A Fantastic Recovery Book for All To Read! My Dear Friend Arnie Wexler and His New Recovery Book, “All Bets Are Off” . .

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I have been excited to share my thoughts and review about my good friend, Arnie Wexler, Author and his new book  titled;  All Bets Are Off . . .

What can I say about Arnie Wexler that I haven’t already told you back in a guest post here in November 2014? I can tell you his new book is an excellent read if you enjoy reading about
“Triumph In Recovery” . . .

Arnie Wexler has done an exceptional job with this new book about what his life was like when addicted to gambling. But he also shares a wealth of helpful info as well, as he and his wonderful wife, Sheila Wexler help many to recovery from this devastating disease. I like to call Arnie, ‘The Grandfather of Recovery’ from addicted gambling.

Because Arnie has been in long, long time recovery. And he continues to advocate to raise awareness, educate, and give the public an in-depth look at this disease. Now if you ask any recovering addict, we all say, “addiction is addiction” no matter the form. Well, Compulsive Addicted Gambling has a long way to go as far as raising awareness and informing others about this addiction. It is still a very hush, hush addiction. And most likely has the highest STIGMA around it, because it deems to be a form of just Fun and Entertainment. Well, once addicted, it sure isn’t fun anymore!

Now readers know book reviews sure tell you about a fantastic, well worth your time to read a book. But with a book about addiction and recovery, this can be a difficult feat. Not the case with this new book. Arnie has no shortages of fantastic Amazon Book Reviews! Here is my own s Star Book Review for his book first, then I’ll share more reviews done by many readers who also reviewed this helpful book. So here we go!

My Book Review for: All Bets Are Off  ~ By, Arnie Wexler and Steve Jacobson

Arnie Wexler has out done himself with his new book, All Bets Are Off . . .

It can be a difficult task as a recovery writer to share ones story without it seeming like your blaming, rationalizing, or in denial. But when you have long-term recovery time Arnie does, and the fact that he helps many in his professional life from this cunning disease, he is able to reach those with no understanding of this devastating addiction.  Arnie was able to capture the true essence of what Gambling Addiction really looks like.

He dug deep from his own past experiences to enable readers to see the true “ugly” side of this mystifying addiction. I should know, I have been in recovery from it for over 8 and 1/2 years. I commend him for an outstanding job with this well written book. It will help many, as he and his wife Sheila do already in their professional lives. They offer others recover from Compulsive Addicted Gambling.

Great Read!
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon ~ Recovering Addicted Gambler/Advocate

**So that is my review for Arnie’s new book. Lets see what other readers have posted on Amazon by way of reviews, as we all know they tell a lot about a book. But first,

Who is this Recovery Man of Mystery?

Arnie Wexler,  what you may not know about him ….

“Through the years, he has been called just about every name you can think of. A traitor to the sporting life. A quitter in the endless game of sports betting. A loser who couldn’t handle the action.

He’s none of those things, though. Wexler is, without doubt, a survivor who knows what the agony of gambling addiction is really like.”

Arnie Wexler’s compulsive gambling spiraled out of control  . . .  now after forty-plus years in recovery he is a nationally known expert on gambling addiction and helps others to “quit the bet.” All Bets Are Off chronicles Wexler’s life as a gambler that began on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, flipping cards, shooting marbles, and playing pinball machines. At age fourteen he found the racetrack, a bookie to take his bets, and started playing the stock market.
His preoccupation with gambling accelerated until a fateful day in 1968 when it all came crashing down. Wexler’s gripping narrative leads us through the dungeon of a compulsive gambler’s world—chasing the big win and coming up with empty pockets—and how his addiction drove him and his wife, Sheila, to the edge of life. With help, they managed to escape, and together they have devoted themselves to helping others with the problem they know so well …

Arnie Wexler is a Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor (CCGC), and was the Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey for eight years.

Arnie is one of the foremost experts on compulsive gambling in this country, and has been involved in helping compulsive gamblers for over 30 years. He has appeared on many of America’s top television shows, including Oprah, NightLine, 48 Hours, and 60 Minutes. He has been quoted and profiled in hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

Arnie has presented workshops and training seminars nationally and internationally. He has spoken to many gaming industry executives, Fortune 500 corporations, legislative bodies, and on college campuses across the nation. He has also done trainings for the National Football League (NFL).

Since 1994 both Arnie and Sheila have trained hundreds of professionals working in Addiction Treatment Centers including Sierra Tuscon and Betty Ford Center. They trained US Army Addiction Counselors at Camp Zama, Japan. In addition, they have provided extensive training to casino personnel and have written Responsible Gaming Policies for major gaming companies.

Together they have authored many articles on the subject of Compulsive Gambling, and are currently in the process of writing a book.

Now More Fantastic 5 Star Amazon Reviews:

“It’s not easy to get 100% all 5 Star Reviews, but so far Arnie has done it with this exceptional new book!”  ~ Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon ~ Gambling Recovery Author

A Raw and Real Look at One Couple’s Fight Against Gambling Addiction
  February 17, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

As the US House Counsel responsible for getting the first-ever legislation to prohibit use of the financial system for unlawful Internet gambling through the US House of Representatives, I wish this book had been around then (early 2000’s). Arnie would have made a great witness for one of our hearings in the House Financial Services Committee.

He’s been there, and describes in vivid detail the unrelenting pull a gambling addiction has, and the path of destruction it leaves in its wake. Sheila’s account of the effects on their marriage, their finances and their security provide a heart-rending but very real story.

Their ultimate story of redemption shows that the cycle can be broken. But not without a lot of hard work and 24-7 support from other recovering addicts. For anyone even thinking about gambling, or anyone thinking he or she may have a gambling problem, this book is a must-read!

“A great and insightful true story about gambling addiction.”
January 30, 2015
By Wayne T Burdick  (Paperback)

I am writing this review as a 25 year recovering Gambling addict, and former president of  “The Outreach Foundation for Problem and Compulsive Gamblers in Illinois.”  Thank you Mr. Wexler for writing a comprehensive book about addictive gambling. This will be must reading for sponsee’s and their families. You give a complete picture of gambling and our society. At the same time we get to hear you and your wife’s story of living with the addiction. We read how it was arrested and how you both found tremendous growth through your programs. Thank you for sharing that after abstinence our biggest challenge is bringing about a character change which should be worked on continuously for the rest of our lives.

Thank you both for sharing how important it is to have extensive public awareness and education about problem and addictive gambling. This book should be read by all! The story is riveting and the information about problem and addictive gambling should have the same awareness as drug and alcohol abuse. Best of all! This is a story of hope and love. It’s happy ending is still being written.
The passion of Arnie and Sheila have saved the lives, and affected the lives of countless people for the better. Thank you for writing this book and the many wonderful additional chapters to be added in future additions.God bless you both, and thank you!
Wayne Burdick free from bandage since 09/23/1989!!

“How could anyone put their family and loved ones through such Hell!”
  March 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

As a novelist, I readily admit that truth is stranger than fiction. But Arnie Wexler’s harrowing journey as a gambling addict, though true in every sense, feels sadly incomprehensible. How could anyone put their friends and loved ones through such hell? And yet his cunning deception of everyone from his boss to his friends to his own wife makes it clear that even the depths of despair won’t stop a gambler. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, this book is a group read. Arnie’s story, and his ultimate recovery, will give hope to anyone who understands the disease.

And make no mistake, it IS a disease. Though I’ve followed his journey for several years, and know about his and his amazing wife, Sheila’s endless pursuits to help thousands of addicted gamblers, I was still stunned by the intimate details of an unraveling life. I highly recommend ALL BETS ARE OFF because it is honest, daring, and beautifully written. I am certain it will be life changing for anyone who worries that there is no way out.

“If you have a loved one, close friend or relative that has a gambling problem?”
on January 9, 2015
If you have a loved one, close friend or relative that has a gambling problem you should read this book You will be able to have a first hand look at the hidden devastation of problem gambling and the miraculous recovery of a gambler and spouse who return from the abyss and continue to have a life of recovery.

Reading this book gives the public the ability to see the entire gamut of how lives are ruined by gambling and begin to understand a clear, concise living explanation of problem gambling. Perhaps this book will awaken government, business and clergy that there are problem gamblers as close as the next room that can receive hope and begin the journey of living life.

Training professionals, educators, medical & gaming associates and law enforcement will go a long way to aid in the recognition, treatment and recovery. Each member of those professions need to have this book as required reading.


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So there you go. Arnie has done it again with a great new book about Gambling Addiction, The Disease. As the last reviewer had said, this book gives a clear and concise look into the gamut of gambling addiction. And with Sheila’s voice as a look inside this disease from the spouse’s point of view, really rounds out this must read book. As my husband has done the same for me in my next
book coming out later this year, a wife, husband, or partner’s voice about the addicts sickness is just as important as our stories of gambling and recovery.
It is time to stop this addiction from being a hush, hush addiction, stop the insanity, and stop the needless loss of life by suicides from this devastating addiction. YES, gambling addiction has the highest suicide rate than any other addiction currently.
So if you know a loved one, or someone you care about who may have a Gambling Problem? Do them a favor and buy this book to give them to read. I’m sure they won’t see gambling the same after they finish it.
Please visit their wonderful Website of Services they offer to help those from addicted gambling!
Arnie & Sheila Wexler Associates  If you live in the Greater New York Area. . . .
And Connect with them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/arnie.wexler.1


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