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Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, And New Friends,


I wanted to share an awesome recovery blog post of my good friend Maggie over at http://sobercourage.com/2014/07/11/100-fun-things-to-do/ Courtesy of “Sober Courage”…..

Now I know I could just use the ‘Reblog’ function, but I wanted to copy it and share the whole post here on my blog. WHY?
Well,….she has 100 fun things, but I think she has only made it to 50 Fun Things! So, I thought we could help her out a little by going to her or my comments and ADD more of what you all do for fun on Friday, or the whole weekend to have LIFE BALANCE in recovery!

Because we all know how the weekends can be when you’re in early recovery. We need to learn, or re-visit those past hobbies and fun things we did before addiction came and stole them all away. So here is the recovery Re-blog.  Her we go!

Happy Sober Friday!



Friday Night Pep-Talk: 100 Fun Things To Do Sober
Posted by Maggie Shores on July 11, 2014


There is always the worry when quitting drinking, that once you do, your life will become horribly boring! I have to be honest here, and say that in the beginning, life will definitely feel a bit boring. After all, we were used to doing everything while drinking, so it is no coincidence that we tend to associated all the fun activities with drinking too. Then we take away the drinking, and all of a sudden it seems that the fun is all gone too!

But, OK, let’s be honest here again, where those activities actually fun!? Maybe the first few hours, right? But if you drank anything like me, eventually you would find yourself falling down drunk and in a blackout, and have no recollection of any of this great fun the next day. Ugh. I don’t miss those days!

Having fun in sobriety can be a whole new learning process. Like a toddler learning how to walk, being sober means re-learning everything we thought we once knew how to do only while drinking.  So start with a few things and keep trying something every week. The greatest part of this process is that you may find some new things that are actually really fun to do sober! You can start right now!

I am building a list of 100 fun activities that we can do instead of drink, and I am hoping that you all will pitch in with suggestions so we can make it to 100!! So, please leave your fun ideas in the comments section, and I will be updating this list throughout the day!

Lets fill it up!

  1. Start a free blog at WordPress.
  2. Bake cupcakes or a cake, and decorate. There are many ideas at Bake Decorate Celebrate
  3. Visit a museum, or a historical landmark.
  4. Go to a spa and get pampered.
  5. Make a tie dye t-shirt. Check out these ideas here: Spoonful.com
  6. Explore a city or a town close by, if you are on the east coast, Annapolis, MD is awesome!
  7. Find things to donate to Goodwill.
  8. Go to the local hardware store (Home Depot) – I am telling you, it’s an amazing place really!
  9. Make a pop-up greeting card (YouTube).
  10. Read the dictionary – you’d be surprised what great words you can find.
  11. Make Fruit Leather – aka Fruit Roll- up – see this easy recipe at Simply Recipeskevin
  12. Watch an old “feel good” movie. – My favorite: Singles!
  13. Join  Photo a Day Challenge – Check out this prompt for the day at Fat Mum Slim
  14. Rearrange the furniture in your house.
  15. Learn about something at About.com.
  16. Try on ALL the clothes in your closet.
  17. Start a garden – Here is a how to at BHG.
  18. Pamper yourself with a facial.
  19. Redecorate your bedroom.
  20. Go to the zoo, or find a petting zoo.
  21. Check out In The Rooms www.intherooms.com, a great recovery community.
  22. Learn how to make something at wikiHow.
  23. Get lost on Pinterest.
  24. Meditate! There are many ways to do this and you don’t have to be an expert either.
    Check the How to Meditate site.
  25. See a movie at the drive-in! Oh this is definitely on my list to do!
  26. Bring a blanket and lie on the grass at an outdoor concert.
  27. Make homemade ice cream, there are many great recipes at AllRecipes.com.
  28. Take a fitness class, martial arts, rock climbing, yoga. Sometimes first time classes are free or discounted.
  29. You want to chat? Click the Google + button at the bottom, or MagzShores on Twitter,
    or email: sobercourage@gmail.com.
  30. Take an art class at the local community center.
  31. Research your ancestor at Ancestry.com, they have a 14 day free trail.
  32. Create a Photo Book of your greatest memories, or a recent vacation. See Shutterfly
  33. Learn origami with this tutorial. You don’t have to be Japanese to be good at it.
  34. Design your dream room or make 3D structures on Sketchup!
    The program is completely free!
  35. Take a class to learn how to play a musical instrument.luminosity
  36. Sell your stuff online, you can use eBay, CraigsList and now even on Amazon!
  37. Pick something you love, and then make a website on it! Get started at Webs.
  38. Get a pedicure or a manicure, they are fairly inexpensive and make you feel well pampered.
  39. Listen to your old CDs; I have boxes of those!
  40. Make a wiki page at WikiPedia.
  41. Take some fun quizzes. Are you left brained or right brained? Take the test out Here.
  42. Take up fabric crafts. Knitting, sewing, and
    crochet are fun to do.
  43. Play some fun mind games and sharpen your mind at Luminosity. com.
  44. Do crossword puzzles. You can find free kakuro puzzles at Kakuro.com
    and free Sodoku puzzles at Livewire Puzzles.
  45. Design your own T-Shirts! www.cafepress.com
  46. ___________

What do you do for fun?

