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“I wanted to share some exciting news with everyone. I have been invited to be a regular article writer for a great Free Recovery publication called,  Keys To Recovery Newspaper! Why?”

They have a new featured column that just started this August 2016 titled; Quit to Win about Gambling Addiction. So needless to say I jumped on this opportunity to share my experiences, strength, and HOPE with others on this new platform.  It is refreshing to see that more sites are becoming increasingly aware of and about problem gambling and addicted gambling as another REAL addiction. My feelings are we just beginning to see the tide turn when it comes to this addiction.

I hear more and more of people sharing that even though their addiction maybe drugs or alcohol, they also started having gambling problems as way to try and make quick money by gambling to then go buy drugs or alcohol …..  My first article is now printed in the newspaper and hope you will go give it a read. YES, really it is free! So when you visit the site you can either download or open the most current issue FREE! They have so many awesome articles and information in each issue.

AND? They also read and review addiction and recovery books. Now many of you know my “day job” is Book Promotions. So I was thrilled to see that THREE of my authors I promote for books were chosen to be read and here are the Book Reviews! I want to Thank, Beth Dewey for choosing some of my fine authors and friends in recovery. Here we go!

RECLAIMING YOUR ADDICTED BRAIN – A Recovery GPS: How to find your path to Recovery and not get lost along the way.
Written by Irwin Morse and Roger Stark, Published
by Silver Star Publishing.


Product Details


This is a book that clearly and concisely helps anyone, who is having difficulty following through consistently with their advancement in recovery from addiction. The information within this book enlightens each of us to see the manipulative power that our brains have to further the destructive personal conduct, which keeps us enslaved to our compulsive behaviors. Our minds try to refute the innate uniqueness which is in essence, us.

This inspiring book teaches the readers that they can ultimately put their minds under subjection by forming pristine neural pathways, from implementing a set of skills that help ensure that it will be accomplished. These skills are;  Awareness, Accountability, and Acceptance, these three in combination when truly utilized, are a force to be reckoned with. The authors explains how we can acquire the capability to not take things personally, we need to learn how to see life with a mental position “it is what it is”, and to be totally alright with that.

This is a must read for those who what to regain control over the negative impulses that governs our behaviors and attitudes.

Available at  Amazon Online  . . . . .
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Monkey Traps, Why Everyone Tries To Control Everything and How We Can Stop:

Written by Steve Hauptman. Published by Lioncrest Publishing.


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I loved this book before I even opened it. The Title said it all, and it tells me that Steve has not just written about the “problem” he is offering a “solution”.
Written on that back cover ~ “This book is about a problem disguised as a solution, an idea that shapes and drives us all: Control.” Again the problem is clearly identified.

The books begin’s explaining “The Monkey Trap,” then each chapter clearly explains the different types of control we think we have. Then he gives us solutions, plans, and steps to overcome the traps we live in. I like that towards the end of the book the chapters are titled, Acceptance, Trust, Faith, Practicing Surrender and so. Words I relate to. Each chapter is simple and easy to read and understand, and yet so deep it could change your life from the first moment you open the book and open your heart to a solution.

Easy to follow and easy to practice instructions. I give a heartfelt “5 Stars” for this book and I will be passing it on. Steve Hauptman is a Gestalt-trained, Buddhist-flavored therapist who has practiced on Long Island for twenty years. A leader of Interactive Therapy groups, he is also a cartoonist and creator of the blogs Monkeytraps: A blog about control, Monkey House (a forum for discussing control issues).
Also Available at  Amazon Online  . . . ..
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In the Sunlight of the Spirit: Spirituality Training Manual.

Written by Rev., Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. Published by
KTC Publishing Phase IIC Coaching, LLC.


Product Details


Rev., Dr. Kevin sent me a few different books for review, but what’s going on in my world right now I thought this would be the PERFECT book for me and after I finished it my intuition was right. The way Rev., Dr. Kevin approaches the topic of spirituality is quite simple and easy to read. As addicts we tend to complicate matters even with long term sobriety you still struggle with faith, but after reading this book and doing the work I walk away with a deeper connection to my higher power.

