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Many of you may know me from my former business, Lyon Book Promotions which is now  “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den”.

One of my passions as a young teen was writing. Now as a recovery article and freelance writer, published author (I still can not believe that! LOL), the best advice I ever received? “Write about what you know and write it from the HEART” …So that’s what I did with my first book, a memoir.

I am proud that I just celebrated 12-years in long-term recovery on Jan 29th… I can not count how many blessings and open doors have come my way since I entered recovery. What we put out in the world, caring for those who are still suffering from gambling addiction, or any addiction, supporting others recovering, being of service and Sponsoring new friends is what I AM and have ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT.

So I wrote what I knew about, my battle for some years in adulthood with compulsive gambling addiction, with alcohol abuse toward the end as my addiction to gambling, was just not FIXING my past hauntings any more and my struggle with undiagnosed mental health issues. I wrote for about a year into 6 1/2 notebooks to see all that gambling addiction took from me other than money. It IS NOT HOW TO RECOVER, it was more a Healing Process I needed to move forward within my recovery journey, Not to actually write a book, that all happened later.

My gambling addiction almost cost my life twice from suicide.

After another year went by after writing in these notebooks, I let a friend of mine read them, and she put them into a book manuscript format without telling me. She also sent the first 60 pages to a publisher friend of hers, and it got picked by the publisher! They said; “this book needs to be shared with the world to read as to raise awareness of “Gambling Addiction.”  Well, I can tell you there is no better feeling in the world than to have your first published book in your hands for the first time!

And even though it was the purpose of giving an In-Depth look into life, my life, and what I endured with sexual abuse and trauma and living with a dysfunctional family, it was my way to begin HEALING and FORGIVENESS to myself first, then to begin the amends process of forgiving others including family members.

Besides living life while maintaining my recovery, I also live with diagnosed mental illness and disorders from my childhood trauma and sexual abuse I had endured as a little girl. NO longer a victim, I help others in recovery along with those who suffer from mental health challenges, endured childhood trauma and abuse, and those living and maintaining recovery.

I’m a fighter and have had to overcome a lot.

It was my past. And I never let my past define the woman I am today!



“Today my life in recovery is Fabulous!”

Recovery will always be my #1 passion and priority as I know GOD has given me my purpose in life, which can happen from negative situations like addictions. And to learn life lessons along the way. Now my life mission is to be of recovery service to others, continue to share my recovery journey, and to share my message of hope to others who suffer from these same issues.

Now, my other Passions have always been writing, journaling, and reading great books!
So I decided to turn it into a wee little side job to help other authors learn how and where on social media to book promote all their wonderful new books.
Here is a little more about my book and back story . . .


Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)            Product Details
Addicted to Dimes (Confessions…Catherine Townsend-Lyon
About The Book:

How does a good girl go bad? Based on a true story, told in the author’s own words, without polish or prose, this haunting tale of addiction, family dark secrets, abuse, sexual misconduct, destruction, crime and …recovery! One day at a time, one page at a time. Learn of this remarkable and brave story!


What Readers & Reviewers Are Saying:

‘The cruelest lies are often told in silence.’ – Robert Louis Stevenson

Format: Kindle Edition

“Arizona author Catherine Townsend-Lyon makes her wiring debut in a book – ADDICTED TO DIMES – that is as much a memoir of her troubled life as it is coaching guide for people afflicted with addictions. While Catherine focuses on addiction h-to gambling (her own malady from which she has recovered), her writing is such that is helpful to all manner of addictions – the addict’s mind set, the highs and lows of addiction, and finding the path to recovery.”

As is the case with author’s who elect to share her personal experience with the topic engaged, Catherine shares the childhood and early adulthood etiologies for developing her gambling addition, and she is unafraid to share the extended lows of coming to grips with addiction. Now in year 9 of recovery, she is active in the passion of working with other addicts in the addiction & recovery communities. Her blogging and personal appearances are a testimony to her desire to aid other addicts – advice from one who has ‘been there, done that – such as her title as an “Expert Gambling Recovery Blogger” all about Gambling Addiction on “Addictionland” of Author & Founder, Cate Stevens.

In the Preface to her book, she states, “I truly hope by sharing my own story and experiences with my battle over this illness will inspire others to seek help, or catch you before you fall. Not one more person has to ever choose death as the final option to stop gambling. Don’t let shame destroy you and your family. THERE IS HELP AND SUPPORT.” And from this supportive stance, Catherine details her childhood, the abuses she tolerated, the attempts at marriage – every secret is revealed in detail.

No excuses, just an in-depth view of why some turn to addiction.

As for what follows, the synopsis offers the following: “How does a good girl go bad? Based on a true story, told in the author’s own words, without polish or prose, this haunting tale of addiction, family secrets, abuse, sexual misconduct, destruction, crime and…. recovery! One day at a time, one page at a time. Learn of this remarkable and brave story.”

Catherine’s book will doubtless be beneficial to those suffering from many addictions. It is also a fine manual for those who are impacted by addicts’ lives, offering concepts of how to be supportive and part of the healing process. Polished prose it is not, but important information is here – and the rawness of the prose makes it more immediately meaningful. Grady Harp, January 15, 2016. Highly Suggest this Book!


A Challenging and Worthwhile read, September 19, 2015
By Ste to the J (Mansfield England)

“It is easy these days to dismiss an addict without any real thought as to the contributing factors and the struggles they face each day when coping in a world that actively encourages habit-forming pursuits.

Catherine Townsend-Lyon is a recovering gambling addict who guides us through her journey, reliving the most heartbreaking of times up to today, where the lessons hard learned are put forward in their stark honesty.

It’s a stark warning, a forthright exposé, nothing is held back for the readers sensitivities and it is something perhaps few of us stop to consider in our own busy lives. It is hard to say I enjoyed the book in the traditional sense of the word but the insights and the overcoming of adversity made it a worthwhile read. In a world of ‘celebrity’ addiction this is one book that rings true, means something and will ultimately give context to the darker side of gambling”.

A MUST read!!,  June 7, 2014  By Ulrica Guevara (Sherman Oaks, CA)

“It was amazing how similar our stories are. The only difference is that I am a recovering drug addict. But we went through the same trial and tribulations. Childhood traumas, death, feelings of hopelessness, etc. If you are suffering from ANY type of addiction. You should read this”!

“Gripping story that helps us to understand”!,  January 5, 2015
By Cortina Jackson

“This is a very intriguing story that truly exposes Catherine’s struggle. She shares her pain and her frustrations, and the reader feels the impact that gambling has on one’s life. Her shared experiences will truly help others who may be facing addictions in life, to expose it, and seek help to overcome it”. . .


About The Advocate and Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon:

Catherine has fast become well-known in the addiction & recovery communities. She shares her raw, unedited haunting past of gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, recovery and living with mental/emotional disorders, as well as childhood trauma and abuse survivor. She helps many in recovery, advocates for all these important issues to help shatter stigma around those who are ‘touched’ with the same. She is a loud advocate of compulsive gambling and those stuck on this diseases “cycle.”

Her e-book on Amazon released May 13th, 2014 has received many 5-Star reviews.
Catherine has carried her message on many Internet & Mainstream recovery radio shows as  a guest author, and was recently interviewed and written about in a major media article release by Columbia University Dept.of Epidemiology titled;  “Gambling With America’s Health”

“No, I’m not rich, famous, or even a reality star, I am just a regular woman who wanted to share my personal story about a very big addiction and the roots and underlying issues that had me turn to Gambling Addiction. I wanted to share what I’ve been through and share my own experiences so others can have more understanding of problem & addicted gambling. How devastating it is to one’s life.

See, 12-step programs tell us that, “we can recover without knowing why we turned to gambling addiction.”  My story is the opposite, as I learned many of the underlying issues of WHY’S and HOW …


~ “About my Passion of Book Promoting through Social Media & Book Promo sites” ~


I was hearing many writers and authors complaining about how they were “promised” by publishers that they would promote their books when released. Sadly, if the publisher doesn’t put that in writing as part of your contract or agreement? Then authors are left to do it themselves at their own cost. And if you are lucky, you may receive a Press Release for your book by your publisher.

So that is why I started my new venture of “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions!”
To be able to help others promote their books at affordable prices. That and my publisher said I was good at it! LOL.
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I wanted to start a book promoting service and book blog/website to showcase other Fine Authors and their books, through various social media and book promo sites. Just a small online book promoting service with a dash of social media training and a wee bit of Personality! As a writer and published author, I wanted to also help other authors by sharing all about using social media for book marketing, where to place low-cost book ad’s and the hundreds of free book promo sites to get their books noticed and find your readership as you gain more exposure for your books.

I do this while I continue my own writing & recovery journey for my next two books hopefully due out mid-2016! I share about writing tips, advice, “sprinkled” with some musings, humor, and many new book promo sites I come across often and the best trending social media places to promote your books through. I also added a new page about websites and services that are helpful to writers and authors, and most are free to sign up, join or use.

As we all known it’s hard to make a living as a writer.  So when you can come for a visit here you’ll never be bored with the content I share.  . . . Well, hopefully! LOL.  🙂



So grab a cup of coffee or some tea, and come explore “The Magic of Written Words” by new authors and their fabulous books. I hope you find something fabulous to read.
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