Everyday is a NEW day to be Kind & Help someone in Recovery & Life!

Hello friends and visitors!

I sometimes get asked, “Catherine, why do you spend a lot of your day helping others on your Blog??…….You do *Showcase’s & Spotlights,* you Troll the internet for New Recovery sites to share, and things”? “You could have had a few more books out by now.” Well my “Higher Power”, which I really don’t PUSH on folks, my HP is the lord Jesus Christ……and the gospel tells us, IN what ever we do in life each day, always remember the Big Show!…..The Kingdom of Heaven……The future……your Eternity in heaven!!

SEE, I don’t DO these things to GET into heaven……because I already know that it is Expected of me to be Kind, Helpful, have Compassion for others no MATTER who they are, or where they come from. They could be homeless folks, addicted peeps, a Doctor or a Lawyer,….doesn’t matter the Color of one’s skin, who their sexual partner is, or if they are a Christian or not…….AS long as they are Breathing, and on this Earth……I will be kind, generous, caring, helpful, and anything else you want to add. 🙂

I know that the lord called me down this path for a reason???……my life, my trials, my addiction, my trauma & abuse, ALL of it…..NOT to be a Victim……it was so I would have empathy for others, to care about people, and help them if need be. I have learned so much from all my life experiences, and so I *SHARE* it with others in HOPE of giving them encouragement to do the same. To be kind and helpful to others.

As far as my HP,…..he only asks so little of Me. To tell others WHY he was born, WHY he DIED, and WHY he is in Heaven with his Father, and in return, HE sends US blessings……But we only see those blessings if we have *FAITH & BELIEVE* & have a *Spiritual* Open mind and Open heart. Not by judgment of, or not helping others, turning a blind eye to what’s in front of us……….

NO…being in longer term recovery means sharing what you have learned, what skills & tools help you stay on your journey. Telling our own stories to others is our Testimony of where we have been, but just as important, where we are headed. Words are very Powerful tools to help one another in Recovery!

When I was still working in banking, I used to tell my clients that, “NO matter how much money you may have here, it could $500.000.00….or just $10.00……my clients all get treated the same, with respect, and Excellent client service!”……Because the gospel tells me….the one’s with the least……will be the first into the Kingdom…..So that is my LONG ANSWER to why I do the things I do for others…….Lets Just be KIND,….It takes WAY Less Energy!!..LOL….

**Have a Fantastic Day & Week Everyone!!** Author, Catherine Lyon ~~ 🙂 🙂