I love how he states “People who are spiritually fit tend to have better coping skills, stronger self-esteem, and more solid relationships.” That has totally been my experience in my journey of recovery. I totally recommend this workbook for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with their higher power and have a better understanding of the application of spirituality in their lives. A MUST READ!  Thank you, Rev., Dr. Kevin for keeping it simple. Available at Amazon Online  . . . .
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Now if you enjoy poetry? Let me show you the “softer side” of Author, Rev., Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin, a Best-Selling Poet as has just released two new Poetry Ebooks.

We Can a Collection of Poetry: A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery (We Can; A Collection of Poetry, A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery Book 1) by [Coughlin, Kevin] We Can 2: A Collection of Poetry; A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery (We Can; A Collection of Poetry, A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery) by [Coughlin, Kevin]

Both are now available on Amazon Kindle so just click the books! Here is a little of what’s inside!

Poetry Collection – Book One:

We Can a Collection of Poetry; A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery is the author’s fifth book. This work is the author’s second collection of poetry; his first was Tumbleweeds published by Feather Books in the United Kingdom in 2002. The author’s poetry reflects the struggles of life in addiction, recovery, and his experiences and in the lives of others that he witnessed over the last four decades. His hopes are that his poetry books and other addiction recovery books and manuals will help individuals and family members to get a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, the solution to the problem, and the program of action that promotes change in the addicts.

Reverend Dr. Coughlin hopes to provide clarity, understanding, education, prevention, and awareness about addiction and recovery. This is the Author’s First book of poetry reflecting the struggles of addiction and the miracle of change in recovery. Rev. Dr. Coughlin has published hundreds of his poems in different publications in the United States and other countries, his poetry has been read on the radio in the United Kingdom, and he has received several poetry awards.

Poetry Collection – Book Two:

We Can 2; A Collection of Poetry, A Journey Through Addiction and Recovery by Best-Selling Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. is the second book in the We Can Poetry Series. Book One went to number seven on’s Top 100 Best-Seller list on the first day of release! This is the author’s sixth published book and third book of poetry. This new release reflects all different feelings, emotions, and life situations on the journey through addiction and recovery. There are some very emotional and deep poems about life, death, prison, Sept. 11th, war, love, friendship, addiction, and so much more.


About The Author & Poet:

Reverend Coughlin is a Founder and the Director of New Beginning Ministry, a grassroots evidence-based, twelve-step residential addiction recovery program for adults. Rev. Coughlin has helped thousands of people to change their lives over the past nineteen plus years. He is a two-time World Champion and nine-time National Champion and State and National Record holder power lifter, he has championed many in his career. Most call him RevKev, they enjoy his lectures on addiction, recovery, and life. RevKev has been very successful with pastoral counseling and recovery coaching with both those addicted and their families.

Reverend Coughlin has trained many recovery professionals that have interned at the ministry. RevKev is considered an expert on addiction and recovery. Many have utilized him as a consultant. Rev.. Coughlin is a member in good standing of the A.A.C.C., The American Association of Christian Counselors, The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, and The National Council on Problem Gambling, NAADAC, USAPL, and IAM Minister’s Fellowship, and The Christian Coach’s Network. RevKev is also an internationally published poet and writer, mostly on Addiction and Christian subjects. To date, he has had over five hundred poems published. RevKev is also the founder, CEO and President of Phase II Christian Coaching, LLC, the company operates structured assisted living homes for clients in recovery. RevKev is also a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Anger Management Specialist, a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, a Nationally Certified Christian Recovery Coach and Family Recovery Coach, and a Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Coach, Nationally Certified Case Manager, Life Coach, an International Master Addictions Coach, Sexual Addiction Coach, Life Recovery Coach and Trainer.

Rev. Coughlin is also a Nationally Certified and PA credentialed Interventionist. RevKev also works with The Addictions Academy in Miami, Florida designing recovery coaching courses and manuals and is an instructor for the Academy. RevKev volunteers his services with several organizations. RevKev continues to further his education with The Light University, NAADAC and the Christian Coach’s Network taking several courses and webinars, he is also in the process of becoming a Board certified Christian Family Counselor. The Reverend has a Doctorate in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate in Divinity (Honorary) and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology. He also has a BS and an MS in Christian Counseling. He is Board Certified with DIT Seminary in Christian Counseling with specializations in Grief, Substance Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Family, and Developmental. He is a licensed Domestic Violence Christian Advocate, a licensed clinical Christian counselor, an AACT-DCU Associate Professor. He is a best-selling author, you can find his books on and Barnes and Noble.

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An Amazon Review Book One: 5.0 out of 5 stars Be Ready To Be Inspired!, August 14, 2016

Author, Poet, Reverend, and Recovery Coach Kevin T Coughlin has put together a unique set of addiction/recovery poems for those who live life in recovery. Through his words, shared recovery experiences, and experiences shared with coaching many in recovery, he has poems in this book of genuine inspiration and in-depth creative emotions of what it is like to be an addict, and what it is like to have freedom in recovery.

Each one of his poems describes the pain and suffering one goes through and feels, the raw pain felt in his written words. But you find much HOPE within these his words to let recovery readers know you CAN make it out the other side. Kevin shares that no matter how far down we are, we can grab hold of that last shimmer, that last sliver of LIGHT, and pull ourselves out of the darkness into a new way of living in recovery.

That is just some of what you will read in these beautiful poems. What were my favorites? Many to choose from, but, “The Lost Children Die Alone” and “The Beach” are a few. All the poems in this collection are exceptional and shows many of us, including Author, Kevin Coughlin are creative, talented, and Can Recover! A Highly Suggested Read!

#              #              #             #

Yes, RevKev has quite the Bio Right? I can tell you that he has helped many from addicts from many addictions. I can also tell you that I was “blessed” the day he walked into my life! I don’t have many “close” guy friends, but Kevin is always there and the first to be willing to help anyone. He has a big heart and a faith that can not be shaken.
And his poems are heartfelt and shares the good and the bad about our journey in recovery through “The Gift & Magic of Words.”  So go give a read to his Poem Book One  and be inspired in recovery!

Author & Columnist, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 





A New Book & Author Guest Interview By My Good Pal & Author Himself, Kevin Cooper…

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitor!

I’m very excited to share another Fantastic Author & Book Interview done on me yesterday! I know it is so VAIN of me, but my good pal Kev at: did such an wonderful, and in-depth interview that I wanted to re-share it here too! Kevin Cooper is an awesome author as well, with many good books he has written. I love his writing style, and his blog is no different. So I hope you will go by and take a peek, and grab a copy of his latest book while you visit!
I also wanted to share a new Goodreads Review from a new reader! He actually has been a recovery supporter of mine on Twitter for a long time, and I appreciate his support in taking the time to read my book. Here is what Dustin said about: “Addicted To Dimes”…..


Dustin John‘s review

Jul 23, 14

“Great emotional page turner. I could relate to her disease of gambling through my own addiction. Pick your poison- addiction is addiction. Catherine went through a brutal hell as a child at the hands of her twisted parents. She wins the battle by coming out on top and after a destructive bout of compulsive gambling, she finally wins the jackpot of abstinence from “the machine”.
Honestly, I can not believe the positive reception my book has received. I still remember me talking to my publisher, Steve Laible, Owner of TKG… The Kodel Group.  About how scared I was what others might think about sharing all my personal and bad deeds within my addiction. It is really hard as a writer to show and inform insights to my disease, not give blame, denial, or excuses about what I did, or what I went through in life. I think I accomplished that in my book! So I Thank Kevin & Dustin for there support….And Thank You to all who come visit my blog too! You all mean the world to me…*Catherine*



Kev’s Author Interviews Presents:


Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Glendale, Arizona


Kev: In a generalized way, Catherine, tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, siblings, family life, education, and how you got to where you are now.

My family life so I thought, was normal as every other kid’s. Until the age 9 to 13, that all changed for me as a little girl. I was sexually abused at that time by a neighbor’s older son, and a family friend of my father’s.

At the same time, there was parental punishment abuse, both verbal & physical on top of all that, which set up the ‘Perfect Storm’ for me later in life. We were told, and taught you don’t speak of things that happen in our house outside our home, nor do you bring shame to the family.

As I got older into adulthood, I went from one bad relationship to another, a curse from being abused as a girl, as your thinking about men is so messed up by that experience. I was married twice, and divorced twice, and that’s all I’ll say about that.

I Was born in Toms River, New Jersey, moved and raised in Southern California, in Highland at age 7. I moved to So. Oregon, from So. California at age 25. And believe me, I did a lot of partying, dancing and living in between, but I always did the right things, took care of myself, had a good working career, and was enjoying life.

I met my husband that I have been married to for 25 years come this Sept, in Oregon at a bank I worked at. We dated awhile, and married after a year living together. We have no children, just are 4 CATS!..LOL.

Things were going good until I started suffering from PTSD, ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression from the abuse as a young girl. I had just turned 34, and all these old feelings of hurt and pain, and the horrible memories started to return. I could not stuff them away any longer. That’s when I started gambling. It was at that time,  I gambled more often, something to pass the time as my husband was doing a lot of out-of-town construction jobs. From 1996 to 2000, I somehow along the way crossed that line into addicted compulsive gambling. It wasn’t until a trip to visit my parents in California with husband that things got bad.

We took a trip with my parents to Laughlin, Nevada where they had casino’s. The last night we were there, my gambling got a bit out of control. My husband saw the ‘Gambling Demon’ for the first time in myself. From there, it all went South! I gambled every chance I got.

Finally my husband had enough and told me to get help. I did, but not after I relapsed on and off for a few years, 2 failed suicide attempts, 2 crisis center treatment stays, many Gamblers Anonymous meetings, and finally got a foothold on long-term recovery! But,… I’m still a work in progress. I have managed to stay in recovery for 7 1/2 years now.

Kev: That’s a lot to take in Cath! How long have you been writing for?

I started writing as a teen, as a release from stress. I always had a diary or journal, but my favorite was writing poems. I stopped around 18. Then about 4 years into my recovery is when I started writing again, around 2010. I never wrote with the intention of writing something that would be published.

Kev: Why do you write?

Again,  I wrote poems when I was younger, and it helped me to stay calm and sane, as later in life I was diagnosed with a few mental health issues, and went undiagnosed for years. It was also a form of trying to come to terms with WHY I was chosen to be sexually abused. I had been so confused, and many who have been abused tend to think it was our fault that it happened to us. But through much therapy, I know that is not true.

Kev: What is your genre?  

My genre is non-fiction, it’s sort of my ‘Memoir’ of my life. I just turned 51, and looking back, I can not believe all I have been through in my half century here on this earth. It’s about giving people insights to the dangers of addicted compulsive gambling, living with mental health issues, and being a sex abuse survivor. The gambling addiction is the main focus of this first book, and how to start recovery.

Kev: Who would you say are your favorite/most influential authors and why?

I’d have to say the authors I love to read are, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and of course Stephen King. Mostly because of their writing styles.

Kev: What is your latest book called and what is it about?


My current book is titled; “Addicted To Dimes” ( Confessions of a liar and Cheat ) Which has received all 5 Star Amazon Reviews. It is my raw, unpolished account of gambling addiction, living with mental illness, childhood trauma & abuse added fueled to my addiction. It gives insights on how addicted gambling can happen, and it was my way of being honest with myself of all I went through, and the poor choices within my addiction, and into recovery. How dark family secrets and dysfunction can rip a family apart. It’s life.



Kev: Who or what influenced you to write it?

My first book truly is the work of de-vine intervention really. I read an article in our newspaper about a woman who shot herself in her Casino hotel room. She committed suicide, and a note left said; “she relapsed and could not stop her gambling”…
This lit a fire in my heart to NEED to see all I did and all I went through with my gambling addiction. I was only 4 years into my long-term recovery. But I felt that woman’s pain in that newspaper article, hell, I almost was her twice within my addiction. This is also how I start the opening of my book.

Kev: What challenges did you face while writing the story?

To be honest, the only problem I had was the ending. I’m not a professional writer, everything I wrote on paper came from my heart, and my lived experiences. It was healing to write, but also difficult at the same time. WHY?

Because I’m not proud of the choices, or acts I committed within my gambling addiction. I started writing until all of it came out of me on paper, 4 notebooks worth. I wrote it all by hand, not on a computer, as I didn’t have one when I started writing. Later, when my writings became a book manuscript by a friend that needed a final exam project for college, is when I knew I didn’t want one more person to think Suicide is the only option they have to recover from compulsive addicted gambling.

Kev: Did you do any specialized research for your story?
No, not much was really needed since it was my own true testimony, and my life story.

Kev: Is your book part of a series?

No. Although my next book will focus more about Compulsive Gambling the disease, and how to recover and have a healthy balanced life in recovery. A little more humor, tips, and advice. The title is; “I Am Nobody, but I have Something to Say DAMN IT”! …LOL. Really, that is the next book title!

Kev: Which of your works do you like best (feel most proud of) and why?

Well, since I’m still only a “One Book Wonder”, I guess it would be my current book, Addicted To Dimes. LOL.
I am really proud that my book got picked up by a fabulous publishing company, The Kodel Group( Owner: Steve William Laible.

He took a chance on me with a different type of genre. He is himself a Children’s Author in his own right. It’s a great family of about 30 published authors now, and growing. I wouldn’t have anyone else publish my books!

I’m proud of my book because it has received all Amazon 5 Star Reviews. It is helping many who suffer or have reached out for recovery from Compulsive Gambling Addiction. I hope it is saving lives by telling and sharing my story. We can always turn our lives around from the deep depths of ANY addiction and have our lives back! It has been 18 months since the print version of my book has been out, and it is still opening doors for me to expand my advocacy about gambling addiction, the expansion of casino’s and State lotteries, and have done many Guest Author Radio shows, and a wonderful 4 part article done on me by: Gambling Addiction Section.

Kev: Is there anything you would like to say to your readers at this point?

Since my book released in e-book for Kindle just a while ago, my readership has grown. I want to say to all my supportive readers, Thank You for buying and reading my book. I appreciate all my readers, as many follow on all my social media sites and my recovery blog too! That’s been the blessed part of having my story out. I have met some wonderful friends from my readership. I really enjoy interacting with all of them. To those who have not read my book, please do. It will help others understand more about this cunning addiction. I try to raise awareness and inform my readers so they understand, and to help Shatter the Stigma that is still huge around people in recovery from any addiction.

Kev: What are you working on now?

I’m putting the finishing touches on my next book that I already revealed the title here for you. I start looking for cover designs soon. But, I also have launched my book promoting service too. I love my publisher so much, and I have worked as an independent umbrella of TKG for a while now heading the book & social media promoting services for all our new authors. So now I’m offering my service to the public. I have some fantastic new clients with fantastic new books & novels that just released. I just enjoy helping others, both in recovery and other authors & writers.

Kev: What new challenges are you facing?

I have to say writing a fiction book now. I have started my 3rd book, and I’m trying my pen at fiction! WOW it’s hard. But, you can really use your imagination with fiction, and I love it! But it really is more challenging. They other challenge I face on daily basis is my Mental Illness. Yes, I do all I do and suffer from mental disorders which makes my writing at times even harder.

Some of my disorders are a direct effect from my past gambling addiction, some from the childhood abuse and trauma. I’m burdened with AADD, PTSD, Bipolar II depression, Agoraphobia with panic. Medications help me tremendously, but I still have a few bad days, but those are the days I can push myself just a bit harder. I don’t let my disorders dictate what my limits are. Recovery has also taught me that as well.

Kev: Could you give us a little spoiler?

Well, since I told you a bit about book #2, all I’ll say of book 3 is,….it’s about a woman, just divorced, no children, and moved to North Oregon Coastline to be a Lighthouse Keeper for some solitude, but ends up fighting some ‘Demons’ of her past …

Kev:  Sounds familiar already, Cath. Do you have any advice for other writers?

As a writer myself, the best advice I received was, with your first book, regardless if it’s fiction or non-fiction? Write what you know. And the second piece of advice my publisher gave me, and turned out to be true, …. Being an Author and Writer is a game of, “Wait -N-See”! If you are not already Famous, a Reality Star, or have been a New York Times Best Selling Author? Your not going to get “Rich” being a writer and authoring books. Fifty Shades Of Grey was a fluke, remember that!….LOL. An unknown author to hit that list is very seldom.

It takes a lot of promoting, time, social media, and networking to get your book noticed. Many hours of promoting, but when your book starts to sell, it’s very, very rewarding! There is nothing like holding your very first paperback book in your hands! Nothing like it in the world.

Kev: Is there a question I haven’t asked that you would like me to ask?

YES! It’s a question you should always ask your Women Guests? Do you like CAKE OR ICE CREAM?….LOL ~ I love Chocolate Cake Please!

Kev: Don’t for one second think you’re getting any! (It’s my favourite too) 😉

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SO Kev,  have I missed anything? Thanks so much for taking the time to Interview Me!

Kev: I think you’ve covered it all, Cath! 😀

Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Everyone!

*Again Thanks to Kevin Cooper and this wonderful interview. YOU ROCK KEV!!*

*Please meet my good friend Dale Everret Kerr*

05/17/2013****Good Sat Morning to New Visitors and Recovery Friends***I wanted everyone to meet my very good friend & Recovery brother Dale Kerr. I’m currently helping him with a Fundraiser we put together a while ago, and I like to show his updated posts. Just a little background on Dale, in 2007, he got a call NO Father ever wants to take. His son who lived in Ohio was murdered, and passed away at the hospital. Dale left Colorado, where he lived, and went to Ohio to bury his son. While there he stopped to help a citizen, the man was highly intoxicated, backed his van over Dale and dragged him, not knowing Dale was under the van. Well, you can read the rest below, and Updates & Donor list here at: ((*HIS NEW LINK HERE WILL BE UP SHORTLY*))   I have committed a portion of sales from my New Book, and the eBook just released on Amazon for Kindle to his fund. He still needs help with out of pocket costs not covered by his insurance to get him to his new water therapy treatments, due to being in a wheelchair, he has to pay for a “Special needs van” with a lift & the nurse that takes him 2 to 4 times a week. So I’m calling on all my friends for help so we all can be a Part of seeing Dale Kerr walk again!! Thanks, and God Bless!  Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

  A Warm Hello to all my friends and donors. It has been some time since I’ve updated my Profile, and much has changed since my coming   For those who are visiting for the “First” time, I appreciate you visit, and Welcome. As most my donors and friends already know my past, but just a brief backdrop. July 2007 my life would change in an Instant, as I was in Freeport, Ohio to lay my son to rest due to him being murdered, and something I wish NO Father ever has to go through. I was on my way home from the store when I stopped to help aman who, as I found, was Highly Intoxicated. As I went to see his need, he started to drive away and I got caught under his van, Crushed and Dragged. Well, 64 broken bones, many surgeries, and a MRSA infection. THAT WAS THEN, This is today. I’ve been fighting each day with Rehab and Physical Therapy, and all of you have been supporting me in this fight right along side me, for that I’m Truly Blessed and Grateful for your continued financial support, and love. I’ve come so far. I have now moved into a Prep stage, for my legs, with a New form of Water Therapy, with the first session complete, and wouldn’t have this opportunity to do so without Your GENEROUS support. This will take about 2 years. I’m ready for my 2nd session now, but it takes having to go 2~4 times a week, being I still need the Medical Nurse and Van for my wheelchair, some lodging, gas. These are not covered under my Insurance. So, again I need your continued financial support to continue this Water Treatment and Therapy for my legs to enable me to walk on my own again. My Good friend, and *Author, Catherine Lyon* has Generously committed to have a BOOK fundraiser to donate a portion of her SALES to my fund, YOU can Help by purchasing her Amazon Kindle eBook “Addicted To Dimes” here: **I’m Thanking You All In advance for your caring and generous donations.*Please share with others so I may grow my Donations List and Support!**Thanks Again, and may God Bless you!   Sincerely from my Heart, Dale Kerr…..(Everett Kerr)

by Everett Kerr ***BLOGGED ON JUNE 1st, 2013 By: Author, Catherine Lyon*****