Happy Birthday To Me. Feeling Much Gratitude For My Recovery & Having Made It To 59 years Young. The Reflection For The Today Says It All…

Gambler’s Annonymous “Relection For The Day” on my Happy Birthday…

Speaking My Story At An Event At The Arizona State Capitol

NOVEMBER 26 Reflection for the Day

“During our first days in Gamblers Anonymous, we got rid of the trappings and environments of gambling. We had to get rid of these, for we knew they surely would have killed us. We got rid of the situation, but we could not get rid of our addiction until we took further action. So we also had to learn to toss self-pity, self-justification, self-righteousness, and self-will straight out the window.

We had to get off the rickety ladder that supposedly was the easy way to money, property, and prestige. And we had to take personal responsibility. To gain enough humility and self-respect to stay alive at all, we had to give up our most familiar possessions, and our driven ambition, and our unrealistic pride”

Am I well rid of the weights and chains that once bound me?

Today I Pray

May I give credit to my Higher Power not only for removing my gambling impulses but for teaching me to remove my old pushy, demanding, selfishness from all my spiritual and earthly relationships, and for all the things I have learned and unlearned within my “faith and for the grace of God,” I am fully and heartily thankful and blessed today.

Today I Will Remember. . .
“Gratitude for the grace of God.”

***** ***** ***** ****** *****

For those who know my full story of addictions and where I am today, it truly is a MIRACLE I am still today to share my recovery with you for all these amazing year’s on my website. I appreciate all of you who support me and all those whom will come after you.

It has always been my intention and passion to help those who may be suffering in silence that recovery is possible and to never give HOPE. Youe are worth an amazing life as I have had maintaining my recovery for almost 15-years come Jan. 20th, 2022. “But For The Grace” of God, we all have that opportunity to do so.

May God Bless You,
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Advocate


My Fabulous ‘Island Girl’ Nominated Me For The Blogger Recognition Award! Yeah Baby!

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends,


Now I usually don’t get the time to follow through when I am given an award for blogging. Between my book promoting business Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions and advocacy recovery work, time seems to fly by before I get a chance to get it done! But this one is special as my dear friend, Island Girl !!
And for the life of me I wish I knew her first name at least. LOL. Her Blog: ( http://whidbeyislandgirl.net ) Once of the most awesome places to live in the Pacific Northwest. And we met because I to had moved from the Pacific Northwest here to Arizona.

Now I may not get all my nominations notified right away, but I’ll get there! But I want to thank Island Girl for this award nom, and for her recovery support as well. The reason why I blog? To raise awareness about a cunning addiction that now effects 1% of our population as problem gamblers. And now out of the 16+ million problem gamblers in just the US alone? Half this number parents are your High School and College kids. Not Cool.

And of course, I was an addicted gambler for many years myself. Still don’t know when I crossed the line into uncontrolled addicted gambling, but have now been in recovery 8 1/2 years. After two failed suicide attempts due to this addiction, it was time for me to reclaim my life back! AND THAT IS WHY I BLOG . . . .


( Go ahead, click to purchase on Amazon! )

Sharing hope and healing in recovery. I wrote my story in book form, and it got picked up by a publisher and now out in the world. I hope it helps many from gambling addiction. So I guess I am a published author, LOL.

So let me get to the hand of sharing this award to those who inspire me as bloggers. The only piece of advice I can give other bloggers? It is the same advice my publisher gave me when I started writing now my 2nd & 3rd books,
“Write What You Know, and keep it real, raw and honest.” And it is how I approach my recovery as well! XO

So in gratitude, and in keeping with the rules, I nominate the following fabulous blogs you need to visit:

Each and every one of these folks has provided me with their unique perspective, talents and enjoyment via writing, poetry, advice, books and a whole slough of different thoughts. KEEP ON BLOGGING!

None of the nominees are required to accept, of course, but if you do, these are the rules for acceptance:

  1. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate, excluding yourself and the folks who nominated you.
  2. Write a post to showcase your award.
  3. Include a brief history of how your blog was started.
  4. Provide some Pearls of Wisdom to new bloggers.
  5. Thank the person(s) who nominated you and include a link to their blog(s).
  6. Attach the award to your blog.
  7. Inform the folks you’ve nominated via comment on their blog site.
  8. Include a link to the award provider.

I look forward to reading more of everyone’s posts!

1.) DeBorah Palmer ~ Espiritu en Fuego — A Fiery Spirit Expressing Herself
2.) Jack Barr Award Winning Author ~  Author Jack Barr
3.) Ellie Pulikonda, Author/Writer
4.) Author, Marilyn Fowler ~  Self Help By Marilyn
5.) Author, Andrew Branham ~  The Book Anything for Amelia
6.) Author, Bette A Stevens ~  4 Writers and Readers Maine Author
7.) Kendall F. Person ~ The Neighborhood ~ Society Online
8.) Author, Vinnie Sorce ~ Cirque de Sorce

**I will be back with more links of Nominations**


Thanks Again Island Girl!  http://whidbeyislandgirl.net
“Keep on keeping on friends!”
Author & Recovery Advocate ~ Catherine Lyon “-)

“Nominations By Friends For The “Chicken Of The Sea Gratitude Awards”…

Hello Recovery Friends, Supporters, and Welcome Newbies,


A few weeks ago I posted a post regarding friends who had nominated me for “The Chicken Of The Sea Gratitude Awards” here on my blog. I also happen to get an “Anonymous Person” come leave me a comment I decided Not to Approve or Share on my blog as it was threatening and very mean!  Funny enough, a day or to after this person came by, I began to get cyber- bullied.  It was a “Nasty Ordeal” to say the least! They even got my blog suspended for 4 days until WordPress caught on to the BOGUS COMPLAINT and put my blog back up! My point? Why do people have to be mean?
ANYWHO,….I want to clear any misconceptions of how I happened to be nominated. I was not NOTIFIED, or NOMINATED  BY “Chicken Of The Sea,”  it’s not how their award works, as they will do that later in the year as part of what they are doing to Honor those who make a difference in lives of others, and their communities. I was told by Email by 2 friends of mine, and my hubby!  YOU too can nominate a person, organization, anyone who “Pays it Forward” to others, or in their communities! For all the details you can visit their Website for all the info, terms, and details, which is listed below. Just “click on Make a Nomination.”   I could use your support in a nomination if you feel inclined…

Chicken of the Sea - Mermaid Memo

Dear Author Catherine Lyon, ( Nominated)
I’ve seen some beautiful sites touring the country on my Great American Gratitude Tour for the past two months. I’ve traveled over 11,000 miles to 22 cities in 10 states through the West and South. And I’ve helped Chicken of the Sea award 34 Great American Gratitude Awards to nonprofits and individuals paying it forward in their communities. I’m heading to the Midwest next for some baseball and great music festivals. To see when I’ll be in your neck of the woods, visit our website at www.chickenofthesea.com/100!

All the best,


Centennial Activities


Centennial Activities
Chicken of the Sea has paid it forward with over $250,000 in donations so far this year. We’re a quarter of the way to awarding $1,000,000 in awards to individuals and nonprofits around the country, and we want you to help us as we celebrate our 100th birthday! Nominate a nonprofit or individual doing good work in their community, telling us why they are worthy of an award. We’ll select 10 recipients nominated by our consumers and fans to receive $10,000 before the end of the year.


I’ve been Nominated by several good friends and supporters! Come show support for all I to help others in Recovery with a Nom!! Thanks & God Bless!
Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂

Great American GratitudeAward Nominations | Chicken of …

I happen to be informed by email BY TWO good friends of mine & my hubby, that they went and filled out the form and nominated me for this Special Award Given Later This Fall!
So I posted a blog post to let others know I had been nominated. You can to go nominate me if you believe in my Recovery Message of HOPE & help those who suffer like I do with Mental illness, and are survivors of Childhood trauma, sponsoring others in recovery from addicted gambling, advocate where ever I can to share my story and message as anyone can recover from any addiction, and to “Shatter Stigma” around all these important issues, then you to can go and make a nomination.


So, I was not nominated by the good folks at “Chicken If The Sea” YET,….I was by friends. And the post was meant for those who want to fill out the form and nominate me, they are Welcome to do so. So my friends asked that I “RE-SHARE” my post, and NOT to worry about some mean Anonymous Person trying to Bully or Sabotage all that I try to do to help others. So here is my Original Blog Post, and I’d appreciate your “Thoughts & Comments” on this Fabulous Event! I think all those friends who KNOW ME know I have a good heart and compassion for those in, or reaching out for recovery, and all in what I do 🙂 THANKS ALL! *Catherine*

“I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been “Nominated” for “The Chicken Of The Sea Gratitude Award” by a wonderful friend! Now I need all my supporters, friends and fans to add to that with YOUR nominations.”
For those of you who know me well, and know how much I “Advocate, Blog, Write, Inform, and try to Raise Awareness” about the important issues of those in recovery from addicted gambling, and all types of addictions, those who suffer with mental illness and disorders, and for those who been through childhood trauma and abuse as I have, I try to shatter the “Stigma” around these issues. I also coach and sponsor many, and share HOPE who reach out for recovery. I try to teach how to have a Healthy & Balanced Life too in recovery.

So, if you believe in me, my message, and trying to “Pay It Forward,” I hope you’ll help me with a “Nomination” for this award!
Yes, they are giving 10 people a “Gratitude Prize & Award” of $10,000.00! And that could sure help me publish all my future BOOKS, Donate to my favorite recovery & mental health support sites and tithe. It’s simple to do…
Just Visit The Website & Nomination Page, and fill out the form & submit! It’s that easy…..
*SEE BELOW for extra info you’ll need for the form*
http://chickenofthesea.com/100/gratitude-awards/ Here is a little more info!

Nominate a Deserving Friend for a $10,000 Gratitude Award!

Chicken of the Sea is looking back by paying it forward to celebrate our 100th birthday. To thank Americans for making our products a mealtime staple, we are investing $1 million in up to 100 public service-minded individuals and nonprofits, empowering them to continue their inspiring community work across America. And we’re selecting 10 of those awards from among groups and individuals nominated by you… So Come Make a nomination now!



How to Participate

Chicken of the Sea believes in the positive ripple effect of good deeds. There are so many individuals and non‑profits that make America a better place. Tell us who you think deserves a $10,000 Gratitude Award. Here’s how:

1.) Nominate a friend or group that is currently doing good work in their community, and tell us why you believe they are worthy of an award.
2.) We’ll start announcing the recipients we’ve selected on our Great American Gratitude Tour, starting in early October, 2014.
3.) **As part of our 2014 Centennial Celebration of $1,000,000 in Gratitude Awards, we’ll select 10 Gratitude Award recipients nominated by their friends, consumers and fans to receive $10,000. Deadline for entries is September 1, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM PT***

“Nominee name “Catherine Lyon” and my “email” kitcatlyon@yahoo.com  my phn# ( 602 ) 363-6977  and My Website: https://betfreerecoverynow.wordpress.com
*Lastly, A special message that touched my heart by another good friend & awesome writer & author*

Great American Gratitude Awards’ only allows US citizens to vote in their recent contest. Can’t post my reason for nominating Catherine anywhere else, at least that I can find, so I shall post it here. I hope those of you in the States who know Catherine will hop on board and cast your vote for this extremely deserving person.
My reason for nominating her:
Since coming to know Catherine Lyon through both of our writing ventures, and listening to audio interviews as well as reading about her difficult journey, I feel she has more than paid her dues with respect to again finding, and gaining back her own self-respect, and not only that, but helping others who have suffered the same ailment and addiction that she herself has had to battle, and continues her fight to maintain. She has been open and honest about her illness, both experienced and suffered what it can do to one’s life and self-esteem, suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of her addiction, and regardless of that continues to strive in the area of helping others recognize their problem, and how to cope with it. This would not be any easy task, for each day is an uphill climb for those who battle the illness of gambling addiction, so I would wholeheartedly nominate Catherine Lyon for this award of which I feel she is truly deserving of.

– author Rusty Blackwood

Rusty Blackwood ~~ Please go VISIT her On her wonderful Website!!

RustyBlackwood | Author | Romance Novels | Home


Just Happy Ramblings ~ The TWINS Have Arrived & More!

OH HAPPY DAY Recovery Friends & New Visitors!,


Twins! Finally. Just in time. I had to leave.

One Boy…”Mark Fredrick Lake”  & One Girl…”Bella Lake”

They got here EARLY, as they were to be born on Oct 30th by C-Section, but they came Sat. morning! My wonderful nephew Mark Lake and his wife Rosalia are the proud parents of a new baby girl & boy “TWINS”…

I can not WAIT to go visit and spend “Thanksgiving” with my nephew Mark Lake and his family, and get my hands on those “Bundles of Joys”!!  My HEART is going to “BURST” with all the Happiness inside ME right NOW!

