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Keep up the good recovery blogging.

What can I say, I love Blogging About RECOVERY From ADDICTION, Share Awareness, Hope, Shatter STIGMA, and not let others suffer IN SILENCE…

It is the purpose and passion of my life and was God-Given.  ✝💞




And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Most of you know who are apart of my recovery community know my purpose is to help those who feel they are within addictions the least, the lost, and the hopeless. Well, not on my watch! Seven years is a long time to be blogging and also sharing one’s recovery journey.  I do so because if I can gain regain and turn my life around from this cunning disease and addiction to addicted GAMBLING? Then I know anyone can who may be afflicted by this insidious and devastating disease.

I have come a long way from those days of wasting so many hours and wasted money behind a slot machine or sitting at a poker table. Selfish about any and everything except when I could gamble again next! Not caring about my husband or even LIFE, just self-medicating and zoning out old pain and hurt from the trauma I endured as little girl.

Finally becoming “Sick and Tired” of feeling sick and tired.

Now? I’ve been maintaining recovery for 13+yrs and counting! WordPress has supported my recovery by the opportunity to share and reach people here in the WordPress Community and beyond. If I have helped one or many? I may never know, but I appreciate WordPress allowing me to do so freely and transparently.

Today I enjoy networking with other friends who are advocates so may try and help restore and guide families to healing, not enable, and learn how to support their loved one who may have a gambling problem. I am most comfortable doing so through my writing and blogging, as a contributing writer for publications, as a columnist for “Keys To Recovery” newspaper, and written within featured articles for other addiction and recovery publications, most recently featured in FEB 2020 issue of “ Recovery Today Magazine issue #63 sharing the WHY and the HOW I became caught into addicted gambling the first place!


Recovery Today Mag is a 100% Free and a fantastic recovery resource for everyone! I was very honored to be invited to share my story and raise awareness about gambling addiction and what it takes to recover. 

SO HERE IS TO Another Year of Recovery Blogging on WordPress and the only hosting site I would trust to do so! I also have my Book and Literary Blog here on WordPress if you are a reading book CAT like me? Stop and give me a visit there too at “Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den!”



Havng Fun Rasng $$ 4 Big Jim Foundation!

Speaking Event 4 Big Jim’s Ride, Phoenix, AZ!


{My E-book Is Now on Sale on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 & Paperback $6.95


I APPRECIATE All My Recovery Supporters, Friends, and Blog Recovery Warriors and New Visitors!

Thank You, from my heart to your’s … xoxo💞💞✝💝

~Author and Advocate, Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Recovery Thought of The Day. About “Advocates, Recovery Networking Relationships in Unity”…

Recovery Thought of The Day. About “Advocates, Recovery Networking Relationships in Unity”…


#Advocacy is about helping those who are suffering and are ready to change, live, and work toward Freedom From #Addictions.  When a higher profile advocate brings Solutions through #Actions to help those suffering, it is a beautiful thing to see …

BOTH, however, can easily get led astray when all of a sudden? “Ego” gets in the way, but, the book below #FindTheSeeker says, SEEK those answers from what lays at your feet (within in you),  then use #Guidance from Above …

I  learned it in this amazing #book I use as part of my #EverChangingRecovery … “#FindTheSeeker” …

( https://www.amazon.com/Find-Seeker-pathless-fulfillment-happiness-ebook/dp/B078SKPJTP/ )


Find The Seeker!: The pathless path to fulfillment and happiness


In working with many advocates who I’ve met doing interviews for a former magazine, and now for a recovery newspaper, many who are bit higher profile than myself, Lol.

We all seem to become friends, cultivate those relationships, and we support one another and network in unity in hopes of saving more lives from Addictions. But, at times, some end up thinking they are “GOD” with an “EGO,” think they can go “Hollywood” and try to make money within advocacy and off the backs of those who suffer.

AND? Most the time it blows up in their face. WHY?  When you stray from the mission, one that most times is God-Given, it becomes a Mission of “All About Me.”

SO PLEASE NOTE Advocates:  There is no room in the addiction/recovery and advocacy communities for all that while people are out here Dying from Addictions . . . 

My First Post For a New Year in Recovery as I Celebrate My 12th-Year Maintaining My Journey on Jan. 29th, 2019.

My First Post For a New Year in Recovery as I Celebrate My 12th-Year Maintaining My Journey on Jan. 29th, 2019.

Hello, and Welcome Recovery Friends and New Visitors,

I wanted to have my first recovery post of 2019 to be a personal share and look back as I have been putting the finishing touches on my follow-up book to my first memoir of “Addicted To Dimes: Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat.”

My second book will be a pick-up from all that has happened in my life while maintaining my recovery from addicted gambling with alcohol abuse. There have been ups and downs and many phases of my recovery and life “Journey” … Many blessings, many doors opened, and as I call them, “Perks of Recovery!” Lol.

But I feel I need to share as I grow and as we all get stronger within our journey. And since I love journaling and a writer, it is also an important part of what I do for my recovery. Journaling is such a healthy way to let go of stress, forgive yourself, heal, and a great way to show others what may work for them in their path.

We all learn the skills and tools to use during treatment or your form you had chosen to begin your journey away from the bondage of addiction, and sharing may help prevent others from relapse or slip. And when you make it in longer-term recovery, you should learn to share your voice and become more of an ‘Advocate’ as it is an easy way to help those that may be new or in early recovery. Like “Paying it Forward” to others.

WHY? Because of Facts Like This Below? It Is Time To Not Be Silent Anymore …




And is also why I try to find platforms to DO JUST THAT! And this year will be no different. My goal and mission for 2019 are to hopefully shine an even ‘Brighter Spotlight’ and be louder than last year about Gambling Addiction. To be able to help those who don’t understand this ever-growing problem.

It’s Time Share so we can shatter the “Myths and Misconceptions” about this disease if only by a little …

For those who don’t know, I am a Gambling Recovery Columnist for one of the biggest Recovery and Resource Newspaper who wanted to elevate the awareness about gambling addiction now touching more and more people. My dear friends Jeannie, Marcus, and Beth are Founders of “Keys To Recovery Newspaper” which is FREE for everyone! Great articles and columns and supportive resources for help too. My JAN 2019 column and article is on page 15 and cont’d on page 22!



About Keys to Recovery

preading the Message of Hope and Recovery


Our purpose and our missions are to give hope that recovery is possible. Incorporated in the state of California Keys to Recovery Newspaper, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

Our main objective is to carry the message of Hope and Recovery from all types of addictions and disorders to as many people as possible and to offer resources that may provide treatment and support. We do that by printing (yes, printing) a traditional type of newspaper, as well as having an online presence. Our newspaper is filled with columns from today’s top experts in the recovery field.


Keys to Recovery Newspap, Inc. is educating our communities about alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, gambling addiction, homelessness, domestic violence and so much more. We also print, at no charge, a 2-­‐page resource guide listing free services and vital help offered within the communities.


Keys to Recovery Newspaper, Inc. is making a strong effort to reach the many individuals currently in jails or other types of institutions, and offer them information that will assist in their future recovery. For every paid subscription we will be able to send a free subscription to someone in an institution.


We are NOT affiliated with AA, NA, Al-­‐anon or any other 12-­‐step program. We do, however, believe in the power of the 12-­‐steps and the principles behind them.


We operate Keys to Recovery Newspaper, Inc. using these principles as a guideline -­‐ Honesty, Hope, Faith, Courage, Integrity, Willingness, Humility, Brotherly Love, Justice, Perseverance, Spirituality, and Service.


So as this new year begins, I will be also committed to posting more of my own personal experiences with addiction and recovery, my mental health challenges and goals as I push through the FEAR of my agoraphobia, depression, and anxiety issues and more about HOW I will be of recovery services to others too! I hope you will follow along and visit often as I’ll be adding more reads and resources on those Pages as well!

I wish you all and very Happy, Blessed, and Successful 2019! 

~Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Advocate



“My Recovery Spotlight of The Month is Carol of Yes2Sobriety and Sobriety is Freedom”. . . .

Please meet my new friend and recovery supporter ‘Carol’ of the website: YES2Sobriety as she is our Spotlighted Recovery Website of the Month!






Hello, and THANK-YOU for visiting  yes2sobriety.com — sobriety is freedom.  I hope that yes2sobriety.com becomes the place where you go, to ask for help, advice, information or even just to vent about anything at all.  Also, a place of inspiration and hopefully, a place for you to inspire others with your personal story.

My name is Carol, and I am a recovering heroin addict.  I have been battling my addiction carolon and off for twenty years.  I tried any and everything to get and stay sober.  Now, that I am out of this hell that I created for myself, the HEROIN PRISON. I am so grateful that it can’t be put into words.  Breaking the chains that I was bound by for so many years is such a feeling of freedom, literally.  I also am extremely grateful for this website it has been a huge part in helping me, maintain my sobriety.

Recovery is no cake walk. If someone said it is then they are full of shit!!(Oh, sorry about the language but if that bothers you than you are on the wrong website.)  No matter how hard it gets, believes me, it’s  ALL Worth It!!! I am finally living life and loving it.  Instead of numbing my feelings and emotions I feel them and I love it!!!  There is nothing like a good laugh or cry to let you know you are alive. Like they say in NA or AA, My worst day sober is still better than my best day high. And, that is so friggin true. Today, I am finally willing to do whatever it takes to maintain my sobriety.

Today, I am extremely grateful not only for my life but the people in it.  Especially my teenage daughter who I am amazed by every day. I have a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, and funny daughter.  That I can’t be more proud of.  Sometimes, I do wonder how in the hell did I get so lucky to have such an awesome kid.  She is my INSPIRATION.  My dream about being sober is now my reality.  I don’t deny that it takes hard work and dedication but so does being an addict. (Shit, that is a full-time job in itself)  It is all worth it though because of the fact that Sobriety is Freedom!!

Now, don’t you want to be free from whatever is keeping you down?  Whatever the addiction is, we all deserve happiness and by changing your lifestyle, that’s a start, and you are on your way to a new life filled with happiness.  Please, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email me, Carol, at yes2sobriety@gmail.com …


When I visited Carol’s website in December, this post really struck a cord with me and touched my own recovery. Even though my journey is from gambling and alcohol addictions, we all know that addiction is addiction, and we all come from many types of addicted paths, BUT? We all have come from the Depths of HELL …





As I am sitting here and contemplating my life, the past, present, and future I am so grateful that I am not chasing that bag of dope anymore.  Now, in saying that do I think about it, you better believe I do and that’s just a part of addiction.  The difference for me today is I don’t act on my thoughts and that is a huge accomplishment for me.  In the past when I thought I did before I even had the chance to rethink my thought I was already onpast will stay there my way to cop (pick up my shit).

So, what I am saying is that it’s okay to think about it and it’s normal.  The part that is not okay is the doing it.  Now, I snap out of that thought pretty quick because I am literally so happy and content with my life that I am not doing anything to fuck that up. Because fucking up used to be my middle name.  I was an expert that I could do it in my sleep. 🙂 There’s a saying in I think NA/AA that goes like this my worst day sober is better than my best day high.  Now, I can honestly say that is so true.  My life is far from perfect and perfect it will never be, that’s not what I am looking for.

I just want to live peaceful no drama and limited stress.  And to be happy, I know it’s simple but I haven’t been truly happy for so long that I appreciate it immensely, you have no idea.  It’s not much but it’s all I need and I will not let my sobriety to ever be compromised.  It means too much to me and I will do whatever it takes to maintain it because I can say I am never going back to where I was.  Thanks for reading and please leave any comments or feedback below, I always love to read what you think.



One area that Carol and I both agree on as far as recovery? She lives and works her life with three key important areas like I do, “Mind, Body, and Soul.” In order to live a real, honest and authentic recovery we need to do these three things Carol firmly believes IN:





Please Connect with Carol on Social Media!



***Presented By “Recovery Starts Here! ~ Author, Catherine Lyon”***


“Many Keep Asking Me, How Can I Help Support You”? “Here’s How My Friends”…

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends, Seekers, & New Visitors. Thanks for coming by!

I have been asked a lot recently how I’m able to be everywhere, everyday on Social Media, blogs, recovery support sites and more, and “How Can I Help Support You”?  It’s simple, I can’t work outside my home due to my health problems and mental illness. No, it’s not an “Excuse,” it is the “reality” of my life right now. There is so much many don’t know about me. Some is because I don’t want to be looked at as a “victim” of my health or circumstance, because I’m not. It’s very hard for me to ask for help. It just makes my HEART feel GOOD when I can be of help to others. It’s why I have published my story, and why I write, blog, freelance, and advocate, is to reach out and help others.
It’s my way of helping others who have been there for me when I first started in recovery, as my health issues came a few years before that.  One thing I remember very clearly when I first started gambling treatment, and Gamblers Anonymous. When new people came into the meetings for a few months looking for people to “Sponsor” them, not many of the long timers would step up and be sponsors. That really pissed me off.  That’s what recovery is about, at least for me it is! When we get clean time, we then start being of service to GA by maybe opening the doors, set up the room, make coffee, welcome people when they come in. Give material to the newcomers and so on. You start out small so as not to get overwhelmed in recovery. As more time goes by, you can learn to “Chair” a meeting, then maybe move into putting your name and phone# down for support to others on the Phone List if they get triggered or urges. Move into an “Official” capacity like become the treasurer or something. That’s all part of recovery and the unity & fellowship of our program. There is strength in numbers!
So that’s why I do what I can to be of recovery service to others. It’s what is expected of me, and what God taught me through my addiction journey & recovery. Since I have been unable to work outside my home, I have more time to help and sponsor many others trying to Write from home. Because of my “Agoraphobia with panic, Bipolar Manic Depression, & med side effects,  my laptop is my “Saving Grace” as is the internet! It has really changed how many of us can achieve “Recovery Success” right from home, and for those who want anonymity, they have that! It’s the way I meet awesome, caring, and wonderful people in recovery from all over the world, and other writers and authors too! That’s a pretty cool thing. The internet has helped change and save lives for many from addiction. The wealth of information and resources on websites and blogs for support, treatment, even online step meetings and more, has changed the way we look and succeed in Recovery Today!
I also get asked  a lot on how others can help support me in all that I do.  I try to make others understand that I love what I do, it makes me feel good to give back in “Honor” of those who came before me, and were there when I needed the help coming in recovery. They ask me as being an Author as well as a recovery advocate.  I enjoy helping people in recovery, and as a writer, all types of genres of authors and their books. It’s just who I am. I’m humbled for those of you who want to help support my authoring of my next 2 books, help me continue to be available to help others in recovery, who suffer mental illness, and survivors of childhood trauma,  I have an ongoing “Donation Fund.” As we all know, many think just because you have published a book that your “Rich & Famous” or something,…LOL….Yeah Right!!  I’m just as “Penniless” as the next writer trying to write that next #1 Best Seller!…HA!

You can help support all I do to continue to Write, Freelance, Author Books, Advocate, Raise Awareness, Blog and be there for those he need help, support, a lift up and know others care if they live or succumb to addiction. I’m so tired of all the needless Suicides and Precious Loss of Life. Are you? That’s the other reason why I try to be of recovery service to others. That little green button of “Love” helps me become a better writer, will help cover publishing costs , cost for bipolar meds, and allows me to be across the web for those reaching out to recover from any addiction! Now I do have to give a very “LOUD SHOUT OUT” to my #1 Donor who has gotten my to 8% of my Dream Goal, and that’s my “Fab Girl, “Ebony-DEBORAH PALMER of Brooklyn, New York! And her *Fabulous Blog* Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit   Espiritu en Fuego —A Fiery Spirit Expressing Herself…

She has been a wonderful supporter of mine for a while now, and my hubby and I can not THANK her enough for her generous donations!
My DREAM is to be able to go visit and meet my BFF in person someday! But until I can, I know Tom and I love her BUNCH’S!! Xo
So there you have it! Now you know why I’m EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY,  as much as I can be helping others recovery like ME!
My  past Career background was, 3 years retail through High School for Montgomery Wards, then got my first bank teller job after graduation in 1981 at a local Savings & Loan. Worked 18+years in Banking until 2000. Then 2 yrs for a Debt collection company as a clerical data-entry clerk until my 1st Mental Health/Addictions Crisis center stay after my 1st failed suicide attempt from undiagnosed bipolar with manic depression, AADD, PTSD, and treatment. Recovering from addiction was bad enough, but with the undiagnosed mental illness on top of it, was more than my body and brain could handle, and I completely Shut-Down!
So I don’t wan others to have to go through the “Dark Journey” I went through.  Another reason why I do what I do. There is NO SHAME in asking for HELP before it’s to late…….
May God Bless You All & Thanks For Visiting!
Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Author Of “Addicted To Dimes”
LOL…LOL 🙂  🙂

“I’ve been Nominated & Need Your Support”!

Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and New Friends!


I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been “Nominated” for “The Chicken Of The Sea Gratitude Award” by a wonderful friend! Now I need all my supporters, friends and fans to add to that with YOUR nominations.

For those of you who know me well, and know how much I “Advocate, Blog, Write, Inform, and try to Raise Awareness” about the important issues of those in recovery from addicted gambling, and all types of addictions, those who suffer with mental illness and disorders, and for those who been through childhood trauma and abuse as I have, I try to shatter the “Stigma” around these issues. I also coach and sponsor many, and share HOPE who reach out for recovery. I try to teach how to have a Healthy & Balanced Life too in recovery.

So, if you believe in me, my message, and trying to “Pay It Forward,” I hope you’ll help me with a “Nomination” for this award!
Yes, they are giving 10 people a “Gratitude Prize & Award” of $10,000.00! That would sure help me publish A LOT OF BOOKS, Donate to my favorite recovery & mental health support sites and Tithe. It’s simple to do.
Just Visit The Website & Nomination Page:
and fill out the form & submit! It’s that easy…..*SEE BELOW for extra info you’ll need for the form*
Nominate a Deserving Friend for a $10,000 Gratitude Award!

Chicken of the Sea is looking back by paying it forward to celebrate our 100th birthday. To thank Americans for making our products a mealtime staple, we are investing $1 million in up to 100 public service-minded individuals and nonprofits, empowering them to continue their inspiring community work across America. And we’re selecting 10 of those awards from among groups and individuals nominated by you. Make a nomination now!


How to Participate

Chicken of the Sea believes in the positive ripple effect of good deeds. There are so many individuals and non‑profits that make America a better place. Tell us who you think deserves a $10,000 Gratitude Award. Here’s how:

1.) Nominate a friend or group that is currently doing good work in their community, and tell us why you believe they are worthy of an award.
2.) We’ll start announcing the recipients we’ve selected on our Great American Gratitude Tour, starting in early October, 2014.
3.) As part of our 2014 Centennial Celebration of $1,000,000 in Gratitude Awards, we’ll select 10 Gratitude Award recipients nominated by thier friends, consumers and fans to receive $10,000. Deadline for entries is September 1, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM PT.

Join Us on Our Tour of Thanks

We’re hitting the road to give back to our fans and their communities. Find out when we’ll be in your area to win prizes, try tasty samples, meet the Mermaid & boatloads more fun!


*So I hope you will join my friends and supporters and stop by the “Chicken Of The Sea” Gratitude Nomination Page and fill out a Nom for ME!
Thanks So Much, And God Bless!,
Author, Catherine Lyon :-)*
HERE ARE THE 4 THINGS YOU’LL NEED WHEN filling out the form,
“Nominee name “Catherine Lyon” and my “email” kitcatlyon@yahoo.com  my phn# ( 602 ) 363-6977  and My Website: https://betfreerecoverynow.wordpress.com
AND….YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN THE USA……As I just found out by another Good Friend of mine who does not, BUT,…..She shared this on my *Author FB PAGE* and I just love her to pieces!! SHE IS a Fantastic Author in her own right, *RUSTY BLACLWOOD* so I’m HONORNED that she posted this!!! http://www.facebook.com/AuthorCatherineLyonAddictedToDimes 

Great American Gratitude Awards’ only allows US citizens to vote in their recent contest. Can’t post my reason for nominating Catherine anywhere else, at least that I can find, so I shall post it here. I hope those of you in the States who know Catherine will hop on board and cast your vote for this extremely deserving person.
My reason for nominating her:
Since coming to know Catherine Lyon through both of our writing ventures, and listening to audio interviews as well as reading about her difficult journey, I feel she has more than paid her dues with respect to again finding, and gaining back her own self-respect, and not only that, but helping others who have suffered the same ailment and addiction that she herself has had to battle, and continues her fight to maintain. She has been open and honest about her illness, both experienced and suffered what it can do to one’s life and self-esteem, suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of her addiction, and regardless of that continues to strive in the area of helping others recognize their problem, and how to cope with it. This would not be any easy task, for each day is an uphill climb for those who battle the illness of gambling addiction, so I would wholeheartedly nominate Catherine Lyon for this award of which I feel she is truly deserving of.
– author Rusty Blackwood

Rusty Blackwood ~~ Please go VISIT her On her wonderful Website!!

http://www.rustyblackwood.com   *THANK YOU RUSTY* XoXo  *Cat*