Sexual Predators In Online Recovery , BEWARE!!

Sexual Predators In Online Recovery , BEWARE!!

THOSE Looking For HELP From ADDICTIONS … BEWARE Who You Listen and TRUST … The Public Needs TO Know About This DISTURBING TREND Happening all over but especially on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. **Cat**

Holy Shit

We have a huge problem that we need to address in the treatment space. By staying silent and or allowing things to happen, you are part of the problem! Today I no longer choose to be part of the same problem that

Is happening to so many of my brothers and

sisters who are still sick and vulnerable.

Do you know the characteristics of a sexual predator? Do you know what the grooming process is? Do you understand if that has or is currently happening to you? If you don’t then let me explain. A sexual predator is someone in a position of power that takes advantage (sexually) of someone who’s well being (whether that be emotionally, financially or otherwise) is directly in their hands. For example it is unethical and highly dangerous for a therapist to sleep with a client. A judge cannot hand down a sentence to an…

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