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*Now a little Tribute to me missing my KITTY’S, *Buttons & Callie*


This is a *SHARE* from http://suzie81.wordpress.com that caught my EYE and FUNNY BONE to add to my Kitty Tribute! Her blog deserves a Visit and is full of *Blog Awesomeness*!


Somebody that I follow on Twitter posted this a few days ago and it made me laugh. I thought I’d save it for a day when I was feeling a little sorry for myself and today seemed fairly apt…

Hope you enjoy!! Happy Blogging!…….SUZIE81 🙂


Now a little bit of *Ramblings*….


I just thought I would “MIX IT UP” and just ramble about a few “Thoughts & Things” rolling around in my Heart & Head!….LOL…

To start, many of you know about our *Sticky* living situation since having to relocate from So. Oregon to Arizona, and HAPPY to inform everyone my hubby & I are Apartment/ Small house hunting! We have put in a few applications in on some places that are NOW Available, so just waiting to here back.

The night before was another ABUSIVE, World War 3 going on,  and we JUST STAYED IN OUR little DUNGEON. Don’t move in with family unless YOU know what your fully walking into as we were NOT told what goes on around here before we left Oregon.

I JUST DON’T GET why families keep “Dirty Little Secrets” about family abusive behaviors??  Yes, I know, I know, just get over it, but it’s damn hard to when there is *CRAZY* going on around you 24/7. The last two incidents have been over a lawn chair, and the youngest sister had a “Mental Breakdown” in the driveway, after over hearing a conversation with me, my hubby and his older sister that is helping us financially to get into a place. AND YES, there IS NO WHERE to have a private conversation in this HOUSE!! The younger sister got so mad and worked up, they took her to ER and they admitted her into the hospital. Mental hold.


ALL this over a Lawn chair and a conversation that SHE WAS NOT A PART OF, & had nothing to do with HER..


I, as a Writer & Blogger, I have had NO DESIRE since we walked in this house to “WRITE” and to finish my 2 book projects, so THIS needs to CHANGE FAST! But on a serious note, some things have escalated to the point that we need to be out of this environment. It is hard to have to see your family like this. It also compounds itself, because we have not spent much time around either side of our families for long periods of time.


That’s what makes it more *SAD* to know when our parents pass away, you just don’t know how the GROWN Children are going to behave, or interact when our parents are gone. IN OUR CASE, Poorly. I don’t get any  “JOY” out of talking about are families, but BLOGGING is the ONLY release that has kept me SANE, I have to vent and get my feelings out.

In the past when I was still compulsively gambling , I’d have used “ALL this CRAZINESS” to my “Selfish Benefit” and as an excuse to run and escape from it all by a few hours of gambling!! Blogging is a HELL of a lot CHEAPER!
After 6+yrs in recovery, I think I’m entitled to some *Freedom of Speech* about how I feel, and how all this has affected me. Many times LIFE is never what we expect. The whole move thing was hard on me with the Bipolar 2, anxiety, depression and Agoraphobia, but then to get here and walk into an even worse and stressful family dynamic is even worse than the move. It’s like the longest *Trial* the lord has put upon us.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?…..I’m not going to FAULTER…..NOW WAY!! The man upstairs can keep adding it on, and I WON’T CRACK!  WHY?…..Because the lord taught us that no matter how bad things get, know matter “HOW ROUGH THE SEA’S ARE”, there is always a “BLESSING” AT THE END.  So I Pray, I bide my time, and bite my tongue, as the lord will see us through all this.

It’s also what recovery has given me as well. The tools & skills I have learned, and the *FANTASTIC SUPPORT FRIENDS* I have, DO play a major role in my life and recovery. And they include ALL OF YOU here who follow and visit my blog.
Many know I don’t like ADVICE SUGAR COATED, especially when it’s matters of LIFE & RECOVERY. You know any advice given by all of you is always well taken and appreciated. Giving it to me Straight. I hold no GRUDGE, because sometimes the TRUTH can STING, and that’s OK.
SORRY, I told you all I had a lot of *RAMBLINGS* to get out and off my chest!!


So I’ll close with saying a “BIG THANK YOU” from my HEART to ALL of yours, for always being here for me with a Shoulder to Lean on, and an Ear to LISTEN to all my LIFE & RECOVERY RAMBLINS!!

GOD BLESS ALL & Have a Great Week Everyone,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon