Sharing My Recovery Wisdom, Hope, Experiences, and Lessons Learned While I Keep Moving Forward Maintaining Recovery. “Pass It On!”

Sharing My Recovery Wisdom, Hope, Experiences, and Lessons Learned While I Keep Moving Forward Maintaining Recovery. “Pass It On!”

When we feel like we can not move past speed bumps in our recovery journey, how do we move forward? When do I get some loner time abstinence and then relapse? What if I’m not strong enough to NOT cave into cravings, urges, and triggers? What can I do not to RELAPSE?

All these are excellent questions and concerns we all have or face while maintaining our recovery path. Some can be quick fixes, and some may mean you have more work to do possible within your journey. See, recovery is not only a life long process, and it does come to us in phases. What do I mean by this? We all have the option to choose how we begin to gain our lives back from any addiction.

In doing so, we have choices to pick from a 12-Step Program, or faith-based program, or both together. Possibly a treatment center program along with attending church or a treatment program that comes with therapy or counseling, but, however you feel is right and comfortable for you. Next is doing the “work” that is asked of you while you begin to learn the tools and the skills that may save your life. Next is being diligent in using all the tools you learn. Not complicated. But, still, many can struggle.

Since I advocate much through social media, I see many times disagreements going on by others wanting to force how they recover and has worked for them onto others looking for help or support within recovery from addictions. Or even the never-ending battles I see play out about a 12-Step Program all by itself will work to get clean, sober, or gamble free… That is not the case, nor fair.

I feel, and this is my OWN OPINION, as long as you have the desire to stop any addiction that is making your life unmanageable? Then it should be you alone or your family and yourself to choose what works and is comfortable for you.


Once you begin, begin to come to terms with knowing there is a lot of recovery work to do in the first few years. Learning and gaining the skills and tools needed to interrupt the “cycle” of addiction is essential and half the battle!

Being educated and informed about some of the roots and underlying issues that had you turn to addiction. Old pain or hurt from other issues like abuse, trauma, etc., all can have us looking for ways to cope and escape those feelings that are still unprocessed — then learning to overcome hurdles or those feelings of being “stuck” not knowing how to move forward maintaining your recovery.

I’ll end with a share of a post that I did on my Recovery Facebook page the other day. It was answering a group member’s concerns about her gambling addiction and having a relapse. It was how I felt after reading questions and felt I wanted to share a little of my own experience in early recovery.

Keep it Honest and Real recovery friends!

My FB Reply:
“I enjoy belonging to many Groups here on FB and especially my #recoverygroups … I wish there were MORE #GamblingRecoveryGroups …

Because when I read that others are having a “Rough Go” or Struggles, and I read sharings of others, it Hits me HARD …

Here is what I suggested to a new friend who is recovering from OUR #Addiction…
ONE that “Requires No #Substances but is just as DEADLY and Still, such a Silent and Underground #Addiction”… *Cat*

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“When I read this …It took me back to my own early attempts in recovery, the days of chronic relapses. I sure relate to all you shared and half the battle?? Is that YOU are sharing, reaching out, and being honest and transparent as this #DISEASE most times don’t let you. So Kudo’s to you for DOING SO.

It is NOT YOU -Thinking, it is the disease, the habits of our diseased thinking that are telling you that you DON’T have a problem and you have your gambling controlled.

It is part of the nasty “CYCLE” of this cunning addiction. I worked with a Gambling Specialist after I came out of my 2nd treatment program. IT MADE a world of difference for me and stayed maintaining my addicted gambling recovery from that point on!

The longer you abstain and not gamble? The triggers and cravings DO go away, BUT?

This DISEASE is “Always Lying in WAIT.” (Per the late Robin Williams) …

That is why we learn and use all the tools and skills we learn and use them daily. For me, journaling and writing my Steps and Inner work as a Journal sure will help. Re-working the steps in writing form enables you to “Look Back” and see where you need help in areas and your strong points to continue a “Beautiful Life while Maintaining #Recovery.

That Is IMPORTANT …AS We don’t LIVE IN Recovery, and we maintain recovery while we LIVE LIFE!


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The Power Of Positive Thinking And The Law Of Attraction Is Real In Recovery.

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends,


I always enjoy having guests and guest articles of friends that can also translate and can be used in our recovery journey. And one of my favorite places to visit is, “Give It A Thought” by David Duane Wilson my awesome buddy! He always has something exciting and positive to share, and this guest article by him is no different. It may not have been specifically written for recovery, but I  feel we all can use it in our daily journey . . .


The Power of Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction is Real.

Study Finds: “Law of Attraction” and “Positive Thinking” are as real as gravity!

You’ve probably heard about and maybe even practiced “Positive Thinking” and the “Law of Attraction” to bring better things into your life. They are two of our brain’s most natural and powerful talents. Countless people all over the world have used these talents to attract wealth and abundance to themselves and the people they love.

So why have so many more tried and failed?

The #1 question we ask when they fail to work for us is.  “If Attraction  and Positive Thinking are actually a ‘law,’ then why won’t they work for me as automatically and effortlessly as gravity does?

Why would you have to do anything to make it work?”

Well, the truth is that just like gravity, Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction are always working. You don’t need to do anything to make them “work”.
You just need the desire to harness them and make them work for you. It took Isaac Newton and an apple falling off a tree to make him “aware” of gravity, and look at it with awareness and intent. . .




Well, the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking are similar.
All along, they have been a force in your life.  So, why do so many people struggle to attract money? Struggle to bring abundance and happiness into their lives, when Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction are all around them?
The fact is, if the Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking work all the time, and if your results fall short, then the difference must be in YOU.  If you state an intention, and it doesn’t work, there’s a part of you that’s fighting with another part of yourself.

Have you heard the saying, “we only use a small fraction of our brains?
Well, 80 to 90 percent of our thinking is unconscious.  We are like conscious icebergs with most of our thoughts happening beneath the water line, out of our awareness.

This means, “what you consciously think isn’t anywhere near as important as what your unconscious mind thinks.” So when your intentions fail to manifest, all too often it’s because there’s an unconscious conflict of beliefs deep down. A conflict that may have been buried there since childhood.

Get Clear of Counter-Intentions and Limiting Beliefs!!!



Stop Self-Sabotage


Some experts call these unconscious conflicts of beliefs, “counter-intentions and limiting beliefs,” and until you get “clear” of these hidden mental snags, attracting the things you want in life is going to be very difficult.  It’s like trying to drive a car with one foot flooring the gas and the other foot pumping the brake pedal.

When you discover the simple process of eliminating “Counter-Intentions and Limiting Beliefs” from your mind, it’s as if the flood gates are flung wide open.  All the abundance you’ve been concentrating on and waiting for is suddenly “cleared for landing” . . .

David Duane Wilson

“This Site is Dedicated to Helping you Improve Yourself Through Self Help Techniques and Positive Thinking!” “Give It A Thought” Duane Wilson . . .