*OK Recovery Friends,…. Can you add any others to this Fabulous List of Maggie’s? Lets see if we can. If you have some not listed you can add in comments or email Maggie above. Lets make her proud! Happy Weekend Recovery Friends*…

Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Author Of  “Addicted To Dimes”


Recovery Blog Post Sunday~~Meet www.loopholelogic.com Great Blogs of Fire!

Here is a SAMPLE of there Blog…..*DON’T ENABLE*…..

Almost Loved To Death From Enabling

Logic: Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2013 12:35 PM

Being loved to death doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at first thought. I mean who doesn’t want someone to love them that much that they do everything they can try to fix you? That’s how I use to see it too or at least it was perception I had created. Before I was diagnosed and sought out help for my addiction and borderline personality disorder. I was caught vicious cycle for most of my 20’s and early 30’s. I would have a good couple months when my life would appear to be balanced, then everything would fall apart or least I felt that way and just gave up on everything.  By acting on those emotions I often became depressed and felt like a failure. 

Then the mood would start to shift because I started a new job so I would feel that rush of accomplishment again for the first few months then that would fade and so would my enthusiasm for the job. Sometimes it would be a new boyfriend, I usually went for the knight in shinning armor types because they wanted to take care of you . The first few months would be great, I’d actually start to think they were fixing my broken soul. Of course that always wore off too because I started to feel I wasn’t getting enough from them. Last but not least were my parents.  Every time I fell down they were there to pick me up and mend my wound.  Not only was it emotional but it was financial too. They just didn’t want to see me upset so they always tried to fix everything for me.

It’s because I had parents and boyfriends that never let me hit my bottom I was able to coast and not get diagnosed until I was 35. That’s when I had my most massive meltdown and overdosed.  I almost died, I lost motor skills for days after I came to. At the point I was at no one could fix it for me, it was out of their hands I had to face music this time.

By law I was taken into psychiatric custody and I had to stay in the hospital until the Dr.’s thought I was no longer a threat to myself.  It was during this stay that I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and the truth about my addiction to drugs and alcohol came out along with the long struggle I had with bulimia. After I was released from the hospital I then went onto a dual diagnosis rehab center for 28 days were they worked with you on both disorders and addiction.  I learned how they were inner twined and triggered each other.

My parents and I also had several sessions to help them understand my disorders and addiction as well as the importance of establishing new boundaries, because for me to be successful in my recovery they had to stop enabling me. With some new boundaries in place I did not move home with my parents after my 28 days,  instead went into a halfway house and started intensive outpatient treatment.

I was also humbled because while away in rehab my parents sold my car back to the dealership because they were advised not to keep paying for it, I had to take the bus now. I’ve had a car since I was 16 years old and now I had to take public transportation it was adjustment for me.   As I progressed in my recovery and adjusted to not being enabled I earned the privilege to move into a supportive living apartment as long as I continued with outpatient.

Along the way my parents and struggled I still would call crying begging to move in with them, have a car again, or if I just plain out wanted something that I couldn’t afford at the time. My parents stayed strong didn’t cave in like they had in the past.  At first I felt they no longer loved me and were throwing me away but as I continued building my recovery skills I started to see it differently.
As my view changed my parents opened up to me and said it broke their hearts telling me “no” when I use to call crying. They were so used to fixing everything that they struggled not to give in.  I started to feel a sense of self-worth because I did have to do things for myself and work for things. After about 2 years between and halfway house and supportive living as well and continuing in intensive outpatient I successfully completed. It’s a little ironic because it’s probably one of the few things I’ve ever saw through to completion my whole life and it felt good.

Today I live in my own apartment, pay for my own car and monthly bills. I still have a therapist but instead of seeing her every week I go once every 3 weeks.  I even have held down a part-time job for about a year. My parents and I are closer than ever partly because they took time to learn about my disorder and addiction.

The boundaries we established are still enforced I’ll take a hug for support these days when I’m upset unlike in the past when I expected them to fix the problem.  My parents understand how dangerous enabling me was and understand that they can’t fix everything sometimes I need to fail so I can pick myself up to succeed.


God Grant Me The SERENITY~~ Serenity Photo of the day

*This is in *Yosemite National Park,* Ca….I had the blessing of seeing it in person on a High School Trip in 1980~~at the bottom is called *Bridle Falls* where we had a Picnic for Dinner*
It was Beautiful then, and still beautiful Today! It truly does give Serenity when you are there! *Catherine*

**Fantastic MJ TRIBUTE & A SWEET BOY**

I happen to be on Google+ checking out some Blog posts, and I happen to come across this video…..It gave me Goose Bumps as I watched it!! Not sure what country it is from, but you know it’s Xfactor TV Show. It is a *FABULOUS* Tribute to *Michael Jackson* I’ve EVER SEEN!! I’m not one to share video’s, but this GRAB MY ATTENTION!! Yes….has nothing to do with addiction or recovery…..look at it as Life Balance!!  *SMILE…IT’S MONDAY!!* {Click Link below to watch!}