*Lets unite & give support to a fantastic mom who care for her Children*


A few weeks back, I posted about a very *special* friend of mine who her family, (children) have been touched by addiction. My post was titled *A mothers Heartbreak* I said I would share updates with you, so we all would see a different side of addiction, not just words from a addict–Me……

Many ASK me each day, “Catherine, you share so much of what you’ve been through, and support so many, how can I support you in your recovery?”

Well, here is a *Request* to help ME help and support a friend, which would MEAN a great deal to me!! Please stop by her blog when you get some time today, and LETS ALL LET HER KNOW~~People do care, and Support her and her Beautiful Family!!

That would make me feel Awesome! We need to always be *Mindful* that others maybe going threw a rougher time than we are if we don’t do something each day that is Bigger Then Ourselves. Her Blog Link is: http://recoveryforfamilies.blogspot.com  Go by and let TRISH know we care………

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


This is so much harder than I expected. The not knowing. I lay here in bed wondering if he is ok, if he is home,  if he ate anything yesterday. I go about my days, doing my thing, not knowing how he is doing. It’s really an uneasy feeling. I keep trying to be positive, in some way pretending, pretending that he is managing his life, eating meals, looking for a job. Is he? Maybe. I know how much money he has, none. I know how much food he has, not much, I know what his priorities are…..I am trying to stay positive, hopeful. I’m scared to death.

I just keep reminding myself that this is necessary. That there really is nothing I can do right now, and that the more I do, the worse it will be. I tell him I love him, I get him a few groceries, when he will let me, I had him home for supper for a whole 45 minutes until his “priorities” came calling. At least he ate. I know he had a meal 36 hours ago.

Well I need to believe that everything happens as it is supposed to happen, that he is on the journey he is meant to be on, that all of this will lead him to something wonderful and the life he is meant to live.
My ten year old and I were saying his prayers last night and he said, ” I added something….” I asked him to share, this is what he told me  “I prayed that if my brother doesn’t get back on his feet soon that he would go to the *Recovery House* at the homeless shelter we visited and stay for a year and get better.”  -You can’t tell me that my ten year old didn’t learn something from our homeless experience this past weekend!

Posted by atTuesday, June 25, 2013

***THANKS EVERYONE FOR Stopping By Today!! Please, Give your KIDS HUGS TODAY…..Tell them you Love them…..IT really does GO A LONG WAY! *God Bless You, *AUTHOR, CATHERINE LYON*

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