*That Question Again?…….”I Want Off This RIDE!”*

SO, I just got off the phone with another newspaper reporter, and was SO DAMN FRUSTRATED about our conversation that I came across this photo yesterday on my FB page and thought, “that picture SURE describes how I feel RIGHT NOW………And, Yes I am a Christian, and very rarely do I use Cuss words, but I just couldn’t HELP MYSELF…..LOL……………

I had been interviewed last week 2 times, as they are working on a 2 part article about “Addicted Gambling,” and the Oregon State Lottery free treatment program for addicted compulsive gamblers. One side of the story is they interviewed 3 people who were addicted, and now have long-term recovery time.  The other side, they interviewed the clinical councilors who run the gambling treatment program provided by the state lottery commission.

So I was talking to the reporter who is doing the “Clinical” side, and asked him if they, at the treatment center disclosed their %%% rate of people who are still in or recovered from their program. He said, “they said 70%%, and I almost fell of my chair!! SEE….I want the TRUTH & the REAL FACTS to be told on that side of the story! I know for a fact it is NOT 70%. I was getting frustrated because he wasn’t listening to what I was trying to explain………………..

There is a HUGE difference between the *Completion Rate* of people who COMPLETE the Treatment,  BUT……40%% of those who start end up dropping out within the 1st 2 months of starting this program. Then, I explained to him, the *ACTUAL RECOVERY RATE%% of THOSE people in the treatment program who do Complete the program, ONLY ABOUT 15%% STAY IN RECOVERY AND DON’T GAMBLE AGAIN…….NOW…..does that make sense to you all?????

WELL……he kept getting the COMPLETION RATE%%  wrong compared to the *TRUE RECOVERY RATE%%  of those who complete the program. I HATE when reporters put their OWN SPIN on things. It’s some of the problem of trying to GET THE TRUTH OUT and help “SHATTER” the *STIGMA* and MYTHS of addiction. So will see what is actually printed when this Article/Story comes out on June 30th…….I will keep you all posted!!

Like I told this reporter, if  you have only 70% of people go into this treatment program, and HALF drop out in the 1st 2 or 3 months, AND Stats are 60% will Relapse out of rehab or treatment in the 1st 3 months of any addiction, how the Hell do you come up with 70%  for a completion Rate??  DO the MATH…..it doesn’t add up!  I also know this information because I SAW IT With my own 2 EYES!

I’d been in and out of this “State Lottery treatment program” from 2000 till 2006 and in that time, I had some Relapses of my own, and while I was back out there gambling, I SAW OTHERS also out gambling still, people both from my treatment program AND from my Gamblers Anonymous meetings, SO,….AGAIN,…..the numbers don’t add up. I JUST WANT the REAL facts to be reported. SO, YES……I STOOD MY GROUND!!  Thanks for reading more of my Recovery RAMBLIN’S!!  God Bless All!! *Author, Catherine Lyon*

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