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“I enjoy sharing interesting stories I read on the many recovery sites I come across and get permission to share. There are two I have read that I thought they were worth sharing.”


The first is from The Fix, addiction and recovery, straight up. It is an article about having HUMOR in our recovery and no one had more humor than the late, Robin Williams . . . .

“There’s nothing funny about hitting bottom with your addiction. But once you’re on the other side, there’s so much laughter in recovery communities you could almost forget how grim the life and death stakes really are. Humor may not be the best medicine, but being light about our darkest hours is one approach that makes sobriety that much more livable and attractive. Most of the following were written by working stand up comedians. Not everyone gets the joke, but if you’ve been through hell, and come up for air, the following needs no explanation— “

-The Fix Staff

Robin Williams: You Know You’re An Alcoholic If…
By The Fix staff 05/26/14

Robin’s checklist of tell-tale signs you have a problem with alcohol. Below that, the brief 2011 interview with him after one of his rehab stays: “Rehabbed and Ready to Roar.”

“I went to rehab in wine country, just to keep my options open.” 

About four years ago, Robin Williams started drinking again after 20 years of abstinence from alcohol and cocaine. That in itself is a sobering thought, and a grim reminder of the chronic nature of addictive disorders. But Williams dealt with it, emerged sober, and is now starring as a tiger in the hit Broadway play, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. Time magazine caught up with him and did a Q&A session with the savagely sardonic comedian. Here, Williams briefly discusses his addictive past:

You made headlines in 2006 when you went to rehab for alcoholism. Did you find material there? Or is it all secret?

Well, secret–hence the name Alcoholics Anonymous. I went to rehab in wine country, just to keep my options open. But it was important for me to do. I had to. I was really out of control.

And yet you own a vineyard.

I do, actually, which is weird. It’s like Gandhi owning a delicatessen.

We see a lot of stars with substance-abuse issues. Why?

I think celebrity itself is a drug. There’s withdrawal, because it comes in waves. You’ll be hot, and then you’re not, and then back again. Even now, with an Academy Award, it’s still, “Mork!”

Billy Crystal says stand-up is how you process the painful. Do we have to wish more painful things on you?

You don’t have to.
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*Now I still can not believe that Robin Williams is really gone. He made so many of us in recovery learn that we can laugh at ourselves once in a while. Laughter is good for the ‘Spirit’ when you have been to hell and back. My next share is an important one from my friends over at UNITED To Face Addiction.

It is a new video series for parents to help “change the conversation” and help talk to your teens about alcohol and drugs. Here is what they are doing!*


*Changing the Conversation*

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is the most pressing health and human rights crisis facing our country today, impacting more than 45 million Americans and is now the leading cause of preventable death – more than motor vehicle accidents.

Fortunately, much can be done to turn the tide against addiction – in prevention, early intervention, treatment and recovery, and research. But in order to make significant progress against these critical initiatives we need your help.

Scores of millions have joined the movements to battle cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. But because of the shame and stigma surrounding addiction, no movement of that scale has ever been created to change the conversation and create better solutions for this crisis. Until now ..  ..  ..

Together we can begin facing addiction and save a great deal of lives. PLEASE JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY at: Join Us At Facing Addiction & Save Teen Lives   . . . .

Now let us remember how the holidays can be full of stress and triggers in recovery. So humor can fill some of that void of “No Party Fun”…

My humor quote?
“You don’t have to use to have fun in recovery, and it doesn’t mean the party is over…It just means you’ll remember what the hell you did LAST NIGHT!”

Recovery Advocate & Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

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