The Wall. America Needs To Know About This Amazing UK Project I Support & Shared My Prayer…Have You? God Answers Prayers …

The Wall. America Needs To Know About This Amazing UK Project I Support & Shared My Prayer…Have You? God Answers Prayers …


A national landmark of hope.

To remind generations of God’s goodness


AMERICA and All My Friends Need To Support This Project and Who They Are! Honoring Gods Legacy of Answering Prayers …


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The Wall was conceived 15 years ago. We are planning to complete construction of the landmark by 2022.

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Visionary, Richard Gamble, a former Leicester City F.C. chaplain, first had the vision for The Wall when he was carrying a cross around Leicestershire at Easter-time to lead people to think about Jesus. He prayed over the vision for ten years until 2014 when he felt the nudge to begin acting upon it.

The project began with a crowdfunding campaign of £45k in order to build a suitable website and begin the competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects. From the outset it seemed unlikely that this amount would be reached in time, however, following a word from God funding came in miraculously from across the world over two days; the full amount was reached with a day to spare.

Following the successful crowdfunding campaign, the RIBA competition was initiated and received 133 entrants from every continent in the world. The designs were shortlisted to five finalists by a judging panel of experts and national influencers.

The project was then presented at Parliament two years ago.

Through a word of knowledge, we were connected with a landowner who had received a vision to fund a national landmark about Jesus six months before Richard received the vision. The landowner has given us a ten-acre piece of land in a prime location.

In the meantime, the RIBA competition continued with the final architects adapting their designs to the specific landscape. They then presented their designs in April 2019 to two panels; technical experts and national influencers. A winning design was then selected.

Approximately £250k has been raised to bring us to this stage. We now have three full-time staff, three part-time staff, and 40 volunteers. Here we are today …

“Will begin to build an architectural structure, so it won’t be a normal blank wall, it’s gonna be a piece of public art. It will be of a million bricks and every single brick in this piece of art will represent a unique story where somebody has prayed to Jesus and Jesus has answered the prayer.

The whole structure in itself will be colossal; it will be about the size of a hundred houses. We hope that when people drive past it on the motorway, they’ll realize that it is shouting out that Jesus is alive, that He listens and He answers prayer.

“We’re hoping that this national landmark will be something that will inspire people and give people hope where they can’t find any.”



MY PRAYER ANSWERED and TESTIMONY of Recovery From Addiction!

“I remember hearing a whispered voice in my ear that I have not fulfilled my God-given purpose yet and now is the time” …

I heard God’s voice as clear as day. I had just become aware of my surroundings and was lying in a bed in a addictions/mental health crisis center on suicide watch via the hospital. What a way to spend my 40th birthday. From a failed suicide attempt and had been entangled in gambling addiction and suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues.

I attempted to cut open my wrists after coming home from an Indian casino after many hours of a bad binge of hard gambling. I was supposed to be at my best friends funeral and memorial that day, but my addiction had other another idea. Run, run from the pain and loss and gamble a few hours instead.

That was back in November 2002. I had not only lost my best friend to cancer but had lost my mom a few months prior to this. “Life” events, if not prepared within four faith and a relapse plan can be disastrous. See, when I had crossed the line into addicted gambling, I ignored everything and everyone, even GOD.

I had turned my back on him as I had been raised a Catholic. I had turned away from God because of the guilt and shame I felt and told myself, how could GOD love me with all the evil I had inside my heart at the worst within my addiction? See, when the enemy wants to distance you from what is Good and Right in your life? He will find anything to drag you down and away from your strength and hope within your love of Jesus and his father. Just some of the wisdom and lessons I have learned.

When I was finally released from inpatient treatment to outpatient and therapy from my gambling addiction and mental/emotional breakdown, finally diagnosed properly for my mental health disorders, my husband and I began to attend a non-denominational Christian church. We also re-dedicated our lives to Christ/God and were re-baptized as well. Because I knew in order for me to maintain recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol abuse, I could not do it alone.

“When I got to the second week while in the crisis center, I got on my knees one night and prayed to God that if he would just take my cravings, triggers, and urges away from me and the addiction? I would do the rest! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me if I was to gain my life back from addiction. And I began that work and my journey within FAITH and Gods Grace.”

Did I have a few slip-ups? YES, I am human, I am not perfect and a “Work In Progress” in Gods Light and born a sinner. I had to learn a few times the hard way and that was Gods way of my gaining wisdom through life lessons.

“Today the blessings have come out of the ashes of destruction through faith and being a published author, writer, and recovery blogger, I pass on what I have learned to others as I share my Hope to them thru my Faith and WHY I SUPPORT THE WALL” … Please visit “The Wall Of Answered Prayers” today and show your support for this “Heavenly Monument!” 



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