Todays Recovery Share~Hell Yes “Gambling Addiction” Is A Real Disease!

Now that the holidays are finally over, I wanted to start the new year off right with sharing, informing, educate, give insights, and share awareness about “Gambling Addiction” as I continue in the New Year my quest to continue to help others in Recovery.
I’m starting off my post with some *Inspirational Quotes* to get you going! These are just a few of my “Favorites” that keep me motivated in my recovery.

*YES, this is how it feels when we NEED to begin Recovery*


*Then we start to feel some JOY in our New Recovery*

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*WE THEN DIG INTO our Recovery Journey *

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*THEN, Doors start to open up for US to find our *TRUE PURPOSE & PASSIONS*

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NOW of course I’m not going to be the first to HELP & INSPIRE others in Recovery from addicted compulsive gambling, but I’ll tell you all about it!

Because I just happen to find my PURPOSE in life through my own Recovery. WITH the help of my “Higher Power”…( GOD ), HE WENT way beyond helping me find my PURPOSE, which is helping others to Recovery who still suffer, and those still stuck in the “CYCLE” of addiction, no matter the type.
BUT I also found one of my “GREAT PASSIONS” in LIFE as a Writer, Author, ADVOCATE, and Blogger!
Well, that was all “God’s” doing really, as he just pointed me in the direction I was to go in my recovery and in LIFE! Those extra’s are what I like to call “Perks Of Recovery”….

See, when we are blessed with more than our recovery, those are perks! Many see them as blessings as I do, as they are those little unexpected things that happen along the way in our recovery journey that makes us feel we sure made the right choice to turn our lives around, be “Better Than” we could have been when strapped to our addiction. For me, that was addicted compulsive gambling. People tell me all the time, “Why are you so OPEN about all the things in your PAST with your addiction? WELL, it’s SIMPLE….Gambling Addiction Is REAL!

First off, if your going to have “Success in Recovery?”  YOU are only as SICK as your SECRETS. When you take the first step in recovery, you need to learn a few important things right off!…

HONESTY, COURAGE, OWN YOUR SHIT, and TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY for ALL OF IT.  I’m NOT Sorry for NOT SUGAR COATING Recovery. That won’t help YOU, and it keeps ME honest. NOW I CAN HEAR all of you who are addicted to some form of addiction other than addicted gambling, like lets say Drugs or Alcohol saying to themselves, “YOU have NO IDEA what is like to go through “DETOX,”…..Detox from ANY ADDICTION is HARD, and YES,….people addicted to “Gambling” also go through a “DETOX STAGE” just like others with Drug, Alcohol, Food, Sex, all addictions.


Because after your BRAIN is turned into mush after years of “Negative Cognitive” habits, training, chemical, and bad behaviors, we have the same physical symptoms of Withdrawal from addicted gambling. Here are the: “WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS LISTED IN THE NATIONAL HEALTH GUIDE FOR ADDICTED GAMBLERS”…

Self-Reported Withdrawal Symptoms and Pathological Gambling

  1. Richard J. Rosenthal M.D.*,
  2. Henry R. Lesieur Ph.D.

“A broad spectrum of pathological gamblers (N = 222) were queried with regard to physical symptoms when attempting to slow down or stop gambling. Results were compared with a control group of substance-dependent patients who gambled at least casually. Sixty-five percent of the pathological gamblers (vs. only 2% of controls) experienced at least one of the following: insomnia (50%), headaches (36%), upset stomach or diarrhea (34%), loss of appetite (29%), physical weakness (27%), heart racing or palpitations (26%), shaking (19%), muscle aches or cramps (17%), difficulty breathing (13%), sweating (12%), and chills or fever (6.5%). In addition, 91% experienced “cravings’and 87% felt “restless and irritability” attempting to cut down or stop gambling.

Contrary to expectations, none of the symptoms correlated with gender, type of gambling, extent of alcohol or drug use while gambling, or self-described alcoholism or drug addiction. Symptoms did correlate with the number of hours spent gambling, severity of the problem as measured by proposed DSM-IV criteria, and presence of dissociation.”

You see, the very SCARY thing about addicted gambling, as I have shared this before, is that the ADDICTED person is getting the same “HIGH” through us using our own BRAIN & PHYSICAL CHEMICALS IN OUR BODIES that get the SAME results as a person who Drinks Booze, Shoots, Smokes, or Snorts Drugs! It is a scary thing to think that a person can do that to ones self WITHOUT A SUBSTANCE…..

And, it is also WHY addicted gambling has the Highest “SUICIDE RATE” then any other addiction to date, which I learned, this past fall as a chosen “Panelist” for the “First Responders and Early Intervention & Prevention of SUICIDE Global Guide” being conducted and distributed by the “University Of Melbourne, Australia School of Global Population of Health”….

You can find info here on their website: where the Guide and Study is being finished. We had several rounds of surveys to complete, as I was a Panelist as just a Person who had 2 failed SUICIDE attempts, so they wanted my feedback as to what is most important to help others who need help when in a Suicide Crisis. I was very “Honored & Blessed* for the Invite to be a participant to HELP SAVE LIVES. One of the most helpful things I’ve done to date!
I’m very passionate when it comes to “Advocating” for those in recovery from addicted gambling because of the existing *Stigma* around this addiction. I also advocate for those who suffer Mental illness and Emotional disorders as well, because when I entered recovery and gained some long-term recovery time, I found I was suffering from “Bipolar 2 with manic depression disorder” for years.

BUT, I also was diagnosed later, and was told it was a DIRECT LINK from my past “Addiction to Gambling,” that I was suffering with Panic with Agoraphobia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Adult Attention Deficit, which I still have. This sure made sense to me to finally have answers to why I felt like I was really going NUTS in my mind and emotions! (No Bun intended).

OK, enough of the Negatives of my problems. But it’s why I do help others in recovery, and advocate for those who have mental and emotional disabilities. Life is hard enough, then gets even harder when we find ourselves having to “OVER COME”……”But We Can Overcome ~ You Can Recover!”

Go for the Gusto's photo.
Is recovery hard? Of course, but nothing is more satisfying than you feeling *EMPOWERED* in your Recovery. That is the “WHY’S of why I share EVERYTHING in my recovery, GOOD & BAD.

Because if you hold on to all the “SHIT” that has happened to you while in addiction, if you don’t find that COURAGE to walk through all the FEAR and put it behind you, you will never “FEEL TRUE RECOVERY.”  I hear so many New people in my “Gamblers Anonymous” meetings say, “I turned all my bad and my PAST over to my Higher Power, but I still feel “STUCK” in my recovery.”
Well, it’s because YOU KEEP TAKING some of it BACK! TAKE OWNERSHIP, MAKE THOSE AMENDS OF STEP-9 you KEEP AVOIDING and you will be Blessed with a *Beautiful Life In Recovery*!


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