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It has been a while since my last personal share and thoughts with all my friends. I thought it would be a great time to some news and updates happening since my last post. I remember when about three or so years into my recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol abuse. I would think about my future after all I had been through with gambling and it’s ravishing over my life. I still remember clearly that day I began my writing journey, even though I was already a “Daily Journaler” I had read a newspaper article about the woman who had committed suicide at an Indian Casino hotel room about 40 miles North from my home.

Tears came down my cheeks not noticing as I read about this woman’s plight. I knew exactly how she felt when she had pulled that trigger. Yes, she killed herself because she could not stop gambling. And, yes, she was addicted and had a bad addiction relapse. It said in the paper article that she left a blood-spattered note behind the police found next to her lifeless body to her family. Still makes me sick to my stomach to this day that this woman felt “Suicide” was her only option for her to stop her gambling addiction.

This was the ignition to my needing to write down on paper, in black and white and between lines, all that gambling addiction had taken from me, and all the bad choices and consequences I bared because of those stupid choices I made. Finally taking accountability and ownership for all the “bad” I had done to others as well. That WAS MY beginning to really process and heal as I wrote for the next year into 6 spiral note books that became a book. All the rest was to it being picked up by a publisher was all the work of my Higher Power/God working in my LIFE ….

After my book released in paperback in late 2012? It has been no turning back! My Memoir and Life Story was out for all to read and know about. I tried to really give an in-depth view of this disease, and how it slowly progress’ in one’s life. I also wanted to give readers insights as to how, when we turn to any addiction to try to process our hurt and pain from many types of underlying unresolved or non-processed issues like death and grief, past childhood pain, abuse or sexual abuse. It can be from hundreds of other issues, but many of us do find out why we used addiction to try to cope, hide the pain, or escape and numb ourselves with gambling addiction, or with any addiction.t others may think of me, so I sat on the decision to publish for almost another year.

These were some of my goals for releasing my first book; “Addicted To Dimes, Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat.”  I wanted others to have HOPE, those still suffering and stuck in the never-ending “Cycle” of Gambling Addiction. Today? I feel I have accomplished this goal as many of my readers and book reviewers have been kind enough to share their thoughts by leaving fantastic book reviews. And?

I appreciate each and ever one of them GOOD or BAD. LOL. Blessed, all have been 4 and 5 stars on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. AND? Those readers understood my goals and mission of my book and my Recovery Blog  where I have continued sharing and journaling my recovery journey.

.( I am happy to announce I am now a recovery columnist at In Recovery Magazine ~ The Author’s Cafe ) 


Many readers also did “get it!” as to why and how I wrote and share my story in book form. So I wanted to share a few of my important book reviews that stand for the mission of why I chose to publish my Life and Memoir  . . .  If you or someone you know has a problem with gambling? Please, gift my book. Maybe it will help them see the light  . . .
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Addicted To Dimes ~ Book Reviews:

Agathe Kampen rated it ***** 5-Stars

“What a journey Catherine has been on. A wonderful read to learn how addicted gambling can turn very dangerous. Her writing style is unique in a way that she takes her readers through her life as if you both are just sitting in a coffee shop and her telling you here story, and about her life. What pain and agony she has been through with addicted gambling, childhood trauma, that led to some mental health challenges for Catherine, but more amazing is how she has helped many with this cunning addiction, support others with these same issues that have touched her life.

I truly hope she has a follow-up book to her Memoir, as she sets the example on how to do recovery right! And has a lot of good information for all that she shares through her book, and on her recovery blog as well! Besides being in recovery, Catherine is also fantastic writer and blogger. She dabbles in Book & Media marketing, and has done a great job for ME with my own book! It’s why I hired her. And it’s why I gave her book a 5 Stars!”

Author Agathe von Kampen

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on June 8, 2016 ….

“Once I started reading it I had to read it through to the end and now as I see dawn come into the sky I understand much more about the nature of addiction to gambling. It has changed me and made me feel more compassion for a friend who has a similar addiction.

This is a must read for anyone with a gambling addiction or has a family member or friend with this terrible medical condition, for indeed as the author makes clear it is a medical condition and not a failing. I ached for her brother Rob denied the truth of his parentage so many years. I bless that she found her husband Tom who stood by her through all the troubles she brought down on their marriage. Her dysfunctional family is clearly outlined in her writing. It’s a story that had to be told. I congratulate her on writing about the helplessness, compulsion, and despair of gambling.”  . . . .

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“The Cruelest lies are often told in Silence”  ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Arizona Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon makes her wiring debut in a book – ADDICTED TO DIMES – that is as much a memoir of her troubled life as it is coaching guide for people afflicted with addictions. While Catherine focuses on addiction “how-to gambling (her own malady form from which she has recovered), her writing is such that is helpful to all manner of addictions – the addict’s mindset, the highs and lows of addiction, and finding the path to recovery.

As is the case with author’s who elect to share personal experiences with the topic engaged, Catherine shares the childhood and early adulthood etiologies for developing her gambling addition, and she is unafraid to share the extended lows of coming to grips with addiction. Now year 9 1/2 in  recovery, she is active in the passion of working with other addicts in the addiction & recovery communities. Her blogging and personal appearances are a testimony to her desire to aid other addicts – advice from one who has “been there, done that” – such as her title as an Expert Gambling Recovery Blogger all about Gambling Addiction on “Addictionland” of Author & Founder, Cate Stevens, and now a “In Recovery Magazine” columnist as well, she does share hope to others.

In the Preface of her book, she states, ‘I truly hope by sharing my own story and experiences with my battle over this illness will inspire others to seek help, or catch you before you fall. Not one more person has to ever choose death as the final option to stop gambling. Don’t let shame destroy you and your family. THERE IS HELP AND SUPPORT.’

And from this supportive stance, Catherine details her childhood, the abuses she tolerated, the attempts at marriage – every secret is revealed in detail to show many underlying causes for which one may take a darker path than others  … Well done.

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