*Thanksgiving In Recovery Is All About “Gratitude & Gratefulness”

Happy Thanksgiving Recovery Friends, Seekers, & Newbies!….


As many gather around festive tables this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to take sometime to think about those in recovery who may not have *FAMILY* to celebrate this day with. I also want to “Share” what I’m “THANKFUL” for in recovery, and in LIFE.

See, I am one of those people who have family who doesn’t care, or understand about addiction, recovery, or about mental illness that I suffer from. No, I’m not having a “Pity Party,” as I have MORE to be grateful for. I have beautiful relationships with my older brother and his son, and all 3 of my nephews have reached out to me, and we now have had relationships for over a year now!

Of course, being in long-term recovery, I have long ago forgiven my father & 2 sisters. We have to come to accept their choice and move on. I’ve always said, “It’s their loss, not mine. They are missing out, not me.” But around the holidays, it still stings a little as I’m only human after all. Instead of dwelling on it, or have it cause any harm in my recovery, I focus on all the positive things I’m “Grateful” for. Here are just of few of the “Blessings” I’ve received in RECOVERY, and learned in 12-Step readings to know there is a “Power Greater than ourselves” who helps guide us to a better way of life!


1) Thankful for my husband TOM of 24 years, as he never gave up on me, even through the worst of my gambling addiction.
2) I’m THANKFUL to GOD each day that he saved me from myself as I attempted suicide twice! He has shown me my “TRUE Purpose” in life!
3) I know this one is a weird….LOL…But I’m “Grateful” for MY past addiction, for without it, I’d still be undiagnosed with Bipolar, and the other emotional disorders I suffer. My addiction brought the “symptoms” out in order for me to be treated properly.
4) I’m also grateful for the experiences I had with my compulsive gambling addiction, as it was part of “Gods” plan for me to “Learn” so I can be of recovery help & service to others now.
5) And last, I’m “Thankful” for all the past “Family Thanksgivings,” for those memories will be “Forever” in my heart, and can never be taken away!

These are just a few of the things I give “THANKS” for today. I’m  sad that my father chose to not “talk” or to not have a relationship with me, going on 8 years now, and even though he has a relationship with both my sisters, I have “Let Go and Let God” of this situation.

YES,…… I have SO MUCH MORE to be grateful, and happy for in my life. I do however know there are many of you out there who may have strained family relationships, but we need to remember what we learn in recovery, that we have, “NO Control over PEOPLE, Places, or things. I suggest to make your own “Holiday Memories”…… Maybe go out and be of service to others on this Thanksgiving Day, or any day…….

This time of year, there are many organizations who could use your help. Be it at a soup kitchen for the homeless, a church, help at your local senior meals on wheels. This is one I do volunteer work at, our senior meals on wheels. We get food to home bound seniors. GUESS HOW I came to learn about this organization?

I learned from having to do satisfy my “Criminal Sentence” from being arrested and charged with forgery, all for the love of my “Gambling Addiction”! It’s how I worked off my “Community Service” hours, at our local Senior Meals on Wheels. SEE,…. something that was a “Negative” was turned into a “Positive” & a Lesson learned. I truly believe God had me go down this path to learn from it.

“For he so loved the World’, and he loves me as well. Another thing I am thankful for, is through all the “BAD” there has been so much “Good” in my life & recovery. It’s also where I found my “Passion” for writing! I didn’t say I was good at it,….but it has brought ME here to all of you, being an Author, Writer, and Blogger. It’s a way for me to connect with others in recovery. For if it wasn’t for my past addiction, I’d have never met all the “Beautiful” friends and supporters that I have in my LIFE Today!
I’m truly AMAZED how so many caring people, who I’ve never met face to face, who I have met here through my blog here, and visiting other blogs and websites, and recovery sites, “GIVE” of themselves to help others! I was just on Twitter last night, on #Addictionchat, where we had a Q & A discussion about “GRATITUDE” in our recovery. It was interesting to say the least, as how SO many recovery folks have pulled themselves out of the “Darkness” of this thing we call “ADDICTION. Doesn’t matter the type, it’s all about the “MIRACLE”………


So, we may live life in recovery, but always remember that we can still have a LIFE WORTH LIVING within our Recovery!

So, as we gather around our “Thanksgiving” tables today, let’s think about those in recovery who may not have it so good.

Who may not have a family to gather with. Lets think and pray for those who are struggle, who may still be stuck on that never-ending “CYCLE” of addiction. The ones who wander the streets not knowing there are people out in the world who “CARE” if they live or die,  and those who may not have a hot meal today…….
Those are the people we need to seek out, and to give them *HOPE* for a “New Tomorrow In RECOVERY”……….



Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon XoXo


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