Daily Moral Inventory

**From my good friend in recovery and awesome Author of *Jagged little Edges* This is a recovery post worth Reading! **Catherine*

Living In A World Of Hope

Daily Moral Inventory

As any newcomer can tell you when you point a finger at others, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Try pointing your finger and see.

Sobering up is so much more than just putting the plug in the jug. If that’s all you do, nothing much will change. You will still be acting, and thinking, the way you always have, except you won’t be medicating. And without self medicating you, and your family, are in for one very miserable experience.

To really sober up means not only does your drinking stop, but the new you is an improved and happier version, otherwise what’s the point?

A great recovery tool for this is DMI’s or Daily Moral Inventory.

By the way, this is your Daily Moral Inventory, not others.

It`s an honest look at what your assets (strengths) and liabilities (character defects) are.

For example, before I go to…

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