Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Recovery Friends. Share What You Are “Grateful” For This Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Recovery Friends. Share What You Are “Grateful” For This Thanksgiving?

Hello, recovery friends and new visitors! I thought it would be fun for all who come to visit my blog over the long holiday weekend, share what we all are “grateful” for in recovery and in life. The holidays always seems the time of year we look back and reflect on the past year or even past holidays with friends and family.

Not everyone has family around the holiday time, so I have a Heart of Gratitude to all my friends here and throughout social media that care and support ME in recovery and in friendship. This also so true who like me who have mental health challenges and have been turned away by family …… So I am very aware there are many with NO family or support. Know you are cared for and supported here!!



So please, let me and everyone know what YOU are Grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend in my comment section and please ADD your Blog Link as I will be giving an Ebook away of my book; “Addicted To Dimes” to one of the commenters after the Thanksgiving weekend! Maybe we can all meet some new people in recovery by listing your blog links too! So here we GO!

Here is what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving.

“I am SO grateful for my husband Tom. He does SO much for me due to my battle with Agoraphobia with bouts of depression. He also has been through a lot with me from my “gambling addiction” days and showed me through the years, and was very serious when we took our wedding vows: “for better or worse, rich or poor,” well you know the rest.

I am also very GRATEFUL for all of you who support me in my recovery which I am also grateful for.  Recovery gave me life. A better life than before I became an addict.”

Now make sure you share what you are Grateful for this Thanksgiving  🙂

I wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

*Cat Townsend-Lyon*



From Our Scars of Addiction Comes A Recovery Story From Inside Us ~ Tell, Write and Share Yours. . .

Hello and Welcome Recovery Friends!


Todays little recovery post is about OUR STORIES  . . . .

Many of my friends here know just how my current book came to be. It was thanks to my ‘Higher Power.’ He hands his hands all over the whole process. When I began writing, it wasn’t to write a book. It was from reading a news article in my local paper while still living in Oregon. The story was about a woman who was found dead by a shot-gun wound and had committed suicide in an Indian Casino hotel-room 40 miles North from where I lived.

I had gambled there many, many times myself. The suicide note she left behind said, “to tell her family she was sorry, and that she just could not stop her addicted gambling.”

Apparently she had a bad relapse that cost her LIFE. And I think you know the rest as I have written about here a lot.  I felt her pain. I knew how she must have felt when she pulled that trigger, as I myself had been at the edge of DARK & HOPELESSNESS before with my own two suicide attempts. I Thank God each day for still being here to help others in recovery.

My point to this is, . . . we all have a story inside us to tell. Those of us who have battle scars from this devastating, cunning and insidious addiction knows what it is like when that “monkey on your back” just won’t let up with triggers and urges to go out and gamble when your trying to live a life in recovery. Early recovery is hard, no two ways about it. But we all have a story inside us to write, tell and share.



Our journey’s maybe different, but the result, that place we end up is the same, we had become addicted to gambling and now reaching for recovery. I began my recovery with journaling.  And when I read the article about that hopeless, now dead woman? I had my husband pick me up 6 little spiral notebooks on his way home from work that day, as I had an urge that would NOT leave me alone to write! I had to see all that I had done within my gambling addiction on paper, between the lines.

After I was done purging, healing along the way? I read it over and then just put it away. What a freeing feeling to have all that “baggage” off me, off my back, off my heart and on those pieces of paper in those 6 notebooks. Journaling is one the best tools you can have and use in you’re in recovery.

I can never stress that enough. As far as book being published? Well that is why you need to read my book. LOL. But we all do have a story within us. Don’t you want to share yours?

Until Next Time Recovery Pals .  .  .  .

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon
Recovery Advocate and Writer For AddictedMinds.com

Product Details

Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)
May 14, 2014

Kindle Edition

How To Be A Success In Recovery? Work With A Recovery Coach Like Melissa Killeen of ‘Recovery Coach New Your City.’

