Sharing Some Love and Inspiration With My Supporters and Friends…

Hello Recovery Posse, friends, and supporters,

I have received many emails from my recovery friends asking me how my buddy Lang is doing after his hospital stay and diagnosis of Behcet’s Disease…

Well, he shares most of it in his new post! He is still needing financial support and blessings. He still has a long recovery road. One eye surgery is done, but one more to go. So ongoing specialist appointments and some of the meds are not covered by insurance, which sucks! I have raised and given him over $600, but I’m way off on my goal of $1600-…
He could really use our help!

Thanks, friends, and may God Bless you.


This was sent to me by a friend of mine to keep me “Spiritually Uplifted,”… and I’m sharing it with all of you, which includes some free ebooks on ‘Self-Love and Inspiration’ by award-winning authors and recovery friends.

Joined Together in Love

With all my heart, I give thanks to my spiritual & recovery family, which keeps
on expanding year by year.

I connect each week with my beloved, loving peeps at the Sunday services I enjoy together in love and camaraderie…

I share fine friendships where we listen intently without judgment, offer sage advice if asked, and remind each other of our gift to the world and that
is each of us.

In all these cases, we study timeless wisdom together, share deeply, and expand
our hearts and minds while
supporting one another.

Such a blessing to embrace like-minded friends in my life. And Ikeep meeting more light-filled…

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