“Trayvon’s Mother, “A Lesson Learned”….Our GOD works through US to make Positive Changes in the World


Speaking at the National Urban League’s conference in Philadelphia, Sybrina Fulton says, “Please use my story. Please use my tragedy to say to yourself we cannot let this happen to anybody else’s child.”

Matt Rourke / AP

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, holds up a card with a photo of her son as she speaks at the National Urban League’s annual conference, on July 26, in Philadelphia……..

**This is TRULY a video that needs to be WATCHED by all. We should take the advice of Trayvon’s mother in this video:  http://nbcnews.to/13iX7IL  She had stated that GOD was using her to MAKE a Difference!  I MYSELF believe that to be true…….Since being in Recovery, I to feel the same way as Trayvon’s mom, SYBRINA. I to know that my Higher Power, GOD..is using ME, and working THROUGH ME to be able to help others still suffering Heart break, Shame, Guilt, and carry those *Feelings* of,  NO WAY OUT from any type of addiction.

It is why I wrote my book…..I know….I sound like a broken record at times, but I got the call to write my story from *FEELINGS*……feelings over reading another Story of a woman who also didn’t know how to stop her Gambling addiction, a newspaper article, and she WAS successful in killing herself over ADDICTION!! IT BROKE MY HEART as I read it. I felt her PAIN, and the Emptiness, the black-hole that seems to suck us down deeper and deeper…….

Into the world of *HOPELESSNESS* VOID, Blackness. Your mind can not hear, your eyes do not comprehend what is happening to yourself, and you look in the Mirror….you see nothing! That is how I felt. I was worth nothing, I became a Liar, Thief, Selfish, Criminal, a Shell of JUST another body. The pain, and ugliness I felt about myself. I was riddled with so much guilt, shame, and my thoughts and thinking became diseased with blackness, dark, hurtful. I’d cut on myself, which was just a precursor to wanting to slit my wrists and leave this world.

But, even after 2 hospital stays, 2 entries in a Addictions/Mental Crisis center, what is the MOST unbelievable to me, even TODAY….is my Loving HUSBAND!! He stayed with me the whole time, never gave up on me, and either did my *Higher Power*~~GOD……Yes, from where I was….GOD DOES STILL PERFORM *MIRACLES* People!!  I’m ONE!!

Now that I got a bit off track…..your wondering what this has to do with Trayvon’s Mother??

It has to do with listening to Trayvon’s mothers WORDS in this video. SHE SPEAKS from the Heart, and it is TRUTH and EXPERIENCE that she is speaking OF. We ALL have that tiny whisper of a voice from the Lord that keeps telling us Daily……Please, just Open your Hearts to him, and he will then open your EYES and Your Ears in acceptance of him. Because THROUGH HIM all things in Life are Possible and Blessings Abound!!

Have you heard him whisper in your ear today?? Did he talk to your heart??  Trayvon’s mom must have heard him a long time ago,  and she lets the lord work through her as she said, and will ENDURE everything she has been through with her son’s death. THAT is just ONE of the many Blessings bestowed upon us when we let god work his Magic In & Through our lives……….



God Bless My Friends,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

2 thoughts on ““Trayvon’s Mother, “A Lesson Learned”….Our GOD works through US to make Positive Changes in the World

    • I do as well HOPE her message can reach others to forgive, not go for Revenge, and learn from her words from that video she is in……Again, she is a strong woman to speak the way she does about using her experience and tragedy with the loss of her son, in such a POSITIVE & Profound way…..Thanks Grace for coming by and sharing your thoughts!
      Hugs & Blessings 🙂 “-)


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