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome All New Visitors,

I am pleased to welcome my dear friend Melissa Killeen once again to my recovery blog! She has some new and interesting things going on for her, so I thought I would share them all with my friends and followers. She has a fabulous new website for her ‘Recovery Coaching,’  and more. So lets learn a wee bit more about her first, and I’ll share the fantastic things she is doing to make many have a successful recovery journey .  .  .  .

About Melissa:
“My goal is to have clients experience a blend of recovery and business tools to create the fruitful interpersonal relationships needed to maintain long-term sobriety and life success.”

Executive Coach, Melissa Killeen.

Recovery Coach New York City ~ Coaching Executives and Business Owners in Recovery from Addictions.

“Recovery coach, sober coach, addiction-prevention specialist, peer-recovery support practitioner, sober companion or personal recovery assistant, whatever the moniker, recovery coaching is about keeping the client sober.”

“Try as you might, you can’t stay sober. Oh, you’ve quit plenty of times. Followed by meetings or drying out for 30 days. But it never lasts. You recognize you have a problem. Your family and friends have known for a long time. Maybe even your boss. They want to support your efforts but their patience is growing thin.

Time and again you pick up that bottle. Each time you convince yourself it will be different. Only the result is always the same: shame, remorse and broken promises made with all good intentions. So you re-fortify your will to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And yet it does. Even as you stand there, your family gone, a good job lost, life spiraling down into utter chaos, you  toss one back and wonder with all your heart why you can’t stay stopped. Recovery coach, sober coach, addiction-prevention specialist, peer-recovery support practitioner, sober companion or personal recovery assistant, whatever the moniker, recovery coaching is about keeping the client sober.

The focus of recovery coaching is to keep the client sober and restore a sense of functionality to their life. Recovery coaching is about preventing relapse, providing structure and a sense of safety to protect the client’s fragile new-found sobriety.”

Melissa Killeen is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in Organizational Dynamics focusing on Executive Coaching and Leadership Management. Melissa has been President and executive board member of Recovery Coaches International, an international association of recovery coaches. In addition, she is certified Master Trainer of theLIFO® assessment survey. The LIFO® system is owned by Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon), the largest consulting firm in Japan specializing in large-scale selection and development systems.  She integrates the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and Matrix Re-imprinting into her practice, bringing her clients a wide range of drug free recovery resources. Her current book RECOVERY COACHING- A Guide to Coaching People in Recovery from Addiction, released in Sept, 2013. But look for her new release due out soon!

Again, Melissa has a fantastic book out that is a must read if you live life in recovery. And, I hear she may have a new book out very soon. And of course you know I will be promoting it when it is released. Here is some about her current book.

Product Details
Available in paperback

About The Book:
80% of people leaving an addiction treatment center relapse within the first year of discharge. 9 out of 10 of this 80% relapse within the first ninety days after discharge. Working with a recovery coach can significantly reduce the likelihood of relapse during this crucial period. Recovery coaching is this missing link, bridging the gap between an individual leaving a treatment center and maintaining long-term sobriety RECOVERY COACHING- A Guide to Coaching People in Recovery from Addictions gives readers something that hasn’t been done before: a thorough explanation of recovery coaching. It is the first book on Recovery Coaching, since the field’s inception in the 1990’s.
This approach to recovery coaching is aligned with state of the art research and thinking in the addictions field. As there are no other works on this subject, this book is first to demonstrate how using multiple contemporary treatment perspectives, including the Minnesota Model, Motivational Interviewing, Harm Reduction and Contingency Management can be integrated to inform effective recovery coaching. Readers receive a blend of recovery models, and sobriety tools that can be used as a guide for the coach to truly support the person in their recovery process. However, the resources do not stop there, the book gives practical business advice about how to set up a successful coaching practice. This book will be an indispensable resource for the coach just starting out, the coaching veteran and the addiction treatment professional . . .

Here are just a few of the fantastic book reviews she has received for her current book.

Book Reviews:

“I would highly recommend this book to would be recovery coaches and experienced coaches alike, as well as addiction treatment and mental health professionals who will learn how to make use of a recovery coach as part of the clinical team.”

—Andrew Tatarsky, PhD., author and
Director, Center for Optimal Living, NYC

•   •   •

“Melissa Killeen does what hasn’t been done before: a thorough explanation of recovery coaching. This will be an indispensable resource for both the coach just starting out or the veteran. Well-researched, practical and very readable.”

—Omar Manejwala, M.D.
Former Hazelden Medical Director and Author

•   •   •

“Hi Melissa. Just ordered 30 of your books for our winter term AD 107 Recovery Mentor class. Thanks for writing this very helpful text.”

—Jonny Gieber
Portland Community College
– – – – – – – –

You can always read all her reviews on her wonderful new website, “Recovery Coach New York City” . . . .
Recovery Coach Melissa Killeen New York City

I need to Thank Melissa as she has a 4 part blog series, started Aug, 6th 2015, and each Thursday through Aug 27th 2015 with a preview of sections from my current Book/Memoir of my story of gambling addiction and recovery. So make sure you check visit her ‘Blog’ and the testimonial sections of her fine website. Here is the link to Part 1 . . . .
Guest Recovery Author Catherine Lyon Part 1

You can contact Melissa about her recovery coaching services here:  1-856-745-4844  or by Email too!

Connect with her on Social Media . . .
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melissakilleen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mkrecoverycoaching/

And as always recovery friends, please let Melissa know that I sent you!!
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author, Recovery Advocate & Book Promotions

“A Recovery Journey To Reach Contentment, Serenity, And A Little Spiritual Peace”….

Hello And Welcome MoonShiners, Recovery Seekers, And Visitors,


yeah write weekly writing challenge #163 weekend moonshine grid

I remember when I first entered recovery. I was sitting in my first ‘Gamblers Anonymous’ meeting and was listening to others experiences, and the trusted servants that had long-term recovery away from the ‘Bet’ were very inspiring. They spoke about finally getting some, “Peace, Serenity, and some Contentment” in their lives, and in their recovery. So I began to wonder? What is it going to take for ME to reach those 3 ultimate goals?
Well, those of you who know me know I tell it straight when it comes to my recovery, no sugar or cherries on top because it won’t help me or you. Part of the answer to reach contentment in recovery is? “You have to the work”….  It’s just that simple.



After being in a addictions/mental health crisis center for a total melt down, black out of my mind, I began an out-patient treatment program and weekly group. I also started making GA meetings too. Was I perfect at recovery in the beginning? “Hell No,” but the key was not “TO GIVE UP”!
As we learn about the disease of compulsive addicted gambling, and alcohol abuse, eventually things that we learn start to sink in and make sense. It will also start to make you feel uncomfortable if you relapse, as these things we learn are in our thoughts, and start to interrupt our addiction. At least for me it did.

Truth is, it took me several times in and out of my gambling treatment program for a few years, attending GA meetings, all the while I’d get some months away from the BET, then relapse. But, I NEVER GAVE UP.
Most of that comes from shame, guilt, denial, control, or thinking we can do recovery on our own, with shear will power! SO HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR YOU? It sure didn’t work out well for me, by 2006 I was back in crisis mode, then back in the crisis center for 21 days for the 2nd time, as I attempted SUICIDE for the 2nd time as well from a bad gambling binge & relapse….

See, the first crisis center stay, I found I was suffering from undiagnosed mental illness. Come to find out, I had been suffering with ‘Bipolar Manic Depression, and PTSD’ from the childhood sex abuse I endured as a little girl. I was using addicted gambling and alcohol when I gambled, to hide and escape from those ‘ugly’ past memories that started to come back and haunt me.
It’s what I learned in treatment, and through my psychiatrist that was helping me with the bipolar &  my meds. I thought I was so damaged as a human being, and it was hard to accept the woman I became with mental disorders, gambling addiction, and past abuse. I was so, so broken in heart, spirit, mind, body and my soul was “Black”….
#ThoughtForTheDay - Keep It Real 100%

Not to mention what I was putting my poor husband through with all this mess! But he really understood about, ‘Unconditional Love’ as he worked and stayed with me through all this madness and all the hurt I caused through my addictions. It’s very rare to find a man today with that type of commitment!!..(Sorry Guys).

But it’s true. He stayed and helped me every step of the way. Later in recovery I asked him why he didn’t just leave? His Answer?  “I knew that sweet girl I married those years ago was still in there somewhere.”  He chose to stay and work through all the hurt, pain, past damage, as now we know that together we can make it through any storm, any trial & tribulation that comes our way! Our marriage is so much stronger today than when we got married! He truly is, and will be ‘The Love Of My Life’ until our last breath on this earth. Even knowing about my past, my abuse, he accepted me for the woman I was, and I am today.

Bring It On!

So now we fast forward in my recovery 7 years and 4 months. Wow, has life been interesting!
When I was 4 years into my recovery, I read a little story in our newspaper about a woman who shot herself in her casino hotel room. Boy did that light a fire under me to write, and see all I had been through with my gambling addiction. Didn’t know one day it would be put into a book manuscript by an old friend of mine. Then when she was done, she emailed the first 50 pages to a friend of hers who is publisher, and BAM~POW!,…On my 50th birthday I became a first time published author! Again, that was 2012, and I have been writing, blogging, advocating, and being of recovery service to others ever

WHAT? You ask if I’m aware of how blessed I am? You got it baby! I am a very blessed girl today, but it’s about getting the work done in recovery that will make things happen! We can’t have that ‘Peace, Serenity, and Contentment’ in recovery without doing the work. Now I know your asking what work are you talking about?

It’s the recovery work we get in our treatment programs, support meetings and working through the 12-Steps, and admitting to ourselves that addiction has us beat, and total surrender! Surrender the control you think you have over your addiction! Even if you don’t believe in a program due to thinking it’s a ‘religious’ program, which it’s not, you can still buy a 12-step book/guide to help you work through the “Why’s” of addiction. And the other most important thing to do is learning about how the “Cycle” of addiction can be broken down and interrupted. That’s a MUST.

See, in my published book, I tried to give insights as to why many of us turn to addiction. I share my life and addiction journey, and destruction of what I went through starting as that abused, hurt and damaged little girl that I was. Later in life, that gave me feelings of entitlement as a VICTIM. I used all the ‘negative’ things that happened to me as fuel for my addictions.

Even though it says in the 12-steps that, “we can recover not knowing why we gambled in the first place.”  But for me personally, I learned through treatment and therapy that my past childhood trauma, and the undiagnosed mental illness played a big role in my addiction. Because when those old feelings come back to haunt us, some of us don’t know there are places to go to get help instead of turning to addiction in the first place.

So we need to know there is a lot of help out there for all types of addictions. I have many listed here on my recovery blog as ‘Recovery Resources’…. and I even have a fantastic ‘Relapse Prevention Guide” too! Relapse doesn’t have to be part of your recovery journey. But, everyone’s recovery path will be different. So choose what feels comfortable for you. Yes, it’s a powerful thing to listen to others testimonies and stories, but some things may work for some, but not for others. Spend time and research all the types of recovery help out there.

And recovery also doesn’t have to be costly either! There are many places that offer low-cost, or even free addiction help. I went through the ‘State of Oregon’s free treatment program, which included my 2 crisis center stays, and it was all paid for by the Oregon Lottery Fund. Pretty ironic right? Of course my point is this, it doesn’t matter where the help and treatment comes from, as long as you get the help you need. Most states may have a “Department of Health in your county, so check there first. They may offer free gambling, alcohol, or drug treatment programs paid by your state.

Many say; “It takes a village” to get better! So good supportive people in your recovery life is a MUST! Pick your friends wisely. I know sometimes people may not be understanding or supportive, and they call that ‘STIGMA,’ don’t worry about that, you may even lose a few friends along the way, but it’s important to have supportive people in your recovery. You will meet good supportive friends in your 12-step meetings. But you may need to cut loose the one’s who are not ‘Bet free, Drug free, or Alcohol free’…

So do the work! Start those 12-Steps you have been putting off. I even have friends who have NO addiction, but they do the 12-steps to lead better lives. The steps were not written for JUST people in recovery. Many use them as principles of living. And in closing, I hope all who come and visit my blog, KNOW THIS,…. you are not alone. I will be here for all who come seeking recovery from not just ‘Addicted Gambling,’ but all Addictions. I sponsor many on the internet and from my home group in Gamblers Anonymous, http://www.gambleranonymous.org/  http://www.aa.org/  http://www.na.org/  http://wwwfoodaddictsanonymous.org/  http://saa-recovery.org/

And always remember…… recovery is not about Perfection ~ It’s Attitude!


May God Bless You All,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

“To Know The Woman I Am Today, You Need To Know The Little I Was”…
From My Book “Addicted To Dimes” (Confessions of a liar and a cheat)


Everyday is a NEW day to be Kind & Help someone in Recovery & Life!

Hello friends and visitors!

I sometimes get asked, “Catherine, why do you spend a lot of your day helping others on your Blog??…….You do *Showcase’s & Spotlights,* you Troll the internet for New Recovery sites to share, and things”? “You could have had a few more books out by now.” Well my “Higher Power”, which I really don’t PUSH on folks, my HP is the lord Jesus Christ……and the gospel tells us, IN what ever we do in life each day, always remember the Big Show!…..The Kingdom of Heaven……The future……your Eternity in heaven!!

SEE, I don’t DO these things to GET into heaven……because I already know that it is Expected of me to be Kind, Helpful, have Compassion for others no MATTER who they are, or where they come from. They could be homeless folks, addicted peeps, a Doctor or a Lawyer,….doesn’t matter the Color of one’s skin, who their sexual partner is, or if they are a Christian or not…….AS long as they are Breathing, and on this Earth……I will be kind, generous, caring, helpful, and anything else you want to add. 🙂

I know that the lord called me down this path for a reason???……my life, my trials, my addiction, my trauma & abuse, ALL of it…..NOT to be a Victim……it was so I would have empathy for others, to care about people, and help them if need be. I have learned so much from all my life experiences, and so I *SHARE* it with others in HOPE of giving them encouragement to do the same. To be kind and helpful to others.

As far as my HP,…..he only asks so little of Me. To tell others WHY he was born, WHY he DIED, and WHY he is in Heaven with his Father, and in return, HE sends US blessings……But we only see those blessings if we have *FAITH & BELIEVE* & have a *Spiritual* Open mind and Open heart. Not by judgment of, or not helping others, turning a blind eye to what’s in front of us……….

NO…being in longer term recovery means sharing what you have learned, what skills & tools help you stay on your journey. Telling our own stories to others is our Testimony of where we have been, but just as important, where we are headed. Words are very Powerful tools to help one another in Recovery!

When I was still working in banking, I used to tell my clients that, “NO matter how much money you may have here, it could $500.000.00….or just $10.00……my clients all get treated the same, with respect, and Excellent client service!”……Because the gospel tells me….the one’s with the least……will be the first into the Kingdom…..So that is my LONG ANSWER to why I do the things I do for others…….Lets Just be KIND,….It takes WAY Less Energy!!..LOL….

**Have a Fantastic Day & Week Everyone!!** Author, Catherine Lyon ~~ 🙂 🙂