My Gambling Recovery “Thought” Of The Day!

Hello and Welcome To My Recovery World Friends!


I wanted to Inspire All Today with a Friday Recovery Thought of The Day!!


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“I can tell you friends this is very true! Doing the recovery work needed to GRAB your life back from Gambling Addiction? My own LIFE is better TODAY than it was before I became an ADDICT! Our HP will give it if you Want It”  ….

Here is a referred guide and workbook to help you work your 12-Steps and Get What I Have BABY! LOL … Your Worth It! XOXO



( A fantastic book and guide: )
One book reviewer said:

“If you plan to experience fine dining anywhere in the world, you use Zagat to find the 5-star ratings. This workbook is the perfect tool for everyone just getting started in recovery, wanting to stay active in their program or even well-seasoned sponsors and Recovery Coaches. I have personally been working and familiar with the 12 steps for over 30 years and as a Program Director of a residential, adult program have been blessed to implement Dr. Kevin Coughlin’s manual into our curriculum. With definitions, explanations, assignments, graphs and insight, a complicated person will be at ease to work with this layout. Dr. Coughlin is truly an expert and his knowledge and years of wisdom show in the pages of “If You Want What We Have”.

By Author, Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin …