“It’s Fabulous Recovery Share Day”!!

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends, Supporters, and New Visitors!

Today I have TWO “Special” Recovery Shares! The first is a little about ME! I happened to get an email from a wonderful husband and wife, who also have a “Fantastic Blog” here on WordPress called, “Choosing Life, Finding Freedom” by Janet & Bruce Wheeler, http://blog.lifemoreabundant.net  They help many recover from sex addiction, as I help others recover from addicted gambling.
I was SO TOUCHED by Janet’s thoughts and comments on their feelings after reading my book, *Addicted To Dimes, (Confessions of a liar and a Cheat)* that I wanted to share them with my readers here.
Because some of HOW they felt about my book was a BIG REASON why I published it. To help others who suffer from this “Cunning” disease and addiction. And to I share my inner most feelings about living with Mental illness, and being a Child sex abuse survivor. My story, I hope can give others a “Voice,”…..that it’s OK to talk about what happened to US with NO SHAME. Here is the email and what they thought of the book;..

http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485 “Addicted To Dimes”…
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First, I want to thank you for all your encouragement and comments on my blog, Choosing LIfe, Finding Freedom. It’s always nice to know that people are finding your writing helpful or encouraging in some way. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

On the flip side, I wanted to thank YOU for writing “Addicted to Dimes,”
My husband and I both just finished reading it and appreciated your openness and honesty.
Although my husband is a chemical dependency counselor and we’ve both worked in sexual addiction recovery for many years now, neither one of us were all that familiar with the dynamics of a gambling addiction. We were not particularly surprised, however, to discover that although the acting out takes a different form, the fuel behind it is so very, very similar to every other addiction.

Thank you for telling your story so honestly and vulnerabley.
People need to realize that most addicts are just regular people who have experienced big pain in their lives.
One of the objectives in our ministry is to spread the word that addicts aren’t ogres or reprobates, just hurting people that were trying to find a way to Survive and got trapped.
Thanks for adding another rich voice to that chorus.

Janet Wheeler
**I actually had tears in my eyes when I shared the letter to my husband. I want to THANK Janet & Bruce for the kind words. It’s my “Honor” to share this Letter, and I ENCOURAGE all my “Recovery Friends and Readers” to stop by their blog and see how they “Help Share *HOPE* & help to others too!http://blog.LifeMoreAbundant.net ***
My next “Recovery Share” is a New venture by my “Good Recovery Friend” Aaron Emerson, and his father Wes Emerson…

“New Life Recovery Outreach”

me and daddd
(Aaron Emerson and his father, Wes Emerson)
Sharing Hope, Inspiring Change, Building NEW LIFE!
HERE is more about this Awesome New Venture of Recovery!


new life recovery church pic

“New Life Recovery is an outreach that was started to combat the area’s drug and alcohol problem. It was started by Aaron Emerson-a recovering heroin addict. We believe that addiction is a family disease and that the loved ones of the substance abuser should be helped as well.  We have a small staff that is devoted to helping each side, an Addiction Editor and a Family Editor.

We are an outreach of New Life Fellowship, a non-denominational Christian congregation that is in Leslie, Michigan, about 20 miles south of Lansing”…..

*Aaron is a strong believer, as I, that it takes more than “Ourselves” to be successful in recovery. It takes  good “Faith and Spiritual” belief in a “Power Great Then Ourselves” to restore our way back to Life! And of course the power of Prayer! I’m very “Inspired” by Aaron’s growth in his recovery. He has such a BIG HEART to being of recovery service to others. That’s a big part of recovery. Being of service not only helps the addicted, but helps us as addicts not become “Complacent” in our own recovery.*

One of my favorite things about Aaron’s new website is his “Blog.” I urge you to go by and read some or all his blog posts. Some are also written by his father Wes,….which Wes can give “insights” as a father of a child who had been addicted to drugs. He shares his experiences of how addiction hurts the one’s we love around us the most! He raises Awareness to “Parents” and helps educate what to do, or look for if your child is touched by drug addiction. If you live in the Michigan area of Leslie, then also visit their “Recovery Resources” tab for help in that area.
I want to THANK Aaron & Wes for all they do here on this website. It’s why I wanted to “Share” it with all of you here on my Recovery Blog! I don’t think we can have ENOUGH recovery resources to help others… http://www.newliferecoveryoutreach.org/blog/

To me, addiction is addiction no matter the type. All of us in recovery from any addiction can relate and understand one another, because many of the “Habits & Behaviors” used or formed are the same from one addiction to another. So that’s why I choose to help all who are addicted to whatever. We learn from each other. Like Aaron had titled his last Blog Post; we addicts are “RECOVERING–NOT RECOVERED.”
We as addicts recovering, not recovered is a life long journey. You can also find Aaron on Twitter & Facebook as well. “Click” and share Recovery for him with others below.*

twitter.com/recoverynewlife   www.facebook.com/newliferecoveryoutreach
Thanks And God Bless All!!
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Of: “Addicted To Dimes”