Welcome My Good Friend “Chris Herring” And See How He Helps Students Around The Globe…

Hello Friends, Seekers, and Welcome New Visitors!,

I have met so many wonderful people along my recovery journey, and my new friend “Chris Herring” is one of them!
Chris Herring
Like myself, he has a very “Unique” way of helping High School students from around the globe come to the US and experience a whole new way of life, and learn our culture. Yes, Chris is not in recovery like me, but what he does to help others is what he’s all about. I believe in the core value of what he does for students, and how he gives “Host Families” a chance to see other cultures through the eyes of hosting a student from another country. So here is more about what Chris does and HOW you maybe able to help too!



The AEA Advantage

American Education Advantage provides international students an unforgettable experience while attending high school in the United States. Our Education Tourism company places your student in quality high schools in Oregon, California, Washington, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi that have outstanding international student program or ISP programs. We also provide your student with a caring host family, and ensure excellent communication while they are in the US.

Study Abroad

Our company assists your child throughout the entire Study Abroad program. Our fees include many of their expenses and cover a wide variety of services provided by AEA. However, you should plan for other ancillary expenses your child may occur while abroad.

  About Our Owner

AEA is run by Christopher Herring, who has an array of specialized educational experience. With more than 20 years in the education industry both in the United States and abroad, you will quickly come to trust Mr. Herring to provide your child a memorable and superior experience.

Contact us at (877) 651-5543 in Louisville, Mississippi, to start your child’s great educational experience with a caring American host family through our exchange student placement program.

Office Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. CST, Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. CST                                                                          Working with private schools in: Oregon, California, and Mississippi.

*What caught my attention about Chris and the Organization was the “Placement” schools the students who come from abroad to the US, to live with their host family, are schools from my home STATE of OREGON. What better beautiful place for a high school student to live and study? As many of readers know that I just relocated from So. Oregon to Arizona a few months back, and my miss Oregon like *Crazy*! Here is more about A E Advantage and their website: http://www.aeadvantage.us/   

About Us

American Education Advantage in Louisville, Mississippi, provides international student placement with American host families, for international students who desire to attend high school in the US. AEA is run by Chris Herring Consulting. Mr. Herring provides a superior level of communication and attention, and has specialized experience working with students and their families from around the world.

Christopher Herring stays in close communication with the school, host family, and student’s family throughout your child’s entire time in the United States. Communication is conducted both electronically and over the phone. For the price you pay, Mr. Herring provides your student a truly outstanding cultural and academic experience living with a wonderful American host family while attending a great private school.

We offer very select private schools, because we know the people who run these schools and we are confident in the great education and the wonderful experiences these Select Schools will provide to our students. AEA staff are available to solve any student issues or problems at any time of day. We know how to provide an amazing educational and cultural experience in the US, and our international students will be telling their friends and family about his or her outstanding experiences for years to come.
Select Schools promoted by AEA….
Select High Schools located in Oregon..

1.) Horizon Christian School  700 Pacific Ave.  Hood River, OR 97031 ~ http://www.horizonchristianschool.org/

2.) Salem Academy Chr. School  942 Lancaster Dr. NE  Salem, OR  97301~ http://www.salemacademy.org/

3.) Portland Christian Schools  12425 NE San Rafael St.  Portland, OR  97230 ~ http://www.pcschools.org/

4.) Horizon Christian High School  23370 SW Boones Ferry Rd. Tualatin, OR  97062 http://www.horizonchristianschools.org/
*HERE IS MY DISCLAIMER*…LOL…Please go to their WEBSITE for each schools costs.

This price includes the cost of housing the student in a private home for 10 months.

*AEA requires each international student client to have a medical insurance policy from an AEA approved, US-based insurance company.

◊ Prices are subject to change due to changes made by a given school. Posted prices are for the 2013-14 school year.
Select High Schools located in Mississippi and Alabama, California, and other states.
So again, please visit the web’s list of High Schools, Costs, and other *Student Visa* requirements that need to be filed and met as well.* http://aeadvantage.us  Here is a little more about Chris, and how you can reach out and see if your family maybe a good fit to become a Host Family. They are always looking for more families who want to help an international high school student come to the US, and everyone has a “Beautiful, Cultural Experience.”
How about it? Would your like to be a “Host Family”? Than give Chris Herring a call…

Owner, American Host Families in Louisville, MS
• Budgeting • Staff Development Training • Planning Events • Curriculum Development • Public Speaking • Student Program Development

Bringing Students to America

Mr. Herring is a native of Mississippi. After years of working on the west coast, in California and Oregon, and having lived and worked as a school principal in Asia, he has the experience and insight to effectively find and pre-screen, well-qualified students from countries in Asia who desire to attend high school or college in the United States.

From his time spent working at schools in South Korea and in Singapore, Mr. Herring has extensive academic and business connections in many different countries around Asia. He is now working to bring international students to attend colleges and universities in Mississippi, and to place them with American Host Families.

About Christopher Herring

After spending more than 20 years in education, including several years as a Principal in S. Korea and in Singapore, Christopher Herring has developed a passion for working with international students, and in helping foreign students realize their dreams of going to a school, college, or university in the US.

  Specialized Experience

Mr. Herring has many years of successful experience in the field of education, both in the US and in Asia. He has worked as a teacher, student advisor, principal, and school director with students in California, Oregon, South Korea, and in Singapore.

As principle of Horizon Christian (Hood River, OR) School in Oregon, Christopher Herring started an international student program, which still operates successfully today. Mr. Herring has more than 20 years of experience in education, and his areas of expertise include:

Contact us to learn more about our exchange Student Placement Program with qualified American host families.

Here is how you can contact Chris today!…

American Education Advantage, AEA
cell phone (662) 341-5691
SKYPE  c.t.herring61



In closing, I actually had the good fortune of having a couple of friends that were international students who lived with “host families” when I was in high school. See, my dad was career Air Force, and many active duty families enjoyed being “Host’s” to high school students from their own country. I had a girlfriend “Eve” as she was from Germany. And my friend Anthony was from Italy. I would bring him to my house for lunch break from school, as my mom was full Italian, and I only lived down the street from my high school, so he and my mom would speak Italian to each other. My mom just “loved” him! So hosting students is really an enrichment opportunity for all involved.

So I “Thank” Mr. Chris Herring for allowing me to “Share” a little of what he does, as I wanted to help him reach more families who may want to get involved and help more students abroad to come to the US and have a life memory to last a “Life Time”!


Host an Exchange Student Today!

God Bless All,
Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon