illness Please”…

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Visitors,

I wanted to talk a little about “Dual Diagnosis,” and living life in recovery, and suffer with Mental/Emotional illness and disorders, which I am a person affected with these issues…

Two things happened yesterday to bring this topic to light for me. The first was this very topic was talked about last night on my Twitter Tweet-Chat, as was yesterday morning I got a call from my husband’s sister. She said she had bad news about my husband’s nephew Ricky. She had to talk him into checking himself into a mental crisis center via the ER. I guess he has battled severe depression for weeks and started to have thoughts of SUICIDE! So he did check himself in. See, he and his brother has had a really rough patch for the past 2 years. And, I’m now convinced my husband’s side of the family has problems with mental & emotional issues. Ricky and his brother only just lost their mom to “Intentional Suicide” drug overdose a year ago. She to was suffering mental illness, and started miss using her psych meds which then took all her meds and committed suicide.
So both boys have tried to process all that, AND, they lost their father the year before that suddenly of a massive heart attack. So the family has battled, and were trying to process it all. All three have had past problems with Bipolar and Severe Depression problems for some time now before all of this tragedy. We as a family did all we could to help the boys mom, but it’s hard watching a grown person 24/7 when you also are working full-time. So as far as Ricky having these issues now, really it doesn’t surprise me. He has so much going for him too! He just got out of the Air Force, after serving 8 years, and got on with Boeing Corp., which he was so happy about.
So it makes me sad to hear that now he is struggling. Many times we get so wrapped up in Life, that we lose our awareness of HOW we are feeling, especially if you have mental illness. I know I have done this myself from time to time. I to struggled with my mental and emotional disorders in early recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol abuse when I gambled. After my crisis center stay in 2002, which is when I was first diagnosed with Bipolar II with depression, and slight mania. And it’s really difficult working with behavioral professionals and doctors to get the proper meds for me, you at times feel like an experiment. Then, in 2006, I was back in a mental crisis center for the 2nd time, and not anything of gambling addiction. I had a total break down as 2 of my meds stopped working.

But I also made it worse by getting hooked on the thoughts of JUST WANTING TO BE NORMAL! So I stopped all my meds. Bad thing to do. I learned that lesson the HARD WAY. I attempted suicide for the 2nd time, and Thank the Lord I failed, or I wouldn’t be here right now sharing the importance of never screwing with your Psych Meds! I just had to come to acceptance that I have to treat my mental and emotional illness as if I was a diabetic, or have some other illness. I just kept asking GOD, “WHY ME? isn’t it bad enough that I have to live life in recovery, because I have no control over my obsessive nature & behavioral problems”? What the HELL is normal anyway? So I had to just accept what IS, and not get hung up on the Why’s? And I sure as HELL don’t let my mental & emotional limitations get in the way of what I love doing, and help others in recovery too.
So Ricky is in the care of professionals, and is safe. He knows he has the families support. But I still worry. The whole family is still worried. And for myself, it is at times a battle when I feel I’m stuck in a bipolar cycle, and if your aware of how your feeling, you can detect a rough patch so we use our life skills we learn to help get us through those rough patch’s. For the person going through it like myself, we have to be diligent with taking our meds properly, eating healthy, read and learn about your specific illness and disorders. And never feel like you CAN’T ASK FOR HELP if your just not feeling right.
I’m now going through a new phase of my own treatment of mental illness. Some of the psych meds we take can have other medical problems, and the one I’m having trouble with is my elevated blood pressure & cholesterol. So I’m going to have to change my meds again. But I will be doing so with the help of my primary doctor, and my psychiatrist. I have had blood work done, and a new brain MRI, and it’s amazing that they can show the colors of the scan, and places where you maybe having less, more, or none of depleted chemicals and area’s of the brain your having trouble with.
Now my psychiatrist says, besides the Agoraphobia I have, which came as a side effect from my years of addicted gambling, I’ve had problems now with PTSD & bad dreams from my childhood trauma & sex abuse. So it’s that experiment phase again! And I’m not looking forward to it. BUT,….. I will do what I need to do to stay balanced and healthy, because I know what can happen when I DON’T! My faith & hope gets me through a lot.
So when I saw these quotes, I wanted to share them here with this blog post, as they have much truth to them.
I know my higher power is always on my side. It was HE who told me NO to  my suicide attempts. He has worked Miracles in my life! And he can work them in yours to if you only listen and feel them.

Christian Today's photo.
Helping Others is what helps keep me in Recovery!

We Are Humanity's photo.Narcotics Anonymous's photo.
And yes, until you have experienced addiction, mental or emotional issues, many people don’t understand what we go through, what we face as daily challenges. It’s really time to speak-up and to speak-out about all these important issues. It’s why I write, blog, and share my own, so others who also suffer can know they are not alone, and that it is OK to talk about them. No one should feel shame because they suffer from mental/emotional illness or disorders. There is help available. Don’t wait until it’s to late, as suicide is NEVER an option. Not even to stop addiction. No matter where you have been, how far down that rabbit hole you may have fallen in, death is not the answer! It never should be! …


USA (& Canada) National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline
24 hours, 7 days a week, confidential Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-522-4700

National Suicide Prevention Hotline  1-800-273-8255  (24/7)
National Alliance On Mental Illness   1-800-950-6264 (M-F)
National Mental Hotline  1-800-662-4357 (24/7)
Disaster Distress Hotline  1-800-985-5990 (24/7)
Veterans Crisis Hotline  1-800-273-8255 (24/7)
National Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233 (24/7)
National Child Abuse Hotline  1-800-422-4453 (24/7)
National Elder Abuse Hotline  1-800-677-1116 (9am/8pm)
God Bless All,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Just a few Thoughts and Ramblings……

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Peekers!,

It’s been a long while since I shared my “Thoughts, Opinions, and Ramblings, as I
have stored up a lot. My therapist always told me, “Catherine, you need to repeat
after me, “PURGE YOURSELF”! Yeah, he was a real comedian!
He would ramble about how it’s not healthy to hold your feelings in, that I had to learn to say what I’m feeling, and talk about it. I would answer with a, “WHAT EVER.”….LOL..
One thing I’d like to share is my, “New Youcaring Book Fund”

Embedded image permalink
 I started a New Goal for my next 2 book projects, and I’ll need a “Wee Bit” of help to cover costs for the Graphic Designer for my book covers, and the rest I’ll be doing myself through Amazon’s “Create Space”…..

They have made self-publishing very easy for writers to publish their own books!
The Holidays are a tough time for all, but I wanted to get my book Donation fund going before the first of the year. I would be blessed for any help you could give.

And speaking of writing my next 2 books, the 1st is an exploration of many issues that I didn’t in my 1st book “Addicted To Dimes” http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485

It explores many different topics, has some humor & musings, and will be a “Lighter” read then my first book. Of course mental illness will be one of the topics, which brings me to sharing a blog I happened to visit that just rubbed me the wrong way. Well, actually it PISSED ME OFF really, but I held back on my comments.

I found this blog via, LinkedIn where I’m a Professional Member. They have some
really helpful “Writers Groups” there I enjoy. A discussion had been started by a person, and others where leaving comments, and their blog links for people to go take a visit. One ladies blog was listed, saying that she would love more Traffic to her blog. So, the curious CAT that I am, I went and took a gander at it. She works as a Social Worker in Criminal Justice, and some other area I don’t recall at the moment.

She had a blog post about people with “Personality Disorders” that just about made me BLOW MY TOP!! I had NEVER read such BULL-SHIT about those of us who suffer from ALL types of mental and emotional disorders. Some of what she said, as she LUMPED all with personality disorders as a bother to others, and also lumped them in as unwilling, she working with prison inmates, put all in this category, that they won’t change how they are, and WE/THEY are annoying, disruptive, and on and on. I’m reading this JUNK and thinking to myself,….LADY,….Now I know WHY you have NO blog VISITORS to your BLOG.

This woman, in just ONE BLOG POST, is the true definition of someone who  discriminating, CRUDE, Mean, & WRITING about others in this way, Carries On THE *STIGMA* in this COUNTRY of those afflicted with Mental Health & Emotional illness. I did however choose NOT to leave a comment on her blog, as you had to become a User & have a Login, SO,….I went BACK to LinkedIn, and as NICE as I could, told her how I felt about her blog post. I hope I don’t get banned AGAIN by LinkedIn, I as just got off probation a few weeks ago!!….LOL….LOL.

What is it going to take to turn the “perception” around in this country, and around the world, to not be “JUDGED” by another person, for those of us with Mental Health Illness, and being in Recovery from Addiction? WHEN will this ever change? And HOPEFULLY change people like HER through education, speaking out about these issues, and speaking up when people are WRONG about their negative perceptions. At least I try to help others by being part of the Solution.


Let me tell you. I just finished being a panelist for “The University of Melbourne, Australia” through their School of “Global Population of Mental Health”…..They  are currently working on, “Early Intervention & New Global Guidelines for Suicide Prevention” for first responders & clinical aids. I’m SO very Proud & Honored to have been invited, & picked to be on this IMPORTANT Panel. Since August 2013, I have been a part of rounds of Questions and Quiz’s to aid in this important project!

They received a grant for this project from the Australian Government to rewrite this New Suicide Global Guideline Manual, which will be used as the new Clinical Guide for suicide prevention & intervention World Wide! I just completed my last quiz, and feel blessed to know my INPUT on this panel is going to SAVE LIVES. This is how people like that Woman, and her negative blog post can HELP OTHERS. For more info on this wonderful project is here: http://www.unimelb.edu.au.com A Message From Them,:

*Thank you again for your time and contributions in developing the guidelines. We greatly appreciate all your efforts!*

Best wishes

Prof Tony Jorm & the Population Mental Health Research Team

Melbourne School of Population Health, The University of Melbourne

Mental health first aid guidelines for suicidal thoughts & behaviours


ANYWHO…..I guess I’m a little crabby, it has been a while that I have felt myself in a Bipolar, Insomnia, cycle. I haven’t been feeling myself the last few days. Which is really when I need to use my tools & skills in my recovery. We talked about “HALT” Wen night on Twitter, #Tweetchat #Addictionchat…..

I keep forgetting to let you all know about this wonderful place to be on Wen nights. On Twitter, which you can follow me  @LUV_Recovery every Wen night, we have #Addictionchat threw Twitters Tweetchat. It is an hour-long Q & A session about a recovery/addiction topic. Anyone in recovery, or in the field of addiction & recovery are all WELCOME to join us. The time is, Eastern time 9pm, West Coast is 6pm, and if you live Arizona like I do, it’s at 7pm on Twitter! We all have a great time, and learn so much about all types of addictions and recovery.

While I’m on Twitter & #Addictionchat, I meet many new peeps there who have some informational, educational, helpful websites & blogs I enjoy. One New site for those who need help in the “Compulsive Addicted Gambling” area, is a called:

Help With Gambling Addiction – A Guide for Impacted Families

Are you looking for help with gambling addiction? Do you have a loved one whose a problem gambler? Maybe you’re not quite sure yet if they have a gambling problem, and you’re starting to research? Or maybe you’re already certain that there’s a problem, and are looking for help?

Wherever you are in this process, this website focuses on all types of gambling problem recovery topics for the loved ones of problem gamblers. While there’s information on the site that problem gamblers themselves may also find helpful, the focus is to provide help to the loved ones of gamblers impacted by the gambling problem.

It’s important to understand that I’m not a professional in the field of problem gambling or addictions, nor I am even in the medical field. I am, however, someone with first-hand experience discovering that my spouse is a problem gambler, and living with the hardship and turmoil that comes from the progressive disease of gambling. ….

Fortunately, I also have experience working through the addiction recovery process with my spouse, and for myself. So while I’m not an expert in the field, and have no professional qualifications to give advice, I can speak from personal experience, and straight from my heart to yours to hopefully help you and your family start down the road to recovery.

Through my own research, including Internet searches, books, and individual therapy, I came to realize that while resources gamblers to get help with gambling addiction is plentiful, help for the spouses and loved ones is few and far between.
Hence, seeing this gap, I became motivated to put together this website as a free resource. If I can help even one person, or one family find the right path for helping your gambler and/or yourself, then it will have been worthwhile.

Essentially, this site contains information that is from my personal experience, as well as concepts and techniques that I’ve compiled over the years, including talking with my individual therapist, talking with others with problem gamblers in their lives, as well as what I learned through the intervention experience that myself and my loved one went through.

In addition to sharing experiences, ideas, and techniques in dealing with a loved one whose a problem gambler, this site is also meant to provide information about problem gambling itself.
What is it?  How do you know your loved one is a problem gambler? Can it be cured?
What’s Gamblers Anonymous?
What’s Gam-Anon?
Other questions that you might be asking yourself at this point might include:

  • What can I do to help?
  • Should I do something to help or leave it be?
  • Should I stay with, or leave my gambler?
  • How should I handle finances?
  • Is gambling really a disease?

Although I’ve used the word “should” liberally, inferring that you’ll find all of THE answers here, that’s not going to be the case. Everyone’s situation is so unique, personal, and complex that no one could possibly tell you exactly what to do. The reality is that there’s truly no one right answer for your situation.

There are different paths you can take, each one with its pros and cons. Ultimately you’ll need to decide what’s best for you and your personal situation. In fact, I would venture to say that if someone purports to KNOW exactly what you should do, I would caution you, as nothing is that simple, even for a problem gambling professional or addiction specialist.

What I hope you’ll find is unique about this site is that unlike other resources available to you, it not only provides the background information regarding getting help with gambling addiction all in one place, but also provides a forum for people to share their experiences, as well as ask and answer questions.
While hopefully you’ll come to believe that there’s no one right answer to your problems, it can often be very helpful to ask a question and have a direct dialog about possible answers/solutions.
I’ve found that this type of forum is not readily available for loved ones of problem gamblers.

If you’ve read this far, it’s highly likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed by the gambling problem in your life, and you need help. While this site won’t cure your problems, you can rest assured that you’ve found a place to learn, share, and dialog with people who understands what you’re experiencing, and who can help guide you to the tools you’ll need for the learning process…

As the site grows, it will become even more valuable for you as you read about others who have experienced similar situations, and learn about what they did to work towards rebuilding a healthy way of life.
Learn more about the Effects of Gambling Addiction ..

*They also have an area where you may share your Personal Story, which I took full advantage of. Here is what I shared of my gambling addiction, and now in recovery almost 7 years*

I’m A Recovering Addicted Compulsive Gambler

by Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

(Sunny Arizona, USA)

My name is Catherine, and I’m a recovering addicted compulsive gambler. Jan 29th, 2014 will be my 7 year recovery B-day. As I spent time reading your website here, I have to say, “THANK YOU” for sharing your story with all who visit here. I didn’t come from a “gambling family,” although I did come from a dysfunctional one. I’m a sex abuse survivor, as it happened when I was young, from 10 to almost 14 years old by 2 friends of our family…

My mother was very controlling, and used much verbal & physical abuse to keep us kids in check. Later in my thirties came the loss and passing of my brother-in-law, and a couple of good, close friends who passed from cancer. ALL of this started to resurface at this time. I enjoyed gambling every now and then, so my addiction started slowly, and progressed as traumatic life events unfolded.
The facts are that most women gamble to “Escape” such things, and also feelings of hurt, pain, disappointments, and more.

That is how my addiction began. My past hurts came knocking, and them my gambling slowly progressed, and before I knew it, I had crossed that line into addicted, uncontrolled gambling to “COPE” with Life, Past and Present! I wrote my Personal Story in a book called, “Addicted To Dimes” (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)……By: Catherine Townsend-Lyon Available on Amazon.com

I continue my story, and help others who are reaching out for Recovery from addicted gambling on my Recovery Blog: https://betfreerecoverynow.wordpress.com
AND, my Writers/Book Blog: http://www.simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedToDimes Where I showcase many recovery authors.
Please feel free to come by anytime, and check out my Recovery Resources Page. I Advocate to “Shatter the “Stigma” of others in recovery from addicted compulsive gambling.

God Bless, Author Catherine Lyon

        Comments for I’m A Recovering Addicted Compulsive Gambler

Click here to add your own comments

*So go by and give them a visit to support them in all they do for those afflicted with gambling addiction, and help for the family. *

As for me personally, things are SO much more peaceful again. My hubby and I are enjoying our new surroundings here in Arizona. I have checked on my 2 kitty’s, and they are doing well. And I’m finally back at writing. Book 2 is almost done, and book 3 is coming along as well. Life is good today. We didn’t make it to So. Cal for Thanksgiving to see the New Twins, so we are shooting for around Christmas.

So, I’ll wrap up my post by paying a little *Tribute* to a MAN who has overcome so much in his LIFE. Yes, I heard the news last night that we lost a *TRUE HUMAN BEING*….”Nelson Mandela”…

Nelson Mandela                  

To me, this man embodied and endured so much in the first part of his LIFE, and still kept his “SPIRIT” of kindness, caring, and conviction.
To me, he set the BAR HIGH for those of us in Recovery.

By his “CHARACTER”…. and all he did to prove that we can OVERCOME anything, move beyond any Trial or Tribulation that enters our path in our JOURNEY of LIFE. He had a vision, a vision that no matter WHO you are, nor WHERE you have been, you can do good with the rest of ones life. He harbored no ill will toward those who imprisoned him, and he did NOT let that experience CHANGE who he WAS when he left prison 27 years later.He never gave UP, nor wavered. That is some of what “Recovery” is about. Doesn’t matter where WE have been within our addictions, we can emerge from “Destruction” and chose Recovery, to learn & live “A Better Way of Life.” We can also help others who still suffer the” CYCLE” of addiction. Being greater than ourselves, can aid and help others in their Recovery.Nelson Mandela ~ proved it to be “POSSIBLE,” and I Thank him for paving the way, and for setting that example for other “Human Beings” and for all of “HUMANITY”….”WE ARE WORTHY”…
*NELSON MANDELA ~ ~ 1918 – 2013 *FREE AT LAST*

Thanks For Stopping By,

Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

A Guest Spotlight for my friends at WhatWorks4U ~ National Suicide Prevention Month

Hello Recovery Friends and New Visitors,

IN HONOR of *National Suicide Prevention Month* I wanted to have a helpful website as a *Guest Spotlight* this week, and so I picked my good friends at http://WhatWorks4U.org
There a Great organization who help young people who may have Mental & Emotional problems, illness and disorders. I’m NOT only *Spotlighting them here on my Recovery
Blog, but they are also my *WEEKLY GUEST BLOG* on my Writer/Book Blog as well at:
http://www.simplesite.com/CatherineLyonAddictedToDimes  Here is more of what they do to help others!

About WhatWorks4U.org

WhatWorks4U.org aims to improve treatment for young people with mental health problems by gathering information about what works in the real world.

If you have experience of mental health problems, you can help us build knowledge about symptoms and treatments by reporting:

  • what treatments have worked (or are working) for you
  • which health professionals you have found (or are finding) helpful
  • some of the side effects from the treatments you have tried

How does WhatWorks4U.org work?

  • The information you give will be combined with information from other young people and reported on whatworks4u.org.
  • Your information directly helps to build knowledge on what works for young people with mental health problems.
  • You give information anonymously. Whatworks4u.org does not ask for your name, address or any other information that could be used to identify you.

Who is behind WhatWorks4U.org

WhatWorks4U.org is run by researchers in the Population Mental Health Group at The Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH), Australia. The MSPGH is a leading health research centre in Australia, with its current research programs looking at the factors affecting mental and physical health in the community, and on improving health and well-being.

Click here for more detailed information about MSPGH, The Population Mental Health Group and what we do.

Why WhatWorks4U.org?

  • Most mental health problems start in teenagers and young adults. In fact, as many as one in four people younger than 24 have a mental health problem. The most common ones are depression, anxiety and alcohol misuse.
  • We don’t know enough about treatments for people in this age group. The most common treatments are psychotherapies (talk therapies) and drug treatments but there haven’t been enough good studies on a wide enough range of mental health problems.
  • The studies that have been done don’t tend to last long enough to get good information about what works in the long-term and they don’t tend to consider what happens in the ‘real world’.
  • Most of the studies on treatments for mental health problems have been done in adults Some psychotherapies and drug treatments work differently in young people so just because a treatment works in adults, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work in younger people.
  • We need to find out more about what works for young people in the real world.

**They also have a Great Resource Page as well on how to get some Information**

Get More Info

General Links

If you want to find out more information about mental health problems, treatments and where to get help, please check out the following websites:

Reach Out

Information, help, support, and advice for young people to manage mental health difficulties such as stress, anxiety, bullying, depression and more


Mental health and wellbeing information for young people on a range of topics, including advice on how to get help

Orygen Youth Health

Fact sheets about a variety of mental disorders especially for young people, including advice on how to get help for a friend

Mind Check

Use online screening tools to check out your mental health, plus learn about a range of disorders and where to find support

Re Think

Lots of mental health tips and advice, plus listen to some FREE ‘feel good’ tunes

The Site

Information on how to recognize  mental health problems, advice on how to deal with them and how to seek treatment

Back to top

Links by Disorder

Or if you want more specific information, select a disorder below:

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Youth Beyond Blue

Fact sheets and info specifically for young people about depression and anxiety


FREE online self-assessment and online help program plus stacks of depression info including causes, treatment and prevention tips

Anxiety Online

Online mental health service offering information, assessment, online diagnosis and treatment programs (“e-therapy”) for anxiety disorders

Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria

Specialist mental health organization  providing support, recovery and information to people and families living with anxiety disorders

Check up from the Neck up

FREE online mental health check-up, plus learn more about mood disorders and find resources to help yourself or friends


Find out more about Bipolar and learn how others live with this disorder

Help for Depression

Learn more about the many different types of treatments out there for Depression


Psychosis Sucks

Find out everything about psychosis, from causes, early intervention and associated problems to advice for helping a friend


Learn all about schizophrenia: what it is, its causes, treatment and recovery

Get Help Early

Info about Psychosis, including symptoms, treatment and prevention, with an emphasis on the importance of getting help early

Eating disorders


Here you will find info about eating disorders, how to get help and how to help someone you know with an eating disorder

The Butterfly Foundation

A website all about eating disorders: what are they, how to get help for yourself or someone else

Eating Disorder Expert

A unique reference point on eating disorders, with info on diagnosis, signs, causes, risks and treatments

Eating Disorders Online

Clear, up-to-date information about a wide range of eating disorders, their treatment and recovering, with access to online support groups

Substance use


FREE confidential advice and information for young people about drugs, sex, mental health, body image and relationships

Talk to Frank

Not just your boring substance information site, be sure to check out Frank’s basement and other interactive games!

NZ Drug Foundation

Information for young people about drug use and the harms involved with using drugs

Personality disorders

Reach Out

Find out about the different types of personality disorders, how they’re treated, and how to help a friend that might have a personality disorder

Behavior disorders

Behavior Disorder.org

Information about behavior disorders including signs, treatment and when to seek help

Relationship problems

Love: The good, the bad and the ugly

Relationship advice and stories to help you work out where your relationship is at


Information, help and support for young people for all sorts of problems, from mental health to relationship problems……

Need help now?

Emergency Help Now: If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or self harm, you should immediately contact your local doctor or go to your nearest hospital. In case of an emergency please call the emergency services.

Whatworks4u.org is not a help line or counselling service. But if you are feeling sad or distressed, and want to talk to someone now, please do not hesitate to contact one of the headlines listed below.

Calling from:




New Zealand:

United Kingdom:

United States:

  • Hope Line1-800-422-HOPE (4673)
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline1-800-273-TALK (8255)

    ***I really HOPE this information is helpful, especially for parents who may worry about there young kids, and all they go through these days. I know when I was that age we didn’t have a lot of the problems that younger kids face today~~ and hope it will help Educate and Make the Public more Aware and cut down on the Loss of Life we seems to hear about DAILY! So THANK YOU TO the Great Folks at
    “What Works 4 U” for Caring and Helping others!***

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
    “Addicted To Dimes”, (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)

Dear Diary, Today I…..(Last Entry of Life Change at 50!)


Today I have had a little “Meeting with God” as the house we are staying in with my husband’s family was all to myself at 6am. The reason for the little Pow Wow with me and the lord was to ask for *Forgiveness* for this past week. I have had a lot on my Heart & Mind this past week as reviewing all that my husband & I have been going through since all this LIFE CHANGE started 4 weeks ago with the Eviction papers from our Landlord.

I was not going to post until Sunday or Monday, as I’m Supposed to be on vacation this 1st week here in Arizona, but I have much on my mind. As I read through my Diary Posts, I noticed a few things about myself…….I NEEDED some CHEEZE to go with my Whine..ING!!
So when I got up this morning and went out and put my legs and feet in the swimming pool, me and the lord had a little TALK……

It seems I have had a BAD ATTITUDE, instead of being GRATEFUL for all the lord has done for me these past weeks. I was in a “ME” syndrome……..and not looking ahead to our future, and NEW LIFE Beginning. When all this first started I was ANGRY at my landlord for causing so much STRESS in our life. But, it really was not his fault.

But ANGER took over, than SHOCK, then sadness and depression & FEAR.
Fear of the unknown. THIS comes from my Panic & Agoraphobia disorders.
But still not an excuse for me not SEEING the bigger picture our Lord was trying to present to us.

So with my Heart, Ears, and Mind OPEN to hear what he was telling me, was that sometimes you have to be Uncomfortable in order for CHANGE to come into your life, to just follow his PATH he has laid out before you, as he close’s One chapter, and OPENS another.  And, he has done that for us so far. It was my Mental & Emotional illness and disorders that were getting in my way,  Again, to see the bigger picture.

Agoraphobia for me has been very debilitating, as it is VERY Difficult to deal with changes like this. It’s hard just to walk out my front door weeks at a time. So, I had to keep telling myself that I’m only going from ONE set of walls of our apartment, to a NEW set of walls in a New Home.

But that did not stop the Panic Attacks I had on the way down to Arizona. I had a bad one going through the Lake Shasta area of Northern Calif., as it had been years since I’d rode in a car for a long distance. The last time was back in 2005, and that was only a 3 hour ride.  So once we got through the mountains my hubby Tom pulled into a Rest Stop so I could take a few more medications to get me through. It made me feel WEAK as a person, and tried to understand HOW I got to this point in my life with these mental and emotional disorders and challenges!!

It seemed the ONLY thing that helped was think of *Waterfalls*….the cool mist of the spray of water on my face, and close my eyes and pretend I was right next to one.
It did help a lot, and the half of a tranquilizer my doctor gave me for the trip.
We made it to the motel we stopped at.

The other thing I kept thinking of was seeing my Nephew Mark & his family the next day. I had not seen Mark since my mom passed away in 2003. Most of my family stopped talking to me once they found I had an addicted gambling problem, but got even worse when they found I had bipolar 2 disorder as well.

Mark had reached out to me and Tom when he found our phone number and called us out of the blue this past Christmas. I was SO HAPPY!! We had been talking ever since, and we made it to Redlands, CA where he lives on Saturday early afternoon, and met for lunch & spent 2 hours visiting!! That made the WHOLE TRIP for me.. 🙂
I met my Great Niece for the first time. Just an awesome visit. Then we made it to Arizona around 6pm.

Now here is when the lord said, “Catherine, you need to stop the complaining,
as your NOT the only one who needs adjusting to this situation, you have 6 other people who are effected by all this change. Stop thinking about yourself, and have Kindness & Patients with everyone else”….Yes Lord.

I know that sitting in he lords Word & Gospel helps me to be more Outside myself, and to a Heart full of *GRADTITUDE* toward others who are only trying to help us. We all have our Little Quirks, I just need to be more sensitive toward others, and keep my heart, mind, and ears open as the lord guides us in this New Adventure.

The past week was a Wee Bit rough around the edges as everyone started to adjust and settle into this new Family Dynamic, but I think will get there! As for the Lords path for us, It has begun, he has blessed us with Tom getting his transfer to another New Store here in Arizona.

He went yesterday to get all his paper work done, and starts on Monday at his store for Safeway…….another blessing. We also found 2 openings where his sisters work with disabled children, and he applied for a Van Driver for there outings and classroom aide.
So you never know what maybe around the corner.

AS for myself, I’m also settling in my New space. One good thing so far is I had NO Panic Attacks this past week, just some High Anxiety. My depression has been better too!

Must be all the sunny weather. I have found going outside by the pool in the early morning has been my “Little Sanctuary” to Relax my mind and soul for a while, as I hear
the Waterfalls softly flowing with my eyes closed and my feet in the cool pool water.
Sometimes, even if it’s just in our heads…….We can find Peace & Serenity around us anywhere and anytime, if we just Keep our Faith, keep our Hearts, Minds, and Ears
open to the lord. AS he has never disappointed me, even with this Life Change, and New Beginning.

So as for my whine & complaints, I’ve asked my lord for forgiveness for that, and to help me continue to be Patient, Kind, and understanding of others around me. As long as he is with us each step of the way on this New Journey, I need to know this whole experience is not just ALL about ME!

It’s about New beginnings, New Starts, both in life and financially. I have NO idea what is in store for us at this point, but it is kind of exciting to see where our journey will LEAD.
So for that I’m Truly Blessed!

God Bless my Friends, and have a wonderful weekend…..
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Dear Diary,….Today I….Want to go back to Oregon!!


Well…..we made AND survived the long trip from Oregon to where I’m blogging from, Glendale, AZ. It was an interesting trip to say the least. I only had 2 Panic Attacks on the road, tried to convince my husband we didn’t have to leave Oregon the morning we had to get out of our Apt…..THAT’S the Agoraphobia……and on the road we went. Left all the big stuff in a Storage Unit in Oregon so I know we are coming BACK!!  All our clothes and essentials put in box’s to take with us to Arizona. Pretty sad when you can have HALF your LIFE in box’s ….But, the lord tells us what we OWN or DON’T HAVE does not speak or define who you are Inside.

Had one Panic Attack as we were going through Lake Shasta, such a beautiful place, but it’s been years since the last time I was in a car traveling. It sounds so dumb, but for those of us who suffer from Bipolar or any Emotional disorder’s, a long car ride can be a wee bit scary!!  2nd day was better, but as we rolled into Arizona the heat was not to my liking…LOL..
Then by 8:30pm, the drama started, and I had another Panic attack, went outside by the pool, and had my first release of stress, tension, these past years of financial pressures, and trying to go from just me & my hubby to now a house of seven people with a long cry.

They had a family meeting of how their house runs, like power and solar power, what goes in trash & recycle bins, and how they do their family meals for dinners, and a few other things that I felt they needed to be reminded that we not insensitive to others in the house, but they also need to understand that my hubby & I are married and have a relationship. And there will be times when we may want to eat & buy our own food. Will chip in with money for utilities and things, but food will by on our  own . Will chip in for essentials, but not to fair when there is only 2 of us and 5 of them in the family.

So, the next day I happen to put on some Bath & Body works lotion on after my shower. I went upstairs to get a soda and my hubby’s brother came UNCLUED because of the smell…..Now NO one told me he has allergies and is sensitive to scents, but IT WAS THEY WAY HE APPROCHED the Subject. He started yelling and complaining that I needed to go wash the CRAP I HAD ON that Smelled like berries off Right Now, because he can’t stand heavy smells…….I was like…..WTF??

So I went downstairs to my room, and he was still carrying on about it and making all this DRAMA over body lotion???  Then he was talking about me, So I went back upstairs and SPOKE MY MIND!…1st off….DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME….2nd….DON’T DEMAND ANYTHING from ME, and 3rd,…..MAYBE if you were NICE about asking me to not wear ANY scented things because of your allergies like A NORMAL PERSON, it would have been NO PROBLEM for me to do. I also told him DON’T EVER TALK TO ME THAT WAY…..

I just knew this was a Bad Idea, but I have to support my husbands choice. We needed to have a fresh start. This really was taking a toll on our relationship. We have been married for 24yrs on Sept 29th, and have been together for 25. We have come a long way, but I WILL NOT Let his family continue the stress we had for so long, to come here and have to be under tension and stress all over again. My EMOTIONAL STATE and Moods can’t take much more.

So I hope TOM starts at his New Store  on Monday so we can start saving money for a little place of our own, or I pray each night that the lord will please help speed up the Federal Lawsuit for my SSI benefits decision! Until then,
I’ll take a day at a time. I’ll be back to update my Diary on Sunday or Monday. I’m Not
supposed to be blogging, but on vacation!….LOL…Keep the Support & Prayers coming!
I really appreciate them, and they helped get us here SAFE!

God Bless,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Dear Diary….Today I……….(Page 5) Life Change at 50 with Bipolar & Agoraphobia

Hello Recovery Friends, Pals, and New Visitors,

I thought it would be fun to use Pic’s & Quotes today to SHARE how I’ve been feeling
as I continue to pack all our Stuff and get ready to Relocate from Oregon to Arizona.
My emotions have settled a bit, as they went from, Shock, to FEAR & PANIC, to Crying Jags, to Depressed, to WTF???……..It’s sinking in that I’m going for a LONG RIDE from one State to a few over!!

I’m NOT looking forward to the heat of Arizona, although my Doctor said it may
help my Bipolar and depression, but my Anxiety is still WAY UP!!

My Agoraphobia has been kicking in with the Chills, Fear, and Sweats of knowing I’ll have to walk out my front door, and out of the walls of my Comfort Bubble!!! I love Being within my walls of hidden truths and safe-ness. We are putting all our things in storage here in Oregon, as to make me comfortable knowing we will be coming back…….Hopefully.

So, today is one more day closer to DOOMS DAY it feels like to me, as on Friday morning we pick up our Rental Car and head SouthWest. My kitty Callie is doing well in her New Adopted home, which makes me feel better, but looming is,  NOT getting Mr. Buttons adopted out before we leave, WELL……I don’t EVEN want to GO THERE or the TEARS will start again. So, I’ll sign out of this page 5 Diary Entry……and bid you all GOOD DAY!

*Life Change at 50 with Mental Illness and being in Recovery…..SUCKS RIGHT NOW!!*
YES…..I KNOW…..change been my ATITTUDE……LOL….*

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


I thought I’d start my page entry in my Diary with this saying, because it really is how I feel about some of my Family Members right now….

Share this inspiring quote from 64-year-old Diana Nyad, who this weekend became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the benefit of a shark cage!
*BUT….ALL I need to do is Remember……I’m making my OWN DREAMS come True at 50!!….LOL…Became an Author!

Happy Tuesday, we're on the road to Autumn............have a great day!

**THIS is what I will MISS the most about Living in So. Oregon!!
WE have such Beautiful Fall Colors!!**

"Be the change you wish to see in the World"
**AGREED! It is why I WROTE MY BOOK Of Addiction & Recovery, as to HELP
Others who still Suffer, and MY BLOG to CONTINUE TO SHARE MY STORY AND JOURNEY, and to ADVOCATE against *THE STIGMA* around Mental Illness & Disorders TOO!**


**AND YES….Through all the DRAMA of Relocating….I STILL HAVE A